Parallels Desktop 13 no longer on 2 machines?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ElmarN, Nov 5, 2017.

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    I agree with this thread. Been a user of Parallels for many years but started looking at other options. These yearly upgrade fees, along with having to now buy multiple licenses to take this on my laptop are irritating me. I think we should be able to activate at least 2 computers with the same license as long as it's not running at the same time. Now I have to buy 2 licenses a year to be able to use this between my iMac and my MacBook when I'm on the road. I understand that software companies need to make their money, and I'm happy to pay for quality software like this, but this is getting out of hand. Please at least give us the ability to run this on our Mac or Laptop without having to buy 2 licenses like we used to be able to.
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    Same here! I have had enough of coughing up $40 or so every year or two, and then not being able to use it on my portable and desktop systems at the same time. Good luck Parallels, bye!
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    Well, after having bought Parallels 6, 7, 8 and 10, I switched to VMWare 8 (then 8.5) when I got a new mac back in 2015 (don't remember the reason behind my switch, but I do remember that I never liked Parallel's aggressive advertising of new versions with minor to no useful improvements for standard users).
    Then, the last 2 years, I used a Windows notebook 8-10 hours per day for my freelance job. This notebook's fan having died two days ago, I decided to reactivate my mac for business purposes and to install Parallels 15. It works like a charm. Better than VMWare. I was even thinking about getting a mac mini as my main computer... But then I became aware of this this licensing issue... It seems as if I won't get back to mac after all once my notebook will be repaired.
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    I was thinking of upgrading tp 17 but after reading the posts here it looks lke I need to look at other products. I consider it reasonable that I can't use parallels on two systems at the same time but uniinstall/deactivate on one to use on the is not acceptable. Parallels approach to licensing is outdated compared to many other products.
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    Hello, as per the End User License Agreement terms and conditions, one Parallels Desktop for Mac license can only be used for a single Mac, please refer to this KB article to know about Parallels Desktop for Mac licensing policy.

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