Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007 Hunter

    Windows XP Corporate will not require reactivation.

    That is great. I am getting a Core 2 Duo Macbook soon and plan to use Parallels with it. The release of this version is just right. I hope this will be out of beta soon.

    By the way, if you can get your hands on the Corporate version of Windows XP Professional and install it via Boot Camp, then you should not be required to reactivate if you boot from the Boot Camp partition.:)

  2. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

    it's wierd, not sure exactly how i got it to work. i remember booting straight into bootcamp to install parallels tools...but finding parallels tools wasn't _really_ installed. so i ran it again via parallels. now i get one keyboard and one mouse and one combination keyboard/mouse in the menu.

    i'm running a macbook pro with apple keyboard and mighty mouse connected...but only the internal keyboard / trackpad setting seems to work.


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  3. jer_fido

    jer_fido Junior Member

    Vista RC2 broken with latest beta

    Jonahan: "I just installed the new beta and before Vista worked .. now it only boots in safe mode with networking disabled it blows up here..."

    I have the same exact issue and there are others in this thread with the same issue as well. Hopefully the Parallels Team has seen our postings and is working on a fix!

    By the way, my Vista VM was shutdown prior to upgrading to the latest beta. My WinXPsp2 and SUSE 10.1 VMs work without issue with the latest beta. It's the Vista VM that is hosed right now....
  4. skimmilk

    skimmilk Bit poster

    Networking issues

    I may be doing something wrong but I cannot access shared networking from the properties page. I -can- however, switch to it but its kind of a pain for when I get to school and I need to boot up Parallels for outlook but need shared networking.

    I've uninstalled, reboot, re-installed, reboot cycle several times to no avail.
  5. skimmilk

    skimmilk Bit poster

    Ok. figured this one out. Had to go into Network Preferences and click ok, then apply when I closed system preferences.

    Now if FAT32 support was there, I could reclaim the gigs I so desparately need.
  6. diamondsw

    diamondsw Member

    Users do not know what build numbers ARE. Find me one major product that uses a build number prominently. Build numbers are fine for more detail, especially for betas, but why is it that unless you really look, you don't know what version Parallels is? What was v2.1, v2.2, and now (apparently) v2.5? This is why people are complaining that USB 2.0 and Direct3D and such haven't arrived - they don't realize we haven't hit the next "major version", because we don't know what version it IS.

    The last software I recall using build numbers were the betas of Mozilla, and even those had corresponding version numbers and a roadmap for what was coming in each version. It was something you could track to, both for end users and developers.

    Of course, knowing how much stuff is coming in the next paid upgrade may dissuade people from buying Parallels now (ACPI, USB 2.0, Direct3D?).
  7. mouellette

    mouellette Bit poster

    Great update with 2 questions

    You guys did an amazing job!! This update is awesome, looking forward to whatever else you can think of.

    Two questions for you:
    1. I have several old Virtual PC 7 disk images that no longer work on my MacBook, it is possible to convert those raw disk images? How is "Parallels Transporter" supposed to work?

    2. One pet peeve of mine is I find it annoying that every time I hit Apple-Tab to switch apps, or Apple-<whatever> to do something the Start Menu pops up. Is it possible to autohide the start menu if the Apple key is held down for a number of seconds or if an alternate key is hit? Maybe even having a delay for the start menu to pop up, unless the Apple key is hit and then immediately released. Your mapping of Apple-AZXCV is great, if you could take it this one step futher it would be even better.

    Keep up the good work.
  8. mouellette

    mouellette Bit poster

    One more thing Coherency

    One additonal oddity that occurs in "Coherency" mode is when the screen saver pops up. It hides all your background apps, by default this creates a black abyss with a floating window, could you have a way to shut off the screen saver when in "Coherency" mode?

    Also the "CMD" prompt has issues displaying in Coherency mode unless another app is behind it. The effect is pretty strange, try it if you have not already.
  9. aclaver

    aclaver Member

    Same problem. I ended up deleting the reinstalling Vista RC2 and it is now working perfectly - well, except that Coherency mode doesn't work in Vista.

    Where's Snapshot feature? That's so vital in virtual systems I can't believe it's not been implemented yet. They shouldn't be wasting their time on worthless visual effects (like when a window spirals close) and stick to features.
  10. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

    check key map appears shift-alt-control is used for two options...

