Parallels Desktop 9 for mac and Directx11

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by DominusNox, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. kalmiya

    kalmiya Bit poster

    I got an e-mail from VMWare a few weeks ago about the new version - no support for DX11 or OGL4 either (or any other interesting feature for that matter, besides the standard and annoying "now x% faster" marketing cries).

    So when I saw a notice about a new parallels version, I took a quick peek to see if the grass if greener on the other side (and would have purchased without hesitation if it was). Unfortunately it appears it isn't. I'm a developer myself, so I really do understand supporting it is nontrivial - but honestly, there was more then enough time since these api's were released to get it added - if it were considered an important feature in the first place... Anyway, it appears I'll be skipping this yearly update cycle, cheaper for me :)
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  2. Chris_H

    Chris_H Bit poster

    I just bought the new version 10. And re-installed DirectX11 and it took! It installs on Parallels Desktop 10
  3. DominusNox

    DominusNox Bit poster

    makes no sense. U can't still use DX11 in hardware settings which means no DX11. Tried PD 10 with installed dx11. Watch Dogs isn't working. So bad
  4. G.Oei

    G.Oei Junior Member

    Same Question from me: When will be a DX 11 Support in PDM available?

    I've just upgraded to VMWARE Fusion 7 as well to Parallels Desktop 10. In both VMs currently OpenGL 3.x did not work as well as DirectX 11 did not work.
    I tried to start a bootcamp VM as well, but there is the same effect: No support for DirectX 11.

    Again the question, is DirectX 11 on any roadmap and for which release?


    G. Oei
  5. WillyITA

    WillyITA Bit poster

    I have the same problem than beta_geryoei...
    Parallels Desktop is the best.... but not have the support for DirectX 11 ....
    Good not Best for me
    Roadmap??? Nothing = Not Good
    Hard Work For you
  6. Alexey_Erohin

    Alexey_Erohin Bit poster

    Добрый День! Скажите, когда планируется реализация directx 11 на параллели? Специально покупал Мак, как передовое устройство и параллель, как передовые технологии, но печаль, я использую их не только для работы и уверен многие, не только я, столкнулись с проблемой отсутствия directx 11. А скоро релиз новых и очень ожидаемых игр на которые оформлены предзаказы и они работают на directx 11. Уже отсутствупет возможность играть в новые игры
  7. Adonsa

    Adonsa Junior Member


    The most recent information, about Parallels support for the use of DirectX 11,
    appears to be this message thread, where the most recent information is
    dated Oct/Nov last year.
    Search engine searches reveal that DirectX 11 works within Apple Boot Camp,
    but efforts to find anything about Parallels compatibility with DirectX 11 is
    elusive, at best.

    The question becomes,
    Will Parallels support for DirectX 11 ever become a reality?
    If so, when?
    and, if so, how do we enable it?

    Thanks very much
  8. Adonsa

    Adonsa Junior Member


    Directx 11 is installed in windows 7.
    Parallels ---> Configuration ---> Hardware ---> Video
    It shows "3D accelaration: DirectX10.

    I tried reinstalling Parallels Tools, and that didn't help.
    There must be a trick to getting DirectX 11 to show up in this
    parallels menu, otherwise there would have already been
    many messages between Nov 2014 and now.
    My Mac Pro ("Late 2013" is 6 core; 16 gigs Ram with twin AMD FirePro D300
    graphic cards). This ought to be more than enough for DirectX11. Getting
    DirectX11 to show up in Parallels is the unresolved issue.

    Any advice will be most graciously appreciated.
  9. Dhruba@Parallels


    Hi Adonsa,
    With Parallels Desktop, you can run games and applications that require video cards with DirectX or OpenGL support in your virtual machines.
    • The DirectX10.1 and OpenGL2.1 support can be enabled for Windows-based virtual machines with Parallels Tools installed.
    • The OpenGL2.1 support can be enabled for Linux-based virtual machines with Parallels Tools installed.
    But DirectX11 is not supported yet. Please refer to this article for updates summary,
  10. Adonsa

    Adonsa Junior Member

    Bumpity, bump bump.
    Any updates on support for DirectX 11?
    Hope so...
  11. DerekB1

    DerekB1 Bit poster

    Does Paralles Dev team have an update on this? DirectX 11 was released in Feb of 2011, it's been a while. Do the developers have any intent of supporting 11 or are they working on 12 now which is due out supposedly in a few months. If not that's fine I would just like an official statement from Parallels.
    thank you
  12. Dhruba@Parallels


    Hi Derek, our Engineers are working constantly on this, once it supported it will be updated.
  13. Pete4

    Pete4 Bit poster

    I only use parallels to play casual games through steam on windows but it seems some of those games are requiring direct x 11 as a requirement so my business shall be lost if not fixed asap...
  14. Sylvester@Parallels

    Sylvester@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hello Pete,
    You can keep yourself updated, If you would like to receive email notifications on product updates then please subscribe to our Newsletter.
  15. Pete4

    Pete4 Bit poster

    Dear sylvester,
    Why would i need updated on promises that are going unfulfilled as far as this program goes... Update your direct x version or lose my business altogether which is a pretty simple thing considering you guys bank on updates that don't give what is needed by the consumer...
  16. AndreasO2

    AndreasO2 Bit poster

    I just updated to Parallels Desktop 11 and my hope was, that DivX 11.0 is supported as a new software of my son runs only with a GPU supporting DivX 11.0. So my Mac's Grafic supports it, but not Parallels Desktop 11 ... wow, this is to bad! Is it possible to say when DivX 11.0 will be supported?
  17. NBW2011

    NBW2011 Bit poster

    Been a long time Parallels user for over 10 years. Have to say I won't be renewing my subscription until at least DX11 support is released. Its no longer a product that helps me get the Windows work done I need to on Mac.
  18. MarcoV4

    MarcoV4 Bit poster

    Hahaha you are censoring me? I'm capturing everything
  19. MaximL1

    MaximL1 Bit poster

    Guys ( and gals ), you are forgetting one Major issue with Macs today: they all (except Mac Pro barrel for $3000) have mobile GPUs, that means there's no point in trying to run GPU-hungry games on Mac. And the rest do not require DX 11 or 12.

    That means even if Parallels (and VMware, for that matter) release virtualization software with DX 11 or 12 support, you will not be able to run 90% of games anyway due to crappy GPU hardware performance.
  20. PaulChristopher@Parallels

    PaulChristopher@Parallels Product Expert Staff Member

    Hey, I would like to let you know that we have already involved our Development in this case and they are currently working on the resolution.

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