Parallels Desktop Agent seems to cause MS Outlook to hang

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  1. I am currently trialing the Parallels Access product, connecting my iPad to my work PC running Windows 7.

    I love the way it renders on my iPad and its many innovative features.

    I am, however, experiencing one serious problem at the moment which is proving to be a showstopper, and I was hoping someone here could help me find a fix.

    When I run the Parallels Agent on my host PC, it has an effect of causing MS Outlook to hang. I have tested this extensively from my host PC and I can replicate the condition reliably. When Parallels Agent is running and the PC is "Accessible", Outlook becomes unreponsive almost immediately. It hangs, goes "misty" and the top bar says "Outlook (Not Responding)". After a minute of this, it snaps back to life, but my next UI action within Outlook inevitably causes it to freeze again, with the exact same symptoms.

    The moment that Parallels Agent is switched off (ie when PC access is turned off), then Outlook snaps back to life and everything is fine.

    Worth noting -- Outlook seems to be the only application on the host PC that is affected. None of the other MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are affected as far as I can tell, nor are any other applications. Bizarrely, Outlook is the only one that is affected. Perhaps something to do with its connection to Microsoft Exchange Server? Just a guess there.

    Has anybody else here experienced something similar?

    Thanks in advance!

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