Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. WimDS

    WimDS Hunter

    Can someone post some screenshots about Coherence please?
  2. Djehuti

    Djehuti Bit poster

    Have you tried opening the Parallels preferences, and in the Appearance pane make sure "Allow to change Mac OS screen resolution" checkbox is unchecked?
  3. bdumes

    bdumes Bit poster


    I have to agree with this 100%. It was actually my primary reason for buying Parallels in the first place. I always assumed that support for this would come very quickly, so I'm still remote desktoping to a windows box to do the DVD writing I need.

    Any idea when we can expect this Parallels guys?

  4. rgarber

    rgarber Bit poster

    Can't get drag / drop or coherence to work

    Great feature release - congrats guys..
    I feel like a knucklehead here, but I can't figure out drag and drop between XP and OSX, nor do I get any response within XP when I press the coherence button.

    What am I missing here ?

  5. orr

    orr Bit poster

    I don't know if this is what he means but:

    On a Mac Pro with 30" display, XP maxes out at 2032x1371 (at least according to Display/Settings), which is short of the 2560x1600 that Mac OS X runs at. I found that if you switch to Coherence, it "stretches" the Windows display out to 2560x1600 (- the Mac menu & Dock).
  6. bamsaleg

    bamsaleg Member

    I am quite impressed....

    Do you plan in your future version to include complete mac keyboard layout remapping for foreign languages in windows ? This is maybe the last great thing (with applescript) that VirtualPC offered and you still do not.

    With this version, let's the migration from VPC on campus begin!

    :) :) :) :)
  7. mr zippy

    mr zippy Bit poster

    1. Drag and drop folders / files:
    Nice feature, makes life easier.

    2. USB Auto Connect:
    Now works now even if you have lots of USB devices already connected, makes life easier.

    1. Add Shut Down option to window close:
    When you close the VM window you only have the option of suspend or power off - which is better than the power off only of the previous version, but can you add shut down to options - I think this is faster and also I don't trust Windows to be stable if it's technically always up!

    2. Coherence Mode - windows app icons in dock
    Maybe it is possible select the position of the task bar within Parallels as this is not obvious in Windows (unlock task bar and sort of drag the right point and it moves), also could you not implement something similar to MS Virtual PC where running apps in the VM have individual icons on the dock - to be honest when I first read of Coherence Mode I thought that is what it was.

    Good work anyway!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2006
  8. trent

    trent Bit poster

    Reactivating Win Xp Sp2 Home Ed.

    First word about this new version: Great! Good work guys, very impressive. :)

    But here's my problem:

    I have the exact same problem. My situation is the following: I'm using Parallels Desktop for Mac with one Windows Home Ed. ( KEY 1). The purpose of this system is to get some programs working which don't run under Mac OS X. It's working fine. On the other hand I've Boot Camp installed with another Windows Home Ed. (KEY 2). The purpose of this partition is gaming. I've bought two Windows Licenses & CD's with different keys of course, so very legal at all, since the VM and the native partition are "two" PC's on my MacBook Pro.
    Now I'm being asked for re-activation (i understand this technically since the 3rd VM under Parallels is a "new" PC with "new" hardware. But is there a way to avoid this reactivation by Windows? I mean i got already two legal copies and i don't want to buy a third one. I know mainly it's up to Microsoft with this problem and not to the Parallels team but is there any chance to get through this?

    Thx in advance and keep the good work up guys!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2006
  9. ukroell

    ukroell Bit poster

    Folks, this Build is just great, great, great.
    The Boot Camp-Boot is something I can (or would) not test, because there runs my Windows Vista Final (thank MS for the gift for beta-testers ;)).

    Drag-and-Drop is great and just instant. Boom. :D
    And the Coherence-Mode is something, that is just amazing.
    Now, there is no need for a thing linke "Classic for Windows-Apps".

    My last wishes for the Final:
    Take off this litte graphic-bugs at the Windows-windows corners and get a new, great idea, to hide the Taskbar (otherway that the way in Windows).

    Again: Great work!
  10. coooly

    coooly Bit poster

    Here it is !

