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  1. KenV54

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    I have a Blackberry Passport, OS, which runs the Parallels Access Android app, partially. I am on a MacBook Pro Retina mid-2012, Yosemite, and have Parallels 10, latest Access app, everything updated.

    When I run the Access Android app, it controls the Mac, brings up browsers, Finder, etc., all of which I can see when I'm sitting in front of the Mac. Problem is, the Access screen on the Blackberry is blank except for the Access icons. IOW, I can't see the Mac screen on the Blackberry.

    I called Access support, the guy put me on hold for a couple minutes, came back and said that while he know that Blackberry OS 10.3 supported Android, that it will not support the Access app, even though it is running on the Blackberry. He said I had to have a native Adroid OS 4.2 or higher on a true Android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy or the like.

    I'm afraid that is the answer, but wonder if anyone has gotten the Android Access app to run on a Blackberry with 10.3?

    I have an iPad Mini in which the Access app works OK, so it's not a problem with my computer or Yosemite or Parallels on the Mac.
  2. Nikhil@Parallels

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    Hi Ken,

    As you have stated in your post, Parallels Access is completely compatible only on a native Android OS 4.2 or higher device. But our development team is working seamlessly to foster and improve the features and reliability of Parallels Access.
    System requirements for Parallels Access:
    Let us know if you have any questions.
  3. KenV54

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    Thank you for the response.

    Even with the updated Parallels Access for the Mac and the newest Parallels Access Android app, the screen is blank on my Blackberry Passport. As I said in November, the app does control the Mac as it should, you just can't see anything on the BlackBerry screen. Even trying different resolution settings in the app doesn't do anything except to change the resolution on the Mac itself.

    Some Android apps don't work on the BlackBerry, but it is usually a Google Play issue. That does not seem to be the case here.

    It wouldn't seem to be beyond the capabilities of a company like Parallels to solve this problem if it wanted to do so. I'm disappointed that you haven't.
  4. RamyaS

    RamyaS Product Expert

    Hello Ken,
    Please create a problem report id on your MacBook Pro and on your BlackBerry device as in the KB article and please provide us the problem report id, we will check with it and will assist you.

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