Parallels audio driver WAY too loud for OS/2 eCS guest

Discussion in 'Other Guest OS Types Discussion' started by mdlueck, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. mdlueck

    mdlueck Member

    Host OS:
    Ubuntu 8.04
    Parallels 2232

    Guest OS:
    eCS 1.2R

    I installed the drivers for OS/2 audio found in the vmtools.iso file.

    Each time OS/2 (eCS 1.2R) does an audio event, Ubuntu's volume control (next to the clock) is pushed almost all the way to the top. DEAFENING!!!

    Does anyone happen to know of a solution to this behavior?
  2. mdlueck

    mdlueck Member

    UniAud did not help either, a Parallels problem

    I also tried UniAud and the update to UniAud which I downloaded back on 20070128.

    It has the same behavior of cranking the Linux volume way up at each audio event.

    I suspect some internal problem since it does the same thing with two different device drivers.

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