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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Amber242, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. dippyskoodlez

    dippyskoodlez Member


    I'm sure you can make a program such as this with the time frame these developers have been given, perfectly bug free and it will run every windows app AND do my dishes right?

    Where can I sign up?!!! :D
  2. SnakeDiver

    SnakeDiver Member

    I'm going to throw my hat into the ring on this one.

    I can see what people are talking about. To find out the list of supported games, you need to click on the word "3D Graphics" which is not entirely obvious. The phrase "Play all the hottest games" and "Below is the quick list of games and applications that have been tested to ensure they work" are quite misleading.

    I like Parallels and I will upgrade (I have not yet). From what I can see here, it's just a matter of when do I want to upgrade. Parallels marketing department should be slapped upside the head.

    This is the page I first saw btw:

    Nowhere does it say a list of supported games, or link to a list of supported games. I perfectly understand the frustation of everyone here, and think Parallels should reword everything on that page. You don't have to specify "Plays some 3D Games", but wording like "Play Windows 3D Games On Your Mac!".. stating "Play the hottest 3d games" is very much misleading.

    As for the beta testing. I understand the importance of closed beta tests. I also understand the importance of open beta tests. You find a lot more bugs with more users running the program (this is why Open-Source is so much better .. more eyes, better code). Using a forum for running beta testing is not very bright. Something more like BugZilla would do. A lot easier to manage bugs.

    I think instead of closing beta testing all together, they should have done it in 2 stages. The Closed Beta Testers receive the bleeding edge builds. Then monthly release a beta build to the community for feedback and bug reports. Would make beta testing go a lot smoother.

    Parallels 3.0 rushed this way to quick. Instead of releasing this version as a final release, release it is a tentative release client. Get some feedback and next month release a stable and working version.

    Just some thoughts from someone who doesnt yet own Parallels 3.0, has only used it by proxy :p

  3. po_ru

    po_ru Bit poster

    "I'm sure you can make a program such as this with the time frame these developers have been given, perfectly bug free and it will run every windows app AND do my dishes right?"


    Did you even read my message?

    Actually I thought I was giving the developers their due pat-on-the-back. I've never had any issues with their deliverables.

    What I am saying is that when Marketing and Sales gets the power to make decisions in a company, things like this happen. The "bottom-line" becomes more important than integrity.

    I work with developers all day long and I bet there are quite a few at Parallels which are (justifiably) proud of what they have accomplished and (justifiably) pissed at what their Sales/Marketing group has done.

    I didn't over-react and go off and say I want a refund. I didn't even say that I wouldn't buy this SW anymore. What I did say was "I'm disappointed" because I thought this company had more integrity than this.

    But for some reason, I guess I'm stuck conversing with a pimply-faced, lumpy-bum of a teenager who can't comprehend the message.

    I've had my say. It's my opinion and it rings of truth.
  4. jvgfanatic

    jvgfanatic Member

    Oops, that wasn't you, sorry ^_^

    That the company offers refunds is pretty damn sweet too. I'm not sure who is responsible for that decision but I'd shake their hand (as long as it isn't a marketing suit).
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2007
  5. Thalagyrt

    Thalagyrt Junior Member

    This simply should not have been released. What you released isn't even an RC. Advertised features don't work, this is hardly even what I'd call a beta. Why do you push releases so fast instead of having a proper release and testing cycle? 3.0 was in closed beta for no more than 2 weeks before you released it. The Tribes 2 bug I reported was marked fixed 4 times and is still not fixed. I honestly regret paying $40 for the upgrade, and I think I'm simply going to wait for VMWare Fusion to come out and use that instead. It seems that the Parallels team is too obsessed with getting the thing out the door and doesn't care at all about proper quality control. Too bad.
  6. Ramos30

    Ramos30 Bit poster

    Ok for my uses- no complaints on a solid release.

    I bought my copy before it was even announced as a full point release and understood then that this was going to be a long road to being what I really ideally want. It fulfills my needs which in essence is to get things done quickly in Windows when I need it. If I planned on being in Windows and need 100% performance I would use BootCamp or whatever Apple would offer in Leopard. (or buy a PC for that) That might be the only way to get what you really want.

