Parallels Access Being Flagged by Intrusion Prevention

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Anthony Mattas, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Parallels Access is being flagged by my IDS/IPS when I try to connect to my Machine. When I login to the Parallels Access iOS app I'm able to select my machine, but as soon as I try to connect it triggers this alert and blocks the traffic as a threat. If I turn off the IPS/IDS it of course works fine. I could suppress the signature, but I'm hesitant (as you can imagine) to suppress a legitimate malware signature.

    Threat Date/Time: 08/13/2019 8:05 am
    Traffic Detail: ET TROJAN Pushdo v3 Checkin
    Severity: High
    Category: Trojan
    Classification: A Network Trojan was Detected
    Time Since Attack: 3d 8h 2m 17s
    Interface: eth7
    Source: : 57439
    Country: United States
    Destination: : 443
    Protocol: TCP

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