Parallels and wacom tablet compatibility

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    I am a new parallels user and I am struggling to get my Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-451 tablet to work! I am hoping someone on here might be able to help.

    I have the drivers installed on Mac, and the tablet works on Windows 11 via the virtual mouse. Normally this would be fine for everyday use but when using it with Rhino 3d software it loses most of the functionality of the tablet making it unworkable.

    I have tried various workarounds including configuring the USB device for use on the virtual machine, but with limited success - you need another mouse to navigate to the drivers that you need to install on the windows side as the tablet isnt recognised straight away, then when it starts working you need to also have the keyboard recognised in order to use rhino properly (you need them both) which is a real pain as you then can't use the keyboard on the mac side! Disaster!

    Is there a way for Parallels to recognise the wacom drivers from mac without resorting to using the tablet as a virtual mouse? Or, is there a way to configure the virtual mouse so that it behaves more alike a tablet?

    I am really stumped and cant seem to find many answers online, so hoping someone can help!

    Thanks a million :)

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