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    I am having a host of problems with Parallels 12 - all of which did not occur with version 11. Here's a short list of issues:
    1. Windows programs run extremely slowly, with both slow program response and slow mouse behavior
    2. Programs do not open properly, e.g., open to a blank document, when selected from the Windows Applications folder in the dock; they do (usually) open when selected from the Start Menu
    3. Setting the default program (OS x) with which to open a file type does not work with Parallels 12, i.e., a pdf file is set in OS X to open with Adobe Acrobat Pro (Windows version) but double clicking on a pdf file does not open Acrobat Pro
    4. When a program does not open properly (as in 2 above) and it is selected again from the dock, then menu items in that program's menu bar (OS X menu bar) do not function properly, e.g., File>Open, or Adobe Acrobat>Quit Adobe Acrobat, doesn't work
    I am using Windows 10 under Parallels 12.1.3 on a 27" Retina 5K iMac (late 2015) running macOS Sierra 10.12.3. I generally run in coherence mode, as I did with version 11. All the problems began after 'upgrading' to Parallels 12.
    I believe a major Parallels fix is badly needed.
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    Hi PaulC10,

    All the issues you've listed are completely valid.
    I had been struggling with Parallels Desktop 12 for 3 months after upgrade from Parallels Desktop 11. I contacted Parallels support about that, with no result.
    I also noticed that Parallels Desktop 12 runs extremely slowly with an external screen connected, and works slightly better without an external screen. Is that the case for you?

    Anyway, I am tired of issue with PD12 and lack of support from the support. So I resolved my problem by downgrading to Parallels Desktop 11.

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    In full fairness to Parallels, I want to describe the solution found for the issues identified in my original post. I opened a support case with Parallels, and was advised as follows:
    1. Go to Actions->Take a snapshot.
    2. Go to Configure->Options->Sharing->Uncheck the Shared Profile: Share Mac files with Windows.
    3. Go to Control Panel->Programs and Features->Uninstall Parallels Tools.
    4. Go to Configure->Options->Sharing->Enable or Recheck the Shared Profile.
    5. Start the Windows virtual machine.
    6. Install Parallels Tools under Actions.​
    After completing this procedure, the herky-jerky behavior of windows programs was resolved, as were the issues with opening programs, including default programs. I can't tell you why it worked, but it did. I'm just disappointed that finding this resolution required initiative by me rather than by Parallels.
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    One more reply from @PaulC10 :
    Dmitry -

    Thank you for following up on this. I think the issue has largely been resolved through Case No. 2371117. But I'm going ahead and responding to your questions anyway.

    1. The performance issues were (emphasize were) constant and associated with every program being run under the virtual machine - until I pursued the resolution suggested in the referenced case no.
    2. I was running coherence mode.
    3. Report ID 154075718 - but this was generated after the referenced resolution procedure.

    Again, thanks for pursuing this, but.... I am concerned that the original problem arose after what I thought was a routine upgrade to Parallels. I faithfully followed the upgrade/installation procedure, and as soon as I started running Parallels 12, everything went to pot. I searched online help and forums, but was only directed to a solution when I opened a support case. The tech support to this case led to an immediate solution. It's just disappointing that the solution required active intervention and that it wasn't address inherently in the upgrade or in some sort of tech bulletin. I intend to post the resolution procedure in the forum.

    Thank you,

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