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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by ted1, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. ted1

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    hi i have been using parallels 13 and had a good experience so far.

    However, due to the resource consumed by some applications i used in windows, i often see my MBP struggling to run some of these resource intensive apps.
    Im trying to look for an alternative options .

    Since my usage on this app is very specific to special occasion , Im thinking to install the bootcamp and use this app only when I need to use this app through the bootcamp. When i need to run some other windows apps and mac apps simultaneously, I will use the parallels.

    I have seen the article that parallels support running Windows from the bootcamp partition. My question is, when I set up the environment, will it re-create the image file ? basically i will double the disk space used for windows ? or will it just work on the bootcamp partition ?

    Second question is, when I run windows through parallels, will the work i saved there will be reflected when I start my windows on bootcamp and vice versa ?

  2. mmika

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    Hi ted1.
    The answer on your first question: No. For boot camp VM parallels uses data directly from windows partition. No additional disk images created, no data duplication.
    The answer on your second question: Yes. Since parallels shares data and programs setup with windows, all your changes will be reflected.

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