    Anyway I've been able to deploy Parallels to some executives in our agency and they work in it 100% and love the hardware, convenience and simplicity.. This the Parallels team has delivered beautifully on. C'mon, folks... I'm creating a virtual Windows environment, joining it to a complex Windows domain spanning the globe and its able to take EVERY GPO we can throw at it- gracefully. You can't blame the team for shortages and first motions. Nobody sells a perfect item and when problems arise updates are released and bugs are squashed. This is a solid point release.. Virtualization is not at this time 100% and rest assured when it is these guys on the Parallels team will be there making your wildest dreams come true.

    12,000 B.C.
    "Gronack, me like you keen invention called weeeel. But it do suck that you not invent, rubber, chrome, hemi, disc brake, gasoline.. Bahh, Forget it- Gronack suck.. Give back rocks- me go elsewhere"

  7. SnakeDiver

    SnakeDiver Member

    Difference between these two situations: Gronack didnt promise rubber, chrome, hemi, disc brake & gasoline. Parallels did. ;)
  8. crag

    crag Member

    I don't expect a perfect piece of software. What I do except is not to get conned. I expect a company to be honest about it's expectations. I don't expect vaporware. That's like so Microsoft from 1988. I don't expect to be fed me some bull-crap and then the company backtracks when they can't deliver. Nor do i expect fanboys defending the company.

    This isn't about the quality of the software. It's about how the company does business. It's about false ad copy and it's about terrible support.

    This issue isn't gonna go away. Every mac gamer/3d graphics geek who downloads this software hoping that parallels actually lives up to it's promises is gonna be disappointed. And those who paid are gonna be pissed. And that = bad rep and fewer customers.

    Unlike MS, Parallels is not the only game in town. And I did request a refund. We'll see if that actually works. I lost my faith in this company. So not holding out hope.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2007
  9. dippyskoodlez

    dippyskoodlez Member


    Its times like this when you need to realize the people that are marketing this.....

    Probably don't even know what the hell they are talking about.

    Like 90% of the marketing in america.
  10. justflybob

    justflybob Member


    I don't know folks, but all of this is making me very, very sad.

    I certainly feel a lot older than my age, for I still remember the landmark cases that created "Truth in Advertising"

    Nowadays it's easier to digest the latest Paris Hilton gossip, than to try and make heads or tails about what IS or ISN'T true in the marketing brochures.

    I respect what the Parallels software development team has done, but I doubt that my respect is going to save them from the backlash they have and will receive over this fiasco of an "upgrade".

    Forget about the 3D; forget about the games; all I wanted was the latest release and a few bug fixes.

    Instead, I got a "pre-authorization" on my Visa when they said they wouldn't and I'm still waiting for my damn software key to unlock the 3.0 upgrade. And NO, it wasn't in the email confirmation I received (Nova Development).

    But I'll tell you what. "Back in the day" the people who:

    1) Set up the upgrade distribution channel
    2) Approved the marketing wording
    3) Established how customer service would respond
    4) Established how to report bugs and by what priority they are worked on

    WOULD ALL BE FIRED! or at least seriously demoted. This release will be fodder for the late night comics instead of a major breakthrough.

    Just my (version) 3.0 cents worth.

    I WAS going to show off my MPB running Parallels at my next major company meeting. That's were I would be rubbing elbows with 10,000+ folks just like myself, in the exact same industry that would seriously benefit from this product. Instead, I will just keep to myself and save them (and me) some added grief.

    Really, really sad.
  11. Ramos30

    Ramos30 Bit poster

    Activation issues in Parallels and advertising..

    I'm lost on the point that comes up a lot concerning the activation key. Is this an issue only on first purchases or can other confirm this is also the case on upgrade purchases..

    I ask because when I used the upgrade option and paid up I was given a screen with the activation code in it - immediately after confirmation.

    I didn't have a problem with my very first purchase when just out of BETA and this was just as smooth. I hope in the future the delivery system is fixed if it is broken.

    As for Adverting- I would always beware of things that sound better than possible. Our general knowledge of the technology as mere consumers should have told us that some things can sound and sometimes are too good to be true. I think in my experience with those things I read the ad, go to the web and see what's being said and reviewed. Then I make a decision to try it or not. After I do that work and I make the leap I download the trial then if all works as I desire I fork out the money. If the company takes money on the download of a trial then I agree that's not right- fix that problem right away.

