Parallels and OpenBSD

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by sroy2, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. sroy2

    sroy2 Bit poster

    I am trying to setup an OpenBSD vm using Parallels Desktop (5).

    If anyone else has done this before please let me know, I'd love some advice.

    Once I get it setup, I'll post the steps I took to get it running incase someone else wants to set up an OpenBSD vm.

  2. juztin

    juztin Bit poster

    Super Easy

    Just download the .iso or use the cd.
    Boot up (I have selected Other -> Other, from the OS selection in Parallels)
    And follow the prompts. Pretty straight forward.

    I've done this a few times with 4.8, works like a charm, no issues :)
  3. BryanH2

    BryanH2 Bit poster

    Does parallels support any of the tools or guest additions to run on OpenBSD?
  4. GowthamR@Parallels

    GowthamR@Parallels Member

    Hi, Parallels Tools are not available for this operating system(OpenBSD 6). For reference please refer to this KB article
  5. SwapneelP

    SwapneelP Bit poster

    @GowthamR@Parallels Since Parallels officially supports OpenBSD installation, may I request the Parallels team to have an option 'OpenBSD' under the 'Please select your operating system > Other' menu ? I am not sure why the user should select Other > Other when OpenBSD is supported in Parallels.

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