  11. davpel

    davpel Bit poster

    I'm having the same problem with the new beta of Parallels and Vista RC2. It worked fine after initially installing the new beta, but after installing the tools, I can no longer boot into Vista whatsoever. I hope a solution is around the corner.
  12. jChristopher

    jChristopher Member

    Compressor seems broken in 3036, here, too...

    I'm having the same problems with 3036:

    - Compressor isn't working -- it runs, restarts normally, runs part two, goes through the progress bar, then the screen dims..........and stays that way. Cancel doesn't work... only quitting the program works.

    - When quitting, the program just quits hard, and posts an error to the system. It doesn't go back to the startup screen correctly. When quitting from within the Compressor problem, it pops up a screen "suspend/shutdown"....and then bails.

    - Boot Camp (on a FAT32 partition) doesn't work, with the error "couldn't load..."

    - Printing via USB to my HP DeskJet 1120C is broken (but my Epson RX500 is okay?!).

    I like Coherence...but I think I'll back-date to 1970...and hope for 3037+ to follow soon? 3036 is causing more problems than it's worth at the moment....
  13. keltorsori

    keltorsori Junior Member

    Thank you for putting in multiple virtual NICs. I can now deply LTSP solutions from a virtual machine. Also, the Vista auto-install works flawlessly. Gotta hand it to you.
    A few problems:
    I can't get my machines to hide anymore (as in Parallels menu/Hide Parallels Desktop), it does nothing now. I can minimize the machine into the dock, but hide does not work. A few oddities with mouse behavior in Linux machines (after releasing the mouse as an input device, the virtual machine cursor will kind of follow the Mac OS cursor around for a bit). Running multiple machines is insanely slow. I've got a linux server virtual machine that should be using at most about 4% of the processor and 10% of the memory. If I open another, similar virtual machine, my entire computer just grinds down. I expect more realistic proc. usage from the machines allowing for much friendlier multiple virtual machines.

    All in all though, I'm ecstatic about the multiple NICs and the new look. Great job guys! Keep up the good work (USB 2 and burner support and you're going to own the mac VT market)
  14. Nataku

    Nataku Bit poster

    so I fixed my problem by uninstalling parallels and then searching for every related file and deleting it manually. reinstall and works great.

    is there a way to get parallels to use two monitors? i would love to use coherence with both of my monitors.

    it also created two start up profiles in XP (profile 1 and parallels) how they both work so how do I get rid of the other?

  15. dieterf

    dieterf Junior Member


    To make Coherency mode more perfect:

    on "hiding Taskbar" the Startmenü may integrate into the Contextual Menü of the Dock Icon. There also the started application/windows can be shown.
  16. skimmilk

    skimmilk Bit poster

    Btw: Network interfaces?

    Are we supposed to have en2 AND en3 in network ports on the Os X side? It just seems kinda clunky to me.
  17. whytyger

    whytyger Member

    Dear Parallels Team and associated experts

    I've been installing over old builds for several iterations now. I've never had a problem on my MacPro/2 GB RAM setup with standard video card.

    Should I be following Nataku's procedure to clean out any and all older files to get optimal performance?
  18. lochi

    lochi Bit poster

    Problem whith Keyboard

    Hello.Excused for my English but are Italian.
    I have installed the newversion of indeed optimal Parallels.
    But I have a problem. After tohave installed the tool for BootCamp,
    restarted in native way the keyboard and the mouse of mine macbookpro
    do not answer more and they do not allow me to select
    nothing and all it turns out blocked.
    Help me
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2006
  19. maxfalco

    maxfalco Bit poster

    Multiple Monitor Support for Coherancy Mode

    Just placing my vote for multiple monitor support in coherancy mode. I do lots of moving between displays and this would make the version close to perfect. Other things on my wishlist: the start bar shows up about 3-4 pixels over the bottom of my display, can that be fixed?, put windows icons on mac desktop, let me choose a default VM to load, and then offer a menu option to load the chooser.
  20. oszillo

    oszillo Bit poster

    "Use Boot Camp" option always greyed out

    First I have to say that I am very excited by the efforts of the Parallels team. The Coherence mode is fantastic. However I have problems with the new Boot Camp option:
    After installing Beta 3060, booting Boot Camp installation of Win XP and installing Parallels Tools for Boot Camp in every dialog of Parallels the Option "Use Boot Camp" is still greyed out. Any suggestion? (I am running german Windows XP System builder Edition)
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