Parallels build 3214 and Leopard?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by robsoft, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. awong

    awong Bit poster

    no patch for parallels ?

    If there is no patch for Parallel within two weeks. Then I will purchase the competitor's software. Because I need to use the banking access with IE 5.5 above. I spent 5 - 10 min daily for start, shutdown and halt. Please fix it asap.
  2. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello awong,

    Could you please describe your issue in details?
    We'd appreciate you specifying your version of Parallels Desktop, version of Mac OS, type of Mac, type of Guest OS.
    We'd also like to get the VM configuration in text format (RAM, Network emulation type, USB controller setting etc.) or simply a copy of .pvs file (usually stored at /home/<username>/Documents/Parallels/<VM name>/).

    Best regards,
  3. awong

    awong Bit poster

    To confirm this error, I have Clean installed Leopard 10.5 again

    1 out of 10 times start the Parallels icon, it happen pop up error press power button and system require hard shutdown the OS X

    Both Windows Xp and Debian are fail to start from Suspended stage, which i need to remove the MEM file and reboot the OS again

    Here are the file

    Parallels 2.5 3214

    Parallels VM Name = Microsoft Windows XP
    VM Id = {} <- not sure this line related to my license key, so i remove in this post
    VM Description =
    OS Type = 135
    Memory = 392
    Video Memory = 8
    Memory block size = 10

    Boot = c
    Parallels VM Name = Debian Linux
    VM Id = {}
    VM Description =
    OS Type = 150
    Memory = 512
    Video Memory = 4
    Memory block size = 10
    Acceleration level = 2
    Enable write-back disk cache = 1
    VT-x support = 1
    Start auto = 0
    AutoShutdown = 0
    Start full screen = 21
    Start dashmode = 0
    Start full screen warning = 1
    PC Speaker enable = 1
    Window Mode = 0
    Multi frame = -1
    Guest Tools Status = -1
    [Shared folders]
    Shared folders enabled = 1
    Sharing enabled = 0
    Shared folders count = 0
    Video resolutions enabled = 1
    Video resolutions count = 0
    Show taskbar = 1
    Relocate taskbar = 0
    Exclude Dock = 1
    Multiple displays = 0
    [IDE devices]
    Disk 0:0 enabled = 1
    Disk 0:0 = 1
    Disk 0:0 media = 0
    Disk 0:0 connected = 1
    Disk 0:0 image = debian.hdd
    Disk 0:0 cylinders = 0
    Disk 0:0 heads = 0
    Disk 0:0 sectors = 0
    Disk 0:1 enabled = 1
    Disk 0:1 = 2
    Disk 0:1 media = 0
    Disk 0:1 connected = 1
    Disk 0:1 image =
    Disk 1:0 enabled = 0
    Disk 1:0 = 0
    Disk 1:1 enabled = 0
    Disk 1:1 = 0
    [Floppy disks]
    Floppy 0 enabled = 1
    Floppy 0 = 1
    Floppy 0 image = /Library/Parallels/Tools/vmtools.fdd
    Floppy 0 connected = 0
    [Serial ports]
    COM1 enabled = 0
    COM1 = 0
    COM2 enabled = 0
    COM2 = 0
    COM3 enabled = 0
    COM3 = 0
    COM4 enabled = 0
    COM4 = 0
    [Parallel ports]
    LPT1 enabled = 0
    LPT1 = 0
    LPT2 enabled = 0
    LPT2 = 0
    LPT3 enabled = 0
    LPT3 = 0
    Sound enabled = 1
    Sound = 1
    Sound connected = 1
    Sound device = Default Audio
    Mixer device = Default Audio
    Network enabled = 1
    Network = 1
    Network connected = 1
    Adapter No = 2
    Adapter name = en1: AirPort/Wireless Adapter
    Adapter type = 4
    Port = 0x00000300
    IRQ = 3
    MAC address =
    Network2 enabled = 0
    Network2 = 0
    Network3 enabled = 0
    Network3 = 0
    Network4 enabled = 0
    Network4 = 0
    Network5 enabled = 0
    Network5 = 0
    USB enabled = 1
    USB = 1
    USB autoconnect = 0

    Thank you for your assistance
  4. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    awong, thank you for the details.
    We are aware of the Leopard-compatibility bugs.
    The update with the fixes will be released in about a month, depending on the time when our Quality Assurance team finishes testing it and prove it's ready for use.
    Please sorry for the inconvenience caused. We could not develop a Leopard-compatible build earlier as last-minute changes always come up in Mac OS releases.

    Best regards,
  5. robsoft

    robsoft Junior Member

    Xenos, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

    However, I really can't jump to a more recent version of Parallels at the moment - having read some of the threads about the system freezing under Leopard, about networking failing etc - it seems the newer build is even less usable than the 2.5 system I've got. I have to say that apart from the suspend/resume issue, v2.5 build 3214 does run under Leopard and is quite stable.

