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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by StefanL12, Dec 6, 2021.

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    This is a note to self which others might find helpful, too.

    I have two users on my MacBook Pro, and my Windows VM is stored in a shared folder on macOS that both users can access. I open that VM with the currently logged in user. Both users have read & write permissions to the VM.
    Sometimes, very rarely, a VM that has been run with one Mac user account will open with a black screen on the other. If that happens, none of the methods that I found in this forum will help. Shutting down/stopping/resetting the VM and restarting will not fix this, it will keep opening with a black screen.

    Here is the fix: If the VM opens with a black screen, close the window, log into your other Mac user, open the VM there and shut it down. This will clean up any misplaced file permissions and now the VM will open correctly again.

    Note: I have no idea if it's a permission issue, that's just my best guess. I have not managed to reproduce the black screen. I assume it happens when I start waking the VM but close the VM window while it's still waking up, then switch Mac user, then open the VM there.
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    Hi, if again the issue occurs please create a support ticket, collect technical report, a guest memory dump and send it to that ticket so that we can investigate further and help you out. Mention the 9 digit technical report id on that ticket. Please follow for sending technical report.

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