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Update icon visibility options in Coherence & ability to add pause, suspend etc as a toolbar icon

  1. Hell yeah!

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  2. I love inefficiency and a cluttered toolbar / I am an accountant ;-)

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  1. Excelmate

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    1. I would like to be able to add 1 or more of the tasks I regularly use such as pause/suspend/coherence/full screen/use all displays, as an icon in the top toolbar, action simply to toggle on/off - equivalent of going into the submenu and clicking - just a different quicker UI.

    2. Add a parallels submenu that shows a list of icons with a tristate checkbox so one can check which items should be visible/grouped/hidden.
    In sole reference to the top toolbar on the mac, once I worked out I could switch on the menu bar I fell in love with coherence, btw this s/be default with a message for new users, I dismissed coherence many years ago, once I had enabled the menu bar & moved it to the right of the screen so it could hide, it became the logical option! Kudos for coherence mode...
    Anyho, I digress... Coherence adds clutter to my minimalist top bar, only actions I need should be there, it's not an accountant's/secretary's desktop. Can these icons be
    • grouped, as with the new settings/notification area for Mac items like wifi, bluetooth etc., or,
    • the option to hide the ones that are not needed or,
    • stick them in the parallels submenu;
    for example I do not need 2 battery icons sat next to each other when running coherence.

    Apologies if this seems OTT, but these 2 points disproportionately frustrate and annoy me. I have tried to automate suspend and pause, pause worked but suspend kept failing or it would take forever to subsequently restart.

    These requests are not about efficiency, although 1 click is always better than 3, it is more about aesthetics and peace of mind.

    Thank you Parallel prince and princesses!

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