    I had to make 2 new VMs today and I did them using Fusion. Under the circumstances I'm happy to struggle along with Parallels v2.5 and use Fusion for anything I'm going to use intensively in the near future. I'll keep watching the forums and hope that your team can resolve the issues in v2.5 - that, or that you can get to a v3.0 build that people are reporting is okay.

    Good luck!
  6. burn_101

    burn_101 Bit poster

    Xenos... any news? We have all been patiently waiting for the past month for an update. Please could you give us an ETA for full 3214 leopard support.
  7. tji

    tji Bit poster

    I was a Parallels user since I got my MacBook Pro, but with the migration to Leopard, and the Parallels support delays, I bought VMware Fusion and have been off and running with it ever since.

    Just wanted to let the Parallels people know.. you do have competition, and the transition to Leopard was not handled in the way I would expect from a reputable company.
  8. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello all,

    Parallels developers have been working on 3.0 update. Two betas, release candidate and finally build 5582 have been released.

    Now when 3.0 is updated, the work on 2.5 has become the highest priority of our developers. I hope this update will be available before the end of the year.

    Best regards,
  9. awong

    awong Bit poster

    I only have parallel 2.5 license. We are waiting and we do expect the patch will fix the problem by end of DEC.
  10. nanguo

    nanguo Bit poster


    Like some posts before me, I am seriously considering switching over to VMware. Given that pre-release Leopard versions have long been available to developers, are we supposed to draw the conclusion that 2.5 is so brittle every small change to Leopard has caused show-stopping failures in 2.5 that requires massive repairs? How about 10.5.1? How about 10.5.2? And so on? What effect does that have on our confidence in Parallels product?

    As a web developer, I mainly use Parallels Desktop to run IE versions for testing. There is no economic sense for me to upgrade to 3.0. When I see the release of fixed 3.0, but 2.5 patch is still unknown days away, I cannot help but feel the suspicion that Parallels is dragging their feet in order to force customers to upgrade.

    For as long as 2.5 patch is delayed, I am stuck with a product I have paid for, but is barely usable. My patience has about run out. Once I switch over to VMware, so will my recommendations to my fellow developers and friends. Parallels may lose quite a few potential customers, considering that I am seeing many Windows users buying Macs lately.

    Which is really quite a pity. I do think Parallels has a nice product.
  11. awong

    awong Bit poster

    Hey I have already installed VMWARE Fusion and continues using Licensed Parallels 2.5. Let see Parallel have the fix before 31 Dec 2007. Otherwise, I will reinstall all the OS with VMWARE and purchase new license from VM
  12. nanguo

    nanguo Bit poster

    I also installed VMware Fusion with a 30-day trial key. I doubt if Parallels can release its 2.5 patch before my trial key expires. So far Fusion works flawlessly with my Bootcamp partition.

    By the way, you don't need to re-install all the OSes with VMware. They have a tool for you to migrate Parallels VM. I think Parallels is in trouble!
  13. dexter

    dexter Bit poster

    Would you be able to list what will be fixed in the next 2.5 release, or should I start a new thread to ask this (figured the momentum is already going here...)?

    I'd like some better Ubuntu support in the next release as there are too many hoops to jump through to use it in the current 3214 build.

    Maybe the better memory usage that 3.0 users get, although I'm not holding my breath.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello all,

    Dexter, the update is primarily oriented on fixing Leopard-compatibility issues. I am sorry I can not let you know other details as this is confidential information.

    Thank you for your report. I have delivered your wishes to developers.

    Best regards,
  15. dexter

    dexter Bit poster

    Thanks, Xenos - appreciate the support.
  16. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello all,

    Parallels Desktop build 3224 is now available. The update provides improved Leopard compatibility. See the detail here, please.

    Best regards,
  17. nanguo

    nanguo Bit poster

    Thanks Xenos. It fixed my Bootcamp problem. Great X'mas gift! Thanks again and Merry X'mas to the whole Parallels team.
  18. awong

    awong Bit poster

    Thanks ! the problem fixed on Windows Xp, Linux Debian. What a nice Xmas gift from parallels team. Well done !
  19. robsoft

    robsoft Junior Member

    Very promising - can anyone confirm that the suspend/resume problem has been resolved?

    Xenos, are there any details of what is different in this build over the previous 2.5 current version - just a heads-up on what might have changed or which leopard compatibility problems were addressed would be really helpful.

    Thanks - appreciate the support.

  20. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello Robsoft,

    The build 3224 is primarily addressed to fix Leopard-compatibility issues. Such problems as VM hanging when shutting down, unexpected quits, spinning beach ball when starting etc. have been eliminated.

    As to the suspend/resume problem, it did not come up on 2.5 version of Parallels Desktop, it only existed on the 3.0, as far as I know. It has been fixed as well in the build 5582.

    Best regards,

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