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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by CojD, Nov 28, 2021.

  1. CojD

    CojD Bit poster

    Your app is awesome.
    And it can be better. Please add global sorting (sort all entries), and drag and drop sorting features.
  2. CojD

    CojD Bit poster

    And default entry option and duplicate/clone features would be great too.
    Default entry option - with this there will be no need to configure every new entry.
  3. jpc

    jpc Pro

    Thanks for your input. Feature requests for RAS (client or server) have a better change to be taken into consideration if placed in

    A few points (I'll assume you are referring to sorting within RAS client for Windows)
    * As you may have already noticed, in RAS, application listing sorting is currently (mostly) at the discretion of the RAS administrator. Sorting and drag drop functionality is already available in RAS console.
    * When you mention duplicate/clone, are you referring to cloning of connections? (RAS Client does not normally allow multiple connections with same server/user combination). A use case for why it would be useful would help to guide the program managers.
    * Default entry option: Are these default connection settings? If yes, RAS allows the administrator to configure these via RAS policies (per RAS connection)

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