Parallels client not detecting PDF files in file explorer

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by MarkS68, Dec 23, 2021.

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    I don't own this Parallels server, we're the customer of another business, but I'm getting nowhere with their customer support and it's been a week. I have an employee who can't view PDF files whenever she attempts to scan files. Parallels will show our mounted network drives, but PDF files aren't working for one person's specific folder. I had our IT vendor clear everything, nothing is wrong on our end. What can I ask for? If there's anyone here who can help me, that would be great.
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    I'm sorry for your frustration. For problem resolution, it would be best to identify which components might affect this behaviour, e.g.:
    1. Can other PDF files (e.g. smaller ones) on the same mounted drive be opened by this program or a different program? Maybe it is some sort of path-related or pdf-reader-specific issue with that user's setup.
    2. Are these mounted folders on the remote machine or on the user's machine? If they are on the remote machine, neither RAS nor RDP should affect them. If they are on the user's machine, are these redirected to the RDP server?
    3. Depending on the RAS version in use, one might try to disable server-side file system acceleration and see if that works. (If it works, that is one less component to worry about.)
    4. A general easy catch-all solution/route is to make sure to use the latest Parallels Client version available for the user's OS

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