Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3094 Beta 2 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. rblythin

    rblythin Bit poster

    I just updated to the latest beta and it didn't go as smooth as others. Initially under XP it gave a message about updating the video driver. Upon reboot after the splash screen it just stayed blank. I was able to log in to Vista RC2 and everything went smooth. Safe mode under XP was fine, I noticed that when I captured control there were still two pointers the Windows one kept slowly moving down the screen. I ended up having to use the keyboard to navigate around. In the end I managed to get the video sorted under Win XP.

    The only remaining problem is: Windows finds a new USB controller but it fails to detect any drivers. Even if I try and do a manually driver install none of the generic ones work. Removing it in the device manager and re-installing causes the same result no driver found. I also noticed when I switched to coherence mode or shutting down the screen will briefly slide as if it was switching monitors & slide back again but I only have one monitor.

    The lack of finding a USB controller driver is the main bug I see so far.
  2. David Kelly

    David Kelly Bit poster

    Boot Camp Greyed Out

    Using Vista, never installed the tools for bootcamp - NTFS partition. I cannot select the bootcamp option when creating a new VM - I can create a new VM with no HD - then select bootcamp as my HD - it attempts to load - gets to the windows vista bar - and immediately stops booting.

    I can boot successfully with no issues in bootcamp.

    Mount return:
    /dev/disk0s2 on / (local, journaled)
    devfs on /dev (local)
    fdesc on /dev (union)
    <volfs> on /.vol
    automount -nsl [216] on /Network (automounted)
    automount -fstab [228] on /automount/Servers (automounted)
    automount -static [228] on /automount/static (automounted)
    /dev/disk0s3 on /Volumes/Untitled (local, read-only)

    Please help.
  3. Bit poster

    USB behaving better in Parallels 3094 BETA2

    Finally the problems I had ( since the first prerelease versions) communicating with my FTDI USB/RS232 adapter are almost solved with this 3094 BETA2 release.
    I hope this will go even better with the official release :) .
  4. pmurrett

    pmurrett Bit poster

    Support for external displays gone in 3094?!?

    First let me apologize if this has already been addressed -- I searched the posts and did not see anything on this.

    Over the weekend I took the plunge and upgraded from 1970 to 3094 and have been pleased with the results. Sure Convergence it s bit slower, but it is way cool.

    Coming into the office this morning I notice I cannot get Parallels to display on my additional display. With 1970, I could run OSX on the display of my MBP and put WinXP on the external display -- a nice arrangement. But with 3094 I cannot get Parallels to go full screen on the external display and, in Coherence mode, I cannot drag a window into the external display.

    Otherwise, it works fine.

    Any ideas?

    Buffalo NY
    Home or the Buffalo Sabres
  5. edsilver

    edsilver Bit poster

    Crash when printing from Quickbooks

    Had a clean install of new 3094 build running an XP VM, but when I print from Quickbooks (to my USB HP 1200 Printer) I get a hard crash with a dump that throws me out of the VM all together.

    I just downgraded to 1970 since I need to print a few things from QB's, but thought someone should know about this bug.

    Running MacBook Pro Intel.
  6. pewe

    pewe Bit poster

    I have the same issue when using a second screen. Coherence and full screen mode doe not work at all on a the second monitor. Both work fine on the first monitor. By 'first' monitor I am refering to the monitor with the OS X menue bar.
    This worked very well for me in the previous release, and it is very essential!

    For what its worth, I am using a macbook core duo with a 19 " 1280x1024 screen connected via dvi.
  7. j0nkatz

    j0nkatz Junior Member

    Please please please fix the sync issues with Palm Desktop!!!
  8. cybertubby

    cybertubby Member

    command-azxcv keys === how to undo previous swap hack

    Several months ago I had swapped the control and command keys
    to deal with copy-paste-etc compatibility.
    With the new azxcv transparency feature,
    that was worse than unnecessary-- it made the control keys inaccessible.
    I couldn't remember how I'd done the mapping,
    so to undo the damage I removed the registry key

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map


    (I'd had problems with the popular InputRemapper .)

    This IS better, and worth the trouble to undo the previous swapping,
    to get finger consistency.
    (Especially since students sometimes do presentations from my Parallels XP installation.)
  9. cybertubby

    cybertubby Member

    Installing build 3094 Parallels Tools - the role of the CD drive

    I learned the hard way.
    To install Parallels Tools,

    1) make sure the CD drive is enabled in your VM
    2) make sure there's nothing in the physical drive.

    I don't think these requirements were documented -- didn't see them anyway.
  10. smhill

    smhill Bit poster

    Damn... just damn.

    Every version is a significant improvement, not just minor tweaks and bug fixes. Amazing work guys. Parallels is daily use tool for me and you are constantly making the process of having to deal with Windows as less painful process.
  11. AlexM

    AlexM Bit poster

    VM memory

    Sorry if this has been covered. On a MAC PRO 2x3GHz and 16GB RAM the maximum memory that the VM will boot with without an error is 1GB... Under those conditions it is also spinnig the hard disk constantly. HELP??????
  12. av_boy

    av_boy Bit poster

    Windows Volume License Still required?

    Has the issue been resolved which occurs when switching between bootcamp and parallels which requires you to reactivate your windows installation?


  13. dan

    dan Member

    Yes. It has been fixed.
  14. BillInSoBe

    BillInSoBe Member

    Exit on Quit Issue still exists.

    I'm very pleased to say that I'm up and running on the latest version. Not new issues as of yet.

    It doesn't look like the Parallels team has made any effort on the issue where you can't configure a VM after you set it to start when you launch Parallels Desktop and Quit on Exit. In case anyone isn't following this, this is a pretty big problem.

    How do you modify the configuration on these VMs??? You can't change settings while the VM is running and you can't modify them because Parallels quits when you shutdown the VM. I really hoped something like this would have been fixed in the new build.

    We take part in the beta program to alert Parallels to functionality and usability issues. When no action is taken regarding issues it makes people wonder what's the point in participating. AT THE VERY LEAST the Parallels team should create a list of items they are tracking and items that have been fixed in the latest build.

  15. rtraill

    rtraill Bit poster

    Coherence is very impressive but I think it could be even better with a slight modification (or two). At present when I switch into the windows desktop if I then hit the "command" key to start the "command" tab switching the windows start menu appears. Hitting the "command" key brings this up and hides it. Is there some way that I can change the configurations so that the "command" key doesn't bring up the windows start menu?

    Secondly if I am using Coherence so that the windows programs just behave like other Mac applications then really the windows desktop should NOT appear in the "command-tab" application bar. This way it would function just like any other application. Ideally you would still be able to access it via the dock but it would be hidden from the application switcher. This could be an option you set in Parallels. I don't know if this is technically possible for a Mac application but it would be much more like "cross-over' in function.
  16. