Parallels + Boot Camp Trouble

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by hwieniawski, Sep 7, 2007.

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    After upgrading from Parallels 2.x to 3 (with all updates since) on my macbook pro, I haven't been able to boot in to Windows XP Pro with Boot Camp. I always got the HAL.dll error, which I can now occasionally fix temporarily, but now Windows hangs every time it gets to the "Windows Loading" screen....any ideas? The HAL.dll problem won't go away, and then when I manage to get around it, Windows hangs. and most of the time when it boots, it will show the different partitions, but I can't select the one I want because none of the keyboard input works. Very frustrating, especially considering how well things were going before!
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    Because of the nature of this issue, I have decided to move my post to this thread.
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    This just rots.

    What's happening is that there are files in the windows/system32 directory that are getting written every time PD goes into a session. Sometimes they get written, and sometimes they don't fully make it. The simple fix is to have a working backup of the 6 or 7 files that are getting updated and clobbered. (Look in the dir and go by date.) Then ya just have replace them and u are good to go...again. So u must have a backup or u are out of luck.

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