Parallels Crash with XP and Multiple Logins

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by decker12, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. decker12

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    I have the latest Parallels update installed on XP, also with the latest updates.

    The Parallels reads off of a boot camp FAT32 partition on my Macbook Pro.

    When using Parallels, the first time I get a Control-Alt-Del login prompt, I can get into my system without a problem. If I log out of that session, and immediately log in someone else (or relog in myself), the desktop will appear but Parallels will hang forever with the spinning beach ball. My OSX system response then goes to the gutter and I have to achingly slowly Force Quit the running Parallels. Obviously not good for the XP installation.

    I don't recall this happening with the older versions of Paralles that I had installed on my system before. I've read many posts of people unhappy with 3.0 for various reasons, so I am inclined to downgrade.

    If there's no assistance for this problem, does anyone know where can I find a downgraded version?

    Also two other things, not related to XP but annoying nonetheless: Is it me or is there no way to access from the main parallels website? Why does the knowledgebase time out when I try to access it as well?

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