Parallels Access 7 still doesn't support shortcut keys I need...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Peter Payne, Dec 18, 2021.

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    I use Parallels Access to control my Mac through my iPad a lot, and it's the best option, mainly because all the others are so utterly, terribly bad. Google Desktop, which works well unless you want any keyboard support. VNC, which feels like it hasn't been updated this century, and so on.

    When I saw this upgrade note I thought, yay, now maybe some of the shortcuts that inexplicably don't work when controlling my Mac through my iPad will work. Sadly there seem to be no improvements that I can see.

    What I am personally in need of is support for
    • command + ~ which is used to flit between tabs and windows yet is functionless when using PA
    • the ability to type a * key (Key Codes shows that it receives a 42 ASCII code which is correct but some other key is pressed, on the controlled Mac)
    • the ability to type a + key (similarly, Key Codes reports a 43 ASCII code properly passed but no + ever appears inside the Mac)
    Additionally, controlling the Mac from Apple's outstanding Screen Sharing app on a Mac is a joy, the controlled Mac works just as if I were there using that machine despite being on the other side of the world sometimes. I'd love to have improvements in Access so I didn't have to hold down the pointer (either with my finger or with a physical mouse) for 5 seconds to indicate "I am dragging something). Any chance of this?


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