Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3036 Beta is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. bayz

    bayz Junior Member

    When I try to install (and uninstall) the bootcamp tools I get "error 1".
    Anyone else get this error?
  2. spanner

    spanner Bit poster

    Did coherence hose my XP??

    I do not use XP for much, just some Garmin software. Firefox and Garmin and QT are the only 3rd party SW I have on Windows. I switched to coherence view and restarted, now I get the BSOD every time it tries to boot. Help.
  3. Junior Member

    Hi Guys,

    First thanks for another update.

    I never had any problem in any of my previous updates, but this time, I simply can not manage to update the Parallels Tools after I installed the update. When the VM first booted I did get a warning that the Paralells Tools should be updated. When I then selected Actions->Install Paralles Tools ..." (btw the warning message was referncing the OLD VM menu - now appears to be called Actions) I received the warning about having to be log-in to the guest O/S, but then nothing appear to happen. After few minutes I was forced to select "Actions->Cancel Parallels Tools Installation". Subsequently I tried everything I could think of, including rebooting both the Mac and the Win XP VM, later I also tried uninstalling Parralles Tools through the Control Panel, but all to no avail. Please advise how to install the PT because having to use the Ctrl+Alt to control the mouse could quickly run a person crazy. :)


  4. DWesnor

    DWesnor Bit poster

    Tried it on my MacBook with XP SP 2, no coherency or drag and drop. Any ideas?
  5. AlexTheStampede

    AlexTheStampede Junior Member

  6. ilkevinli

    ilkevinli Bit poster

    Yes I am. Why would that make a differnce though ? Do they plan on fixing it ?

  7. Olivier

    Olivier Forum Maven

    This build and you, Parallels Guys, are **incredible** !!


    The quantity and quality of what you bring in this beta build of the forthcoming 2.5 version is simply quite incredible. I'm just commenting some of these enhancements below.

    These two features are just too convenient to imagine having worked without them before.

    Very nicely done!

    I can attest from the increased 2D graphics performance. And Coherency mode is just such a simple idea, with a sophisticated implementation!... It seems to work perfectly for me, except some minor visual details which were already reported here.

    Regarding all the other new features, I just don't have had time yet to either discover them or test them.

    This release won't maybe be a major release, but certainly a very significant one!

    Congrats & Kudos!
  8. DWesnor

    DWesnor Bit poster

    Never mind. Reinstalling the tools fixed it.
  9. rfoust

    rfoust Bit poster


    Coherence is cool!!! But...when I launch Windows PowerShell, the window never shows up, though I can see it in the taskbar. If I then launch IE, and then bring PoweShell to the foreground again, it gets sorta overlayed on top of IE, but with no window borders.

    *update* Same thing happens if I just launch cmd.exe.


    - Robbie
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2006
  10. killko

    killko Bit poster

    WinXP SP2 VM Crashes after installing Parallel Tools

    I installed the new beta, booted my VM and the uninstalled the old Parallel tools.

    Everything works fine until I install the new Parallel Tools.
    Once I reboot to complete the install Windows crashes very early during startup.

    I get the message that an attempt was made to write to a read-only memory.

    Technical Information:

    *** Stop: 0x000000BE (0xF721C000, 0x058CD860, 0xF76E9900, 0x0000000E)
    *** update.sys - Address F721C000 base at F721A000, DateStamp 00000000

    I can only boot in Safe Mode. Uninstalling Parallel Tools doesn't ork as I get the msg that I have to complete the install before uninstalling or upgrading.

    I had to restore to a previous restore point to be able to boot in std mode again.

    I tried to reinstall Parallel tools after the restore, but I get the same problem. I also tried to avoid installing all the custom features in Parallel tools, but that didn't solve the issue either.

  11. Junior Member


    Situation has worsen, since I tried to re-install the new build 3036, now my Windows won't boot at all, unless in SAFE MODE. Will greatly appreciate any suggestion.

  12. imajes

    imajes Bit poster

    Guys - warning---

    Running compressor in the new beta falls apart .....

    Parallels Desktop 2.5 Beta for Mac OS X version 2.5 Build 3036.0 from 2006-12-01
    Received SIGBUS: Bus error
    Access to fault address: 0x0
    unknown signal sender: 2

    any parallels guys know about it?
  13. Tony Arnold

    Tony Arnold Member

    I'm running compressor fine right now. I've just finished setting up a clean WinXP machine, and this new build is great. The improved 2D graphics acceleration is quite noticeable! Excellent, excellent work as usual.
  14. gerbilbox

    gerbilbox Bit poster

    I'm having the mouse problem, too, but without activating Coherence. I'm not sure what's triggering it, but once it was after changing the display settings within windows, and no matter what I do it would just drift to the bottom right. I would reboot the VM and then I would be back to normal again.

    I'm on a MacBook (not Pro), running Win XP on build 3036.

  15. AlexTheStampede

    AlexTheStampede Junior Member

    Auto answer to my question (weird, i tought it worked only on XP )
    It works, but it looks somewhat weird.... it's not like the skin has issues, because the piece of wallpaper shown is in different sizes for every window.
    BTW it's Win 2k.
    Any explanations to that? :-\
  16. criscokid

    criscokid Bit poster

    Keyboard and Mouse Issues on Initial Boot Camp Startup

    I have a Macbook Core Duo. After following the instructions to prep my boot camp install for parallels, I could not type or use my mouse in the virtual machine, so I couldn't login to allow the drivers to install. I figured out that if you plug in a USB mouse and keyboard it will allow you to use those. Then all you have to do is login and let the drivers install. After the restart the Macbook mouse and keyboard work fine.
  17. jehrler

    jehrler Bit poster

    Transparent mapping of Command-AZXCV key combinations issue

    Great idea to allow the Mac Command key equivalents.

    Unfortunately, they don't appear to work for those of us who use the Dvorak keyboard layout. I have English-Dvorak set as my default Windows layout and when I hit Command-V (which is actually the key market as a period on the MacBook) all I get is a small v, no paste. If I change the the standard Qwerty layout, it works fine.

    Any chance you can modify this feature to accommodate alternative keyboard layouts?
  18. MBX

    MBX Member

    for some reason that new coherence mode doesn't work here, and i use windows-xp (sp2). the button is there but when i have an open app in xp and press that button nothing happens.

    also the drag & drop feature doesn't work. i try to drag a file over from osx desktop into windows, doesn't work.

    in bootcamp my macdrive application runs fine and i can access the osx partition and its files without a problem. when running parallels macdrive doesnt work and i cant access my osx files. what's the best solution then to get to the files?

    the resize windows thing doesnt work either. it doesnt adjust the resolution.

    not sure if i'm doing something wrong, i tried to find settings, but so far i dont know why this is happening.
  19. Laser_jock

    Laser_jock Member

    Very nice update indeed. And Coherence sure is sweet. Have been using VirtueDesktops so when I'm in coherence mode, I can leave the toolbar in place and simply switch to a different desktop if I need the part of the Mac desktop that is covered by the Win-toolbar ( that way I don't have to deal with hiding of the toolbar).

    And like so many have said above, the drag-n-drop feature is worth the upgrade all by itself.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  20. aplnub

    aplnub Member

    I am running the neew beta on a 24" iMac C2D fine. The moust problem exists only when you choose choherence off the menu bar. Click the coherence button on the Parallels sidebar and it works great. Don't know why but that is what I am doing. I had the same problem at first.
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