Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. petteri



    I'm getting the exact same problem. Graphics get very distorted. My windows firewall also gave me a warning about the Parallels program running.

    Also, switching to full screen mode corrupts the graphics. I also tried to change the resolution down and then back up to try and correct it. This led to a BSD and a reboot of Windows.
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  2. Sonderpa

    Sonderpa Bit Poster

    Wow, I'm very impressed.

    I absolutely love Coherency.

    I would like the Virtual Machines Catalogue keep in alphabetical order.

    After I installed build 3036 and started a VM, the whole system hang. I had to reboot. Then everything worked fine. The only problem was that the started VM was giving the message that it was in in use by another virtual machine.
    In build 1970 there is an unlock button. I'm missing this button in build 3036.

    If I click open to open another VM while the current VM isn't running, the new VM is still opened in a new window. Is this intended to work this way?

    Build 3036 is a major step forward, that I like very much!
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  3. stinger


    I had the original msg that tychop had, but I actually already have NTFS and I still get same msg.
    So I don't entirely believe it's only a FAT32 problem.
  4. macguyincali



    Well, I was forced to reactivate in both BootCamp and Parallels. I had no problem reactivating online in BootCamp, but in Parallels it told me I exceeded my licenses. I personally do not consider the BootCamp / Parallels usage to be two usages, especially since it is techically the same OS and I have the same setting, apps, etc. I called the phone number and simply told them that my computer said I had a hardware problem and I now have to reactivate. I also told them I am running XP on only one computer, which is absolutely true. The XP license I have was for Virtual PC, which I no longer use (and have deleted off my computer). They gave me a new license on the spot.
  5. chozobee


    Installed build 3036, Parallels no longer working?

    After installing the new beta build, when I start up Parallels i'm greeted with a translucent "?" on top of my doc icon when trying to start up the application. Nothing else happens after that, and the updated dock icon is persistent until I restart my macbook. I'm assuming the application does nothing because Parallels is not listed in the "force quit" list.

    The image seems to be fine, as i'm still able to resize/defrag it. Is there any way to get it up and running again?

  6. jcbeckman


    That's your Dock icon for the version that got replaced. Notice the name of the program is slightly different now. Just start it form the Parallels folder in Applications and then save that icon on the Dock. You can trash the old one.
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  7. MikeBasinger


    I no longer can you Shared Networking on my Windows XP VM. It worked fine before the update.

  8. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers


    Please try to reboot Mac OS X. It should solve inability to use Shared Networking.
  9. Kroc


    I've discovered that if you start disk compacting in Parallels Tools Centre, when it switches to the Host compacting stage, and you're using coherence, things break very much.

    Edit: Compaction started from the VM is broken, coherence or not, so watch out. Just kill the machine, restart it and delete the huge file left on the root of C:
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  10. KBrack

    KBrack Bit Poster

    Transparent Command Key Mapping

    I have been using Trade-Keys to remap the cmd/cntl keys in Parallels (and on "real" Windows machines.) I had to turn this off because the new Transparent Command Key mapping that is in the new version.

    However, there's no support for Cmd-S to save. Anyway to add the S key in the auto mapping or to turn this off so it doesn't conflict with Trade-Keys?

    This update is very cool! Thanks for all the hard work!
  11. mcg


    Coeherence is a very clever and impressive feature! Great work! However, I do have two small nitpicks.

    --- I have my dock on the left-hand side; and when I engage Coherence mode,my Windows start menu only extends to the right-end edge of the dock. If I auto-hide the Dock, it extends to the full width of the screen. I would like the ability for Coherence to IGNORE the state of the Dock and extend all the way anyway.

    --- If I'm auto-hiding the WIndows taskbar, then it will not un-hide unless a Windows application is in focus. So if I'm typing this in Safari, for example, I first have to click on a Windows app, and *then* move the mouse down to the taskbar. Or, I can go down to the taskbar itself and click on it---which brings the Windows application in focus. If possible, the taskbar should still autodetect my mouse hover without a click---and it shouldn't bring up the Windows application when I access the menu.

    --- Conversely, if I un-hide the taskbar, and then click on Safari (say), the taskbar does not hide again. It would be great if it could.

    I hope it is clear that these suggestions are just tweaks on a feature that is already working quite well for me. Thanks!
  12. manfredell



    I experienced a LOT of blue screens when switching back from Coherence mode to the OS window mode! This one is a bit buggy still....
  13. sriggins


    I have the activation issue also.

    This would really ruin the idea of running off the bootcamp partition if its going to burn my activation keys every time I switch my environments.
  14. Erich


    I'm having the same problem. I've called Microsoft to fix it once, and now it looks like I'll have to do so again. This is a show-stopping bug.
  15. ilkevinli


    I have WinXP installed via Bootcamp. I installed the Parallels beta 3068 and set it up to run the WinXP via bootcamp and installed the paralles tools natively in XP. When I try and run it, I get the following error:


    Anyone know whats wrong ??
  16. chimz


    I've got the same issue, had to activate when I booted in Parallels, and now I have to activate in Boot Camp. Fortunately, Boot Camp gave me 3 days, but I still have to activate it. I've got a legit license.
  17. hussainahm


    Are you using XP Corporate ? i am and i installed Parallels Tools for Boot Camp but it wouldn't install correctly, the install log said it couldn't find driver cache or something .. anyway i get the same error as you.
  18. alexishinds


    Transparent Command Key mapping on MBP?


    Love the new beta. :)

    How do I enable the transparent key mapping? I don't see any options in the Parallels preferences or in the Parallels tools and it doesn't seem to be working on my C2D MPB. :(

    Also, can we *please please please* have an option to enable cmd-tab switching? Esp. now with Coherence I think it's more necessary. Right now I have to take my hands of the keyboard every time I want to switch to a Mac app, and well, it's driving me bonkers. ;)

    Thanks :)

  19. jedimacfan


    Re: Vista problem

    I had Windows Vista shutdown when I installed the latest BETA of Parallels. Now I cannot get Vista to boot normally or in safe mode. Has anyone been able to get a fix on this? I really don't want to have to try and reinstall Vista again.


    MacBook 2 GHz Core 2 Duo 2 GB RAM
    Parallels build 3036
  20. retrospek


    Just a warning to people that you will have to activate your copies of WinXP again if you are using Bootcamp.

    I've just removed all of the Bootcamp Tools from my WinXP installation and it still needed me to activate again !
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