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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by MichaelS143, Aug 11, 2021.

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    Our company recently connected to cloud app platform that uses parallels remote desktop for connection to an app that is hosted on an AWS hosted server they control. Every since we started on this platform our users experience Parallels closing and immediately reopening randomly across all users. Sometimes just one user will close and at times all users close at once. Our software vendor has blamed this on our internet connection but I have even flipped our sonicwall over to our backup internet connection and users experienced the same thing. Is there someway I can test to find out what is causing these drops? Also, I've asked our cloud vendor if we should make any port changes etc in our sonicwall and they say no.
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    Hi Michael, I don't know if this was already done, but would suggest starting with the investigation of client logs. You can find logs using this KB:
    Did it try investigating client network conditions during (before) the reconnection events? That could help if you have a small monitoring script on some client devices logging network connectivity with the public address every few seconds. Then you can match these logs with Parallels Client logs and check if everything is indeed OK during the reconnection events.
    Is it possible to get a video recording of the "closing and immediately reopening" event? I doubt it, but if yes, then it could help a lot.
    As for the network configuration change you were asking for, I don't believe it could help in general.

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