Parallels Desktop 1862 Bug??

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by monoclast, Aug 9, 2006.

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    I installed the Parallels-Desktop-1862-Mac.dmg beta tonight, and ran into a serious problem that will most certainly prevent me from using it!

    I run parallels on a Mac mini & LCD display that sits next to my cinema display hooked up to my G5 tower. I use Synergy ( to share my mouse and keyboard between the two machines. When I move my cursor off the cinema display (G5) screen, it shows up on the Parallels (Mac mini) screen. When my cursor is on the Mac mini in Parallels, anything I type on the keyboard goes straight into the Parallels guest operating system (Windows XP or Linux). So, for instance, to log into Windows XP, I place my cursor on the Mac mini and type Control-Command-Del. This has been working flawlessly for ages- until...

    Tonight, after installing the Parallels-Desktop-1862-Mac.dmg beta, Parallels completely ignores Control-Command-Del!

    At first I figured it must be something else causing this. I did the following things to try to figure out what was wrong:

    • Checked my Synergy server/client configurations
    • Opened System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts and clicked Reset to Defaults to make sure I hadn't accidentally overridden the key combination
    • Verified that Parallels Preferences wasn't using that key combination for something else
    • Rebooted my router, just in case the router was somehow causing stuff to be dropped or malformed on transfer over the network
    • Checked to see if these keys work in other Mac OS X applications outside of Parallels on the Mac mini - they do work in other applications

    So the problem is only within Parallels, and nowhere else.

    Then I uninstalled the beta, and reinstalled the previous version (1848), and like magic, the keys were again accepted in Parallels!

    My unfortunate conclusion: Something must have changed in this beta that causes some keys not to be accepted from Synergy! Sadly, I will not be able to update Parallels Desktop until this is fixed!

    Any suggestions??

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