  11. toddgarvin

    toddgarvin Junior Member

  12. palter

    palter Hunter

    Will Coherence be confused by the fact that I keep my Dock on the left edge of my screen rather than the bottom? (I read earlier that it resizes the Windows desktop to take the Mac menu bar and Dock into account.)
  13. itsdapead

    itsdapead Hunter

    Coherence is clearly a kludge, but a darned impressive one - dragging windows around is a bit flickery but it looks quite usable to me. You can drag the windows taskbar wherever you want it - the top of the screen seems best. Even better if you have a second monitor.
  14. mr zippy

    mr zippy Bit poster

    I just edited my original post, as I realised I was missing the point a bit!
  15. Erich

    Erich Member

    I'm having the same problem with constant reactivation, and would appreciate a solution.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2006
  16. rangr

    rangr Member

    is no-one else having this loss of mouse problem? the build works perfectly as far as i can tell, but going into coherence mode makes cursor drift slowly to right and down screen, diagonally. i then have to uninstall and reinstall tools to make it work again, which is a bit tricky without mouse control!

    i've got second monitor with MBP. Running Build 3036 Beta.

    it's a very cool feature, i'd love to get it working!
  17. orr

    orr Bit poster


    Also, if you could get the system tray [application] icons onto the Mac menu that would be fantastic(I mean things like the Eject USB drive, Anti-Virus etc, not stock stuff like the clock).

    Yes, excellent work, I'm thoroughly impressed.
  18. AkitaOnRails

    AkitaOnRails Bit poster

    Windows on Bootcamp

    Hello again, I was just able to boot my Bootcamp Windows inside Parallels and it rocks!! But I have some issues to report.

    First of all, I did everything the guide said to: install the tools before booting into Mac. Then Create Virtual Machine, boot Windows, reboot, action -> install tools. Ok, now here I had the first bug: my Windows went BSOD and shutted down. I reboot and repeated, not the installation of the tools went until the finish screen where it stalled: I was unable to click on the Finish button with the keyboard dunno why. Ok, I killed installshield using task manager and was able to reboot.

    It booted ok. The first time I tried Coherence, the Parallels process just stalled completely. It started eating up my CPU and I had to Force Quit it. Ouch, hope it doesn't damage my bootcamp partition!!

    Then I reboot again inside Parallels. The Tools seems to start ok, but my mouse can get out of the Parallels window without Ctrl+Option. I am able to configure a shared folder but I am unable to drag and drop between systems. These two issues were a true let down. What should I do, reinstall the tools? Or those features work only on a true virtualized system (no bootcamp for drag and drop and coherence?)

  19. jer_fido

    jer_fido Junior Member

    WinVista Issue

    I have the EXACT same issue...i got "current state of the VM is incompatible with the new version of Parallels" so i restarted....and then hangs on reboot of Vista. Can only get into safe mode and that's it! This is Vista RC2 which was running without issue in Parallels v1970 before upgrading...

    Oh...and this is on a MacPro 3GHz with 2GBs of RAM and all the latest OS patches including the security update the other day that just came out.
  20. Kroc

    Kroc Bit poster

    Great update, love the simplification of the VM property page, it looked so tacky before.
    After switching coherence on, I managed to crash the app by Pressing Cmd+Alt+D to hide the dock. Also, if the dock is hidden, the taskbar still doesn't touch the bottom of the screen, it sits a few pixels above. I opted instead to enable the 'task bar auto adjusting' in Parallels Tools Centre and this seemed to work by moving the taskbar to the top of the screen where it sits a little better.

    This is one killer feature. You need to allow it to also remove transparent chrome from the applications themselves (e.g. Windows Media 10) as the windows skin I also use has a few pixels of transparent chrome above the title bar and this shows up as the desktop picture.

    I would also like it if you allowed us to use fn+click for right click on Macbooks.

    Again, this is an _amazing_ update, it makes VMWare's effort look absolutely lame (and it wasn't even par with parallels before this update!)

    Edit: If you set the option to auto-start the VM, and auto-close the app, how do you override this temporarily. Ideally It'd be good if holding Option would temporarily override the auto-start / quit, for those few times I need to access the property page and make changes.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2006
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