Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    YUP happened to me too on a MacBook Pro.

    Window goes dark and I had to force quit and restore from a backup.

    Something I had just done before I tried the compressor.

    Boy was I happy......

  2. chucker

    chucker Junior Member

    Apple would need to give permission for this, or Parallels would have to come up with a way Apple approves of that makes it only possible on Macs.

    Start Parallels Desktop directly (rather than opening a particular VM), then select the VM. You can get to the configuration that way.
  3. Fazookus

    Fazookus Bit poster

    BSoD Blooz...

    Very impressive! Blue screens on me if I try to boot from the BC partition (and I did indeed install the Parallels bc tools) but I'm mostly intereseted in booting from an easily backed up files so I'm happy. The BSOD message is a one-liner, not one of those with lots of gibberish, I'll forward that along with logs, whatever if anybody's interested.

    Keep up the good work!!!
  4. JHGRedekop

    JHGRedekop Bit poster

    These are some great features!

    I am running into some issues, though.

    I have a Mac Pro, 2Gb memory, Radeon X1900 card, and two LCD displays.

    I have things set up so that Parallels starts on my left-hand screen, and my Mac menu bar is on the right-hand screen.

    Whenever I start my old virtual machine (the one set up under my store-bought Parallels), the desktop on my right screen gets corrupted momentarily with scrambled video data from other parts of the desktop -- fragments of window contents and so on replacing the wallpaper briefly.

    The Coherence button doesn't seem to do anything, at least not under my old virtual machine.

    I've tried setting up a virtual machine to run off my Boot Camp partition, but it doesn't seem to be working. When I start it, give it my password, and it comes back with "Unable to open disk image Boot Camp".

    Of course, I don't want it to open a disk image, but a separate partition; I don't know if that's just that the error message hasn't been updated for the new functionality or if it's actually trying to do the wrong thing.

    (On a tangentially related note, has anyone else had problems installing ATI drivers on a Mac Pro in boot camp? It keeps telling me it needs the standard VGA driver, which I can't find anywhere!)
  5. msjulie33

    msjulie33 Bit poster

    coherence is very cool

    but the mouse goes whacky on me, especially in coherence mode. No matter which way I move it, it travels down and to the right, finally getting pinned in the lower corner. Keyboard works fine.

    I had to revert to the release build
  6. Tony-Bologne

    Tony-Bologne Bit poster

    I finally got this fixed by starting and stopping the VM then quickly clicking on any item in the Property Page (flashes up quickly and sometimes stays in the screen a moment longer than other times).
  7. AkitaOnRails

    AkitaOnRails Bit poster

    Problem Uninstalling Parallels Tools

    I am trying to uninstall Parallels Tools in order to fix my Macdrive installation, which is most important.

    But I get the following error:

    Parallels Tools
    >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (476)

    PAPP:parallels Tools

    PVENDOR: (



    @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) BT_OTHER 376.21

    Anyone knows what the heck is this???
  8. scthkr

    scthkr Bit poster

    Beta Version (3036) with Matlab

    Thanks for the great update and features!

    One of the big reason I am using Parallels is for Matlab. I know there is an intel version, but is still a beta, and I can't afford a mistake or a crash when my job depends on the answers Matlab produces. Enough about that.

    Matlab has a very nice tool called, "bench". It will do several tests:
    2-D graphics test
    3-D graphics test

    Lower scores are better, because all values are in seconds.
    For each test, I ran it several times, and took an average.
    I ran this test on my Macbook Pro Core2Duo 2.33 GHz, 2 GB Ram on the
    Parallels Build 1970:
    0.2225 0.5448 0.2321 0.5642 0.6113 0.8888
    Parallels Build 3036
    0.2090 0.4246 0.1485 0.4977 0.4155 0.5651

    Every test did at least a little better!

    Go Parallels TEAM! Pretty cool when my machine is 20-30% faster!
  9. Shane

    Shane Bit poster

    Hi all, sorry if I ask a stupid question, but I'm rather new to Windows emulation...

    Does this "Coherency" thing means that if I want to run a Windows ".exe" application,
    the only thing I need is Parallells Desktop and I would NOT need to buy me a copy of Windows at all ?

    (I only need to be able to run one application that doesn't exist for Mac and I'm quite happy to spend some money on Parallels, but the cost of Windows XP is quite expensive... especially if you do not want to use it (Windows)... ;-)

  10. mikev

    mikev Bit poster


    This isn't a stupid question. To answer it, you do need to purchase a copy of Windows. All coherency does (from what I have seen) is hides the Windows desktop and displays your Windows program windows and taskbar in OS X.
  11. tomservo291

    tomservo291 Member

    Get the XP ClearType Tuner Powertoy from Microsoft if you want some nicer font smoothing in windows:
  12. Arenared

    Arenared Bit poster

    Bluescreen of Death - 0x0000007b

    Bluescreen of Death - 0x0000007b

    that's my error when i use boot camp as my HD with 3036, using both Parallels and profile 1


  13. Paul Linden

    Paul Linden Member

    This worked for me - - but not for everyone, it seems.
  14. Morgenl

    Morgenl Member

    Minor detail

    This is a great update! And for the first time upgrading did not require a reload of SPSS (statistical software) which made me really happy.

    The intriguing thing I noticed while playing around with screen resizing was that my Recycle Bin (sitting in my lower right corner of the Windows screen) gets "fixed" in its location relative to the whole monitor no matter how I resize Windows (unless I resize windows smaller then it regains it lower right corner spot). For example, if Windows is taking up the upper right quadrant of my monitor so that Recycle is sitting just up and left of the centre of my monitor screen (in the lower right corner of Windows), then I enlarge the Windows portion, the Recycle Bin remains just up and left of the center of my monitor screen. The Recycle Bin doesn't seem to be "tied" so to speak to a location relative to Windows, but rather to an overall spot on the monitor.

    Hope that made sense.
  15. dwerg85

    dwerg85 Bit poster

    Having the same issue as quoted.
    Screeny of the BSOD:

    I can boot in to boot camp normally tho.
  16. Shane

    Shane Bit poster

    @mikev -- Thanks for the quick reply !

    ... it already sounded too good to be true... :(

  17. tomservo291

    tomservo291 Member

    Some features that I'd love to see

    I've been using Parallels since the first beta and have loved every minute of it. I love all of the new changes in this beta, and already I'm right at home with Coherence. I use Parallels for development on different platforms (namely writing Java web applications in windows for my current job. Yes, I know I *could* do this in OS X, but it's easier this way for consistence with the rest of the company.)

    I've got everything working nicely with Shared networking, bonjour for windows and using the local computer name in OS X to map a network drive to share my root directory of OS X to windows for some unparalleled interoperability between OS X and XP.

    But anyways, what I'd like to see:

    Show windows applications in OS X pager
    Having all or a subset of windows applications (subset being selectable somehow, possibly through Parallels Tools) show up in the OS X pager (cmd-tab.) Obviously it would be difficult to have a nice high-res image to display in the pager, but possibly a screenshot of the application or something. This would simply have to make parallels become the active window, and bring that windows application to the front.
  18. Fazookus

    Fazookus Bit poster

    Yep, that's the very same BSoD that I get trying to boot from my BC partition.

    Glad it's not only me:D
  19. diamondsw

    diamondsw Member

    I'd just like to note that if Parallels supported changing properties while a VM was running, and applied those changes at next boot rather than disallowing them entirely, we wouldn't have this problem.

    The solution is fairly simple conceptually:
    • The new styled "view properties" window becomes the screen shown when a VM is open but shut down.
    • Properties are moved to a sheet that is attached to the VM window. These can be edited at any time; properties that will not take effect immediately are marked as such.
    • The VM Catalog is moved to a window of its own - see Virtual PC, Q, or VMWare Fusion.

    This is the way the Mac interface works everywhere else.
  20. RussGJohnson

    RussGJohnson Junior Member

    I had the same problem. It worked fine from inside parallels hard drive properties-advanced-compact screen though.
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