    I realize I'm not writing anything down here that you haven't already thought of- did everyone do their homework on this before purchasing? This was made available not long ago so there are few reviews beside these and those engineered by marketing teams. So where did you're decisions come from? Personally I knew the experience had improved based on even these new additions to functionality and am not disappointed. But that's because I knew the product before and it was already useful- now its in the forefront and very likely I'll use it way more than before, keeping out of BootCamp most of the time I need Windows or another OS.
  12. akashra

    akashra Bit poster

    I was gong to test Q3/Q4, but then realised why bother since there's native Mac versions anyway.
  13. bobbyb

    bobbyb Bit poster

    Remember, the brochure always works!

    One thing I learned about advertising and marketting a long time ago is that they always over-promise. It's in their nature. Their job is to get your money. Your job is to do your due dilligence and make sure you were spending wisely.

    Did I pay the reduced rate, sight unseen? Yes. Why? Because I knew I would be staying current with the software and wanted to save the ten bucks. Was I happy I did so? Yes. I haven't tested all the things I've had issues with to see if they work, but for 99% of my needs, it works beautifully. I haven't even updated all my VMs yet. Yes, I did back all of them up before installing.

    If you are willing to be convinced to buy before you try, don't complain about the marketting. It was your decision. Their released software has always had trial keys available to make sure it would work for you before shelling out any cash.

    Reading all the complaints reminds me why I hate to work in Windows. I do it because I have to, not because I want to. Games? If you have time for games, I'd love to get you busy with something productive. Yes, I play a few games, but it's not my whole life. OK, I just sound cranky now.

    Parallels team - Keep up the good work! This update has been fine for me. Certainly no worse than using real PC hardware.

    -- Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
  14. crag

    crag Member

    Bullsh*t! They [the parallels team] have been hyping the "3D game support" for months. it wasn't just a matter of marketing hype. They've been making these promises for months. And did you see the wording on the site? it still says:

    "New! Run today’s most popular PC games on a Mac with support for 3D graphics" and " and

    "2. Play the hottest 3D games! OpenGL and DirectX support lets you explore a whole new world of 3D games and applications right on your Mac. Play Half-Life 2 and work in Sony Vegas at near native speeds right in your Parallels virtual machine."

    Talk about a bold face lie.

    Apologize for them all you want. The word is already out on gaming forums. Parallels (and you since you'll still be using it) will pay the price in the long run. A ruined reputation and loss of customers. No one will believe a word or another promise from the company again.
  15. joopgij

    joopgij Bit poster

    I agree, very disappointed too

    I agree, i am also very disappointed. Bought the update , to see only here that this version not support Directx 9, only till 8.1. And that information was not visible when i bought the upgrade.

    Bad sales policy from Parallels. Will not help them in the fight with VMware.

  16. mmischke

    mmischke Hunter

    I suppose downloading the free trial to see if the product fit your needs was out of the question.
  17. mmischke

    mmischke Hunter

    This is the perfect way to establish credibility and get help in these forums.
  18. Amber242

    Amber242 Junior Member

    It is amazing, where all those people come from...




    I know, that CAPITALS means SCREAM. Imagine, that I am just SCREAMING on YOU.
  19. Amber242

    Amber242 Junior Member

    I am not asking for help here. There is nothing which can make PD 3 work the way it is advertised at the moment.

    I was asking for with my problems with 2.5 (BootCamp not available) before, but I did not received valuable replies.

    PARALLELS DESKTOP is a closed chapter for me. I asked for refund. I am happy user of VMWare Fusion since yesterday.
  20. iFrodo

    iFrodo Member

    But you still can't play your games, as VMware doesn't have a full Direct X support, just a limited Direct X 8.1 support (just like Parallels).

    Hopefully for you VMware is still free, but when the Beta will be finished, you'll have to pay again, and it's more expensive than Parallels, even if it doesn't do much more (for now it just have a little better coherence like mode (unity)).

    As of 3D support of Parallels, from what I tested, the OpenGL support is quite good, the Direct X one is very limited, but I didn't expected myself something fully funcitonnal (they've made this support in few months, and making a Direct3D->OpenGL live wrapper is not easy).
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