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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by InfrastructureA, Apr 17, 2020.

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    I have installed and configured Parallels RAS v17.1.1 and set up SAML-based SSO with our Azure Active Directory for the HTML5 client. I have also enabled Mutli-Factor Authetnication in Azure AD using the Microsoft Authenticator app, which works really well.

    The issue I have is that the Parallels Client (Windows) does not use the Azure SAML-based SSO or MFA features. In the Parallels Client, I can just put in the server and my normal AD credentials and it will let let me straight in. This defeats the purpose of enabling MFA for the HTML5 web client.

    How do I confgure the Parallels Client to use Azure AD SAML-based SSO and MFA?
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    @InfrastructureA SAML-based SSO is currently supported only by the Html5 client. Until support for it is extended to the native clients, you will have to also enable Azure MFA for "normal logins" via the RAS Console (Connection > Multi-factor authentication).

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