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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by SamL5, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. SamL5

    SamL5 Bit poster

    Hi guys, how about having a new version runs on new iPad Pro (A12X) with a Win10?.. using Apple Pencil together, then it gives me FULL reason not to buy Windows Surface.. Go Ahead!
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  2. Hi SamL5. Parallels Desktop can be used only on Mac to install and use any operating system as a guest OS. If you wish to access your computer remotely using a mobile device, you can try Parallels Access.
  3. StephenE5

    StephenE5 Bit poster

    Please make the Parallels Desktop compatible for iPad, so that we can run windows on the iPad. Thank you,
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  4. KarimE

    KarimE Bit poster

    I know that this forum is for suggesting features for the mac desktop version, but I didn't find another forum that fits with my request anyway, so, what I'm suggesting is something that is maybe not possible but I am not an expert to know that, what I would like to have is a full working windows on iPad Pro. I already use Parallels Access on iPad, but a stand alone windows on iPad would be a game changer. Imagine a device like the iPad Pro with hardware even faster than MacBook Pro, running windows through parallels and without the latency of the remote access. I think this will make many people really happy, and I for one would pay an annual subscription or an expensive one-time subscription gladly to have such a feature on my iPad Pro.
  5. KristianA

    KristianA Bit poster

    I would also like to do without my MacBook in favor of the iPad Pro 2020 if I could use Windows 10 to its full extent there. Unfortunately, I need Windows for a professional program that does not provide an Apple version.
  6. Eduard2

    Eduard2 Bit poster

    With new iPad announced with M1, please make the Parallels for the iPad Pro, not only to run windows but MacOS as well, this should be amazing!
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  7. ReinhardS7

    ReinhardS7 Bit poster

    Same request here. Especially now as the new iPad Pro models will run with the Apple M1 chip -- the same chip that the new MacBooks use. And Parallels Desktop already does run on these new M1 Macs.
    The iPad now is surely powerful enough as well to fully run Windows 10 / Linux / macOS or any other OS. As in macOS, it would be great if there would be a Parallels app on the new M1 iPad Pro as well, to run any other software that does not natively run on the iPad itself already.
    Will it be possible to release such an Parallels app within iPadOS? If yes, it smth like this planned on the current Parallels product roadmap?
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  8. ChrisJ23

    ChrisJ23 Bit poster

    Another request for this given the release of the new M1-powered iPad Pro. Given the option of MacOS on the iPad Pro appears not to be a consideration for Apple, this would be an absolute game-changer.
  9. JonS7

    JonS7 Bit poster

    Whken will we be able to run Paralles and therefore Quicken fo Windows on an iPad??
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  10. JanW12

    JanW12 Bit poster

    Parallels rallies on the underlaying system to run a hypervisor. This is the part of the system, which manages the communication from the hardware to the Host system and later to to guest. iPadOS is heavily restricted in this way. The system does not offer the ability to do something like this. In theory this would be possible but I don't think apple will allow something like this.
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  11. JamesF23

    JamesF23 Junior Member

    At least not yet. We could submit a Feature Request for the iPad to support Parallels Desktop running on the iPad.
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  12. MatthewR20

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