Parallels Desktop 7 + OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by macman0910, Sep 9, 2013.

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    For clarification, I did not say "that OSX has changed to allow Parallels 7 to run on it", I said "it's probably because Apple changed something in the latest update that allows PDM7 to run", the subtle difference (between 'to allow' and 'that allows'), is that Apple may have changed something that happens to allow PDM7 to run (among, possibly, other previously incompatible software), but I didn't say they did this targeting this specific piece of software.
  2. Tony K

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    Is it official that Apple changed something on their newest OSX which makes PD7 able to run on it?

    What features will be missing? I've still not upgraded my PD as for now… due to the compatible issue with maverick.

    Might as well hope Parallels would give a more attractive deal for people wanting to upgrade (i don't want bundle deals), and since the newest OSX is coming out very soon.. just hope for a good and cheap PD10?
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    I guess the moral of the story is, "Wait and see!" whenever a publisher gives you advice that might cost you money. There never was a point, for me, when P7 stopped working. Additionally, I'm still using Windows XP on my Mac mini. I finally bought a licence for Windows 8.1, but I never use it, due to its lack of an intuitive user interface, and my inability to install my 2 Windows programs. That was a stupid waste of money for me, as I use a VPN, and I only use Windows in order to run Quicken and an income tax filing program. I should never have upgraded XP. One day, I may have to take my mini to a Windows expert for a couple of lessons, but I'm not going to incur that expense right now.

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