Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3094 Beta 2 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. dayjimenez

    dayjimenez Bit poster

    I cannot get shared networking or any other networking option working on my computer. everything else is working fine. I tried what you said but i did not get an option to configure. I do have two new ethernet options, EN2 and EN3 and they seem to be configured. any other steps I should look at?

    i have a macbook pro running on os x 10.4.8 and vista rc2
  2. tacit_one

    tacit_one Pro

    It definitely doesn't. The normal overhead of our virtualization engine is much less than that.
    But we're constantly working to make our software as easy for the end user as possible. Automatic memory configuration sets your limit to match the best host/guest performance ratio, - usually it's just what the end user will need.
  3. rfoust

    rfoust Bit poster

    Just upgraded from beta 1 to beta 2. Coherence works, but has some problems. I have a 15" macbook pro with a 23" cinema display on the left side of my laptop (if it matters).

    If I have parallels on the left (23") monitor and enable coherence, it looks like coherence is looking at the screen height resolution of my laptop, not the external monitor, so it puts the taskbar about 4 inches from the bottom of the screen. The width seems to be ok. Also, it corrupts the left half of the display on the laptop. I can drag a window around to redraw the screen to fix the corruption. I *think* this might have something to do with the sliding animation, but not sure.

    I tried uninstalling cohrence (coherence?) and reinstalling it, but it didn't help. If I enable/disable coherence with the parallels window on my laptop screen, it works fine.

    Also, a feature enhancement request: It would be cool if I could drag a Windows window from one screen to the other in coherence mode, but I understand if there is a programming limitation to this with regard to resolutions and such.


    - Robbie
  4. rfoust

    rfoust Bit poster

    By the way, thanks for fixing the cmd prompt window issue! I can drag cmd an powershell windows around with no problem now! Yay! This is the coolest thing ever!

    - Robbie
  5. JohnDProctor

    JohnDProctor Bit poster

    Active Sync 4.5 Parallels/BC and VMWare Beta

    With the latest Parallels/BC beta I had some hope for my PPC (HP HX2790 WM5.0) and USB synch. However it still does not work quite right yet.

    1. Works ok under Boot Camp alone (this would be expected)
    2. Works ok under VMWare Fusion beta (this was unexpected)
    3. Does not work under Parallels 3094 (bummer)

    The symptoms are that Active Sync will connect to the PPC under Parallels but it will not communicate without error. I live in hope that someday....
  6. maynard

    maynard Member

    iSight still dead

    I upgraded from 3036 and no issues, but the iSight camera is still dead in 3094. It works fine in the current shipping release and has broken in 3036 and now 3094.

    I tried re-installing the Mac - Win Drivers CD and no luck.

    It does try and install it and says "Ready to use" when you select it from the USB icon, but it then says "it may not function properly"..

    You hear it connect then disconnect immediately.

  7. jbcaro

    jbcaro Member

    Still wondering if anyone has XP installed on a PATA drive in the second optical bay and has it working with the new Parallels build. I can not get Parallels to see the Boot Camp drive but I can boot to XP just fine using the option boot method.

    If I have to install XP on a SATA drive that is not a problem. Just want to know if it should be able to run through Parallels on a PATA drive.

    thanks, john
  8. Robster

    Robster Hunter


    I have an i-mate PPC WM5 device and this works fine for me under beta 2.

    Under beta 1 it would sync fine most times but would often disconnect, this has not happened one yet under beta 2.

  9. robro

    robro Bit poster

    same here

    Beware of this beta with multiple displays. I have 2 systems with dual head an i works on neither one in fullscreen or coherence mode.

  10. Roner

    Roner Junior Member

    I would like to confirm an issue that affects me, and appears to affect other people as well: booting from bootcamp (fat32) does not work at all if you have WinXP SP2 Corp with a volume license key. It seems that Parallels attempts to install its files, then unmounts the partition and fails to load, giving the "unable to open image bootcamp" error. Booting later from bootcamp gives a "cannot connect to parallels" notice, but works fine otherwise.

    Any word about this issue? Others experiencing this?
  11. BeeCee

    BeeCee Bit poster

    Splendid Upgrade.

    I have been following the forum since June and Parallels convinced me to buy a MBP. I have been very impressed with the technology, but like others was waiting for critical enhancements (shared networking, USB 2) to be truly satisfied. I installed 3094(from 1970) and everything works flawlessly:
    VPN to corporate network, Canon MFP printer (including scanning to windows apps). resizing windows is a great benefit. I am not using Boot Camp and can't exactly figure out why that would be desirable.

    I want to congratulate the Parallels team on quite an achievement. I'll be experimenting over the holidays with coherence, and multiple displays, but so far this build seems very solid. Great job!
  12. collinong

    collinong Junior Member

    still seeing alot of people with a variety of hardware configurations that have the problem of Parallels not seeing their Boot Camp install. Please chime in to agree with my original post because I really think this is a very valid question for Parallels to answer:

    "Why not just let the user choose a boot drive?"
  13. jbcaro

    jbcaro Member

    I agree. Seems to be issues with Paralles seeing Boot Camp drive so as you say, just let us select the mounted dirve that XP resides on and be done with it.

    You got my vote.

  14. wkharris

    wkharris Junior Member

    3094 Beta 2 and Blackberry Support

    Well Beta 2 works alot better than version 1 which is good but I can still not get the BlackBerry to be recognized properly to allow me to use the Verizon Access Manager to run within Paralles.

    Please get this to work!

    On a side note, I downloaded the VMWare Fusion Beta - and the Blackberry works perfectly!
  15. Portdogmc

    Portdogmc Bit poster

    Great Work! but im still having an issue that i was having in beta 1 also. Quite often, my mouse will become uncontrolable in windows and moves down and to the right. the only thing that i know of to fix it is to use the red square to quite parallels :( any help PLEASE!?
  16. mark.burton

    mark.burton Member

    Thanks for the tips. I tried again, but still get the message:
    "Unable to install Cohrence service. Code 1078.
    The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name"

    Interesting that the spelling is Cohrence in the error message even though the file has been renamed.

    Any ideas?
  17. sandifop

    sandifop Junior Member

    Still A Problem

    Yes, I still have this issue.
  18. codename

    codename Bit poster

    Has anybody figured out this issue??

    When I tried to load parallels via bootcamp i get this error:
    Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.
    Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.
    Please check the windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

    I cant get it work... :(

    pls help i need that
  19. markintosh13

    markintosh13 Member

    3094 - working great on my MBP C2D w/ / FAT32 Bootcamp partition.

    I never installed my boxed copy, and abandoned 3036 after finding that it did not support FAT32. 3036 borked my Bootcamp Apple keyboard and trackpad drivers, so I used an external mouse and keyboard to boot and reload the drivers. 3094 however worked fine first go.

    With Virtue Desktops it would be nice if Full Screen mode hid the Parallel's Desktop menu bar at the top - it ruins the seamless illusion of switching Smackbook fun.

    3094 seems to renew it's DHCP lease about every 10 minutes / alot. ipconfig has shown me about a dozen IPs in the last hour. Found that one when using Remote Desktop / CoRD from Mac OS to connect to my Parallel's XP (wife rolled her eyes at that one).

    Good job, keep up the good work. Looking forward to 3D support and iSight.
  20. HarrisonRHW

    HarrisonRHW Bit poster

    Coherence Solution

    Here is the coherence solution - it worked for me:

    1. Let the tools install normally and let the installer reboot the computer
    2. Go into C:\Program Files\Paralllels\Parallels Tools\
    3. Rename cohrence.exe to coherence.exe (i.e. proper spelling)
    4. Uninstall Parallels Tools by going to the Apple Menu, Actions>Install Parallels Tools
    5. The Parallels Tools folders and coherence.exe will remain on the hard drive and they should
    6. Install Parallels Tools again by going the Apple Menu, Actions>Install Parallels Tools
    7. Let the computer reboot and coherence will work!

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