Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. bemaniac

    bemaniac Junior Member

    Another thing, that may have to do with not being able to drag and drop: every time I start Parallels, it gives an error when trying to load "Parallels Tools Center"
  2. gmorris

    gmorris Junior Member

    key board freeze

    Purely for parallels debugging purposes.

    I have the same problem when booting from bootcamp into windows with the windows xp/parallels screen freezing.

    I am using a Mac Book Pro Core 2 Duo.

    I have tried to identify some constistency with it but it just seems arbitrary. Sometimes it freezes and sometimes it doesn't regardless of prior actions i.e. selecting the windows partition, auto startup to windows. Using a usb mouse or keyboard doesn't solve it either. Sometimes it works after 1 attempt at a restart and sometimes 5. Time doesn;t necessarily seem to be an issue either. Hope this info helps in some way.

    Great work though. When this new release is all fixed up it presents an excellent and really neat solution. I think i will buy some apple/parallels stock as I can't believe anyone would buy any other computer or software. Well done.
  3. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    MacBook Pro, 2g RAM.

    This is the first version since before the RC1 release that has given me problems. I have a thumb drive (2 gig) that I've been using since RC1 to transfer material between unnetworked systems. It is no longer available to XP. If I eject it in OS X and then try to attach it with the USB tool in XP I get two popups: One says the device is not available, try in 15 seconds, and the other says the device has been removed incorrectly as if it had been attached to XP then pulled without detaching it. It never attaches, and each time I try, OS X reattaches it. Sounds like it might be a driver loading order problem.

    I have a workaround using shared folders so it's not the end of the world but it is worth reporting.

    I like the coherence mode - no problems there. I've also gotten a new version of Solaris 10 from Sun and it installs fine and seems to run, but the screen is black on reboot, and running full screen doesn't work, either. Don't know if it's the Solaris release or the new beta.

    Couple steps ahead, couple back - not bad for such an adventurous beta release.
  4. bemaniac

    bemaniac Junior Member

    UPDATE: So I reinstalled all of the Parallels tools. Now everything works, but I still get asked to re-activate every time I start up the VM in Parallels (not switching back and forth). Any suggestions?
  5. justind01

    justind01 Bit poster


    Parallels Team:

    EXCELLENT work on two features that I am loving right now: Coherence and Drag and Drop file transfer.

    I have been using the beta for a few days and find myself using my VMs more than I ever did before because of these features.

  6. dizzydeane

    dizzydeane Member

    WOW! And small stuffs ... so fah :)

    WOW! First let me say this is an amazing & great beta especially since it's a free upgrade within the existing version. AWESOMES after 1 hr: (a) Resizing the guest window, (b) Coherence, (c) Drag & Drop & (d) It feels comfortable.

    Small stuffs: (a) View - When switching between OS Window & Property Sheet sometimes I need to press Fit Window. (b) eComStation v1.1 guest window is not resizable. Note: I just installed it, so no fix packs. (c) Easier navigation new feature still in the works? I was unable to use the CMD locator & CMD+CTL drag&drop icon.

    Questions before trying: (a) Parallels Transporter - Will this work from a LAN? (b) Boot Camp with Parallels - If I start with a VM & then install Boot Camp will this avoid the need to buy an additionall license as reported by some forum members? (c) Why is the Licensing Info (my name) in the About screen blank? You have a great product, you should protect it. (e) Why is there no link to this invaluable forum? I only discovered it after googling. It solved "tons" of problems. (f) Any chance you'll make Parallels AS/400 capable? :)

    PS: Parallels must have an awesome software team -- ONE GREAT designer (Andrew?) with a host of GREAT pgm coders. Congrats!!
  7. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

    hahaha! hold that sense of humor until the next beta release comes out, then ease up a little on your posts. :)

  8. pcalver

    pcalver Junior Member

    Agreed on both points;
  9. funguy

    funguy Bit poster

    coherence: not working with dual monitors

    basically, i wanted to drag one windows window into the second screen while i continue to work on the first screen, but it won't swap monitors unless i assign one monitor to parallels for dedicated usage. perhaps this situation could be explored and you could one day allow me to use both screens (monitors) for windows windows. thanks!
  10. debtoine

    debtoine Junior Member

    Loved it, until I switched network modes on the fly:

    I was in shared, switched to Host-only. I had no more network connection, so I switched back to Shared. Still nothing, rebooted... BSOD at bootup. Have not been able to get out of it. ERror is: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

    Any clue how I can fix this?


  11. Nicolo

    Nicolo Bit poster

    I'm getting crazy trying to use BootCamp partition.
    I've being reading many posts, but with no final solution.
    Is there a way to correctly boot into Boot Camp disk?

    I keep getting the following error : Unable to open disk image (see also attachment)

    Attached Files:

  12. JSchibley

    JSchibley Bit poster

    I noticed that if you continue to hold down a key (I just continue to hold down the option key) when you select the windows partition during boot selection that the keyboard remains active on the MBP/C2D.
  13. JSchibley

    JSchibley Bit poster

    Fat32 and trial period

    I'm experiencing the reported Fat32 problem on my MBP. I understand that parallels is working on a solution, but I'm concerned it will arrive after my 15 day trial period expires. Is there a chance the problem will be fixed soon enough for me to test during the trial, or is it possible to get another trial key after the fix is in?
  14. thetravellor

    thetravellor Bit poster

    I have a 24" screen, Coherence mode worked perfectly for me.

    Maybe it is related the screen resolution you are using?
  15. greening

    greening Bit poster

    Virtual Machines "Already in Use", but Not

    Yesterday my machine crashed while Parallels was active running a Suse Linux VM and a Windows Server 2003 VM.

    Now, after rebooting my machine. I try running Parallels and the two VMs are greyed out. If I try selecting one, it says "Virtual machine 'cham-suse' cannot be opened since it is already in use in another Parallels Desktop window."

    But it isn't.

    How do I get out of this situation? I want my operating systems back! Whah! (OK it isn't a total disaster since I have copies of the OSes when I backed up before installing the Beta, but still I would like not to have to reinstall things.)

    Otherwise, the new Beta is nice, as everyone has said. Can someone help me?
  16. Sonderpa

    Sonderpa Member

    I renamed the Parallels folder with version 1970 to Parallels1970 before I installed version 3036.
    After the installation I got a lock situation with version 3036.
    I was able to get the locked VM unlocked by using the unlock button in version 1970.
    If you don't have 1970 installed anymore, you can always install it by renaming the version 3036 folder before installing version 1970.
    After that you have both versions available.

    Tip: Give the folder with version 1970 another name and the folder with version 3036 the original name.
    If you install a new beta, you don't have to worry anymore about the possibility of overwriting version 1970.
  17. intimus

    intimus Bit poster

    Anti-Virus blue screen, Cinema 30" Display

    Thanks guys, love the new beta.

    Two remarks:

    1. Coherent windows looks ugly and f**cks up screen resolution on 30" cinema display

    2. Installing Kapersky Anti-Virus 6.0 on Bootcamp makes both bootcamp native boot as well as booting using Parallels crash into bluescreen. I could resolve the issue by a roll-back after a save-boot in Windows, but leave my hands off anti-virus yet...

    Thought you might be interested...

  18. clarkcox3

    clarkcox3 Bit poster

    What, exactly, does Parallels use to recognize a Boot Camp partition. I've got WinXP installed on my MacBook Pro, I've installed the Parallels tools while booted into windows. When I reboot into MacOSX and run Parallels, I am unable to select the BootCamp partition as a harddrive for use in a VM (either when creating a new VM or adding a drive to an existing VM).

    My partition is formatted NTFS, and is the third partition on the disk (after the EFI partition, and the Mac's HFS+ partition).
  19. tychop

    tychop Junior Member

    You'll see on page one that there is a link to the software you need tin install in order for parallels to recognise the bootcamp image.
  20. clarkcox3

    clarkcox3 Bit poster

    If you're referring to:
    Then you missed the part in my post where I said that I have already installed the Parallels tools while booted into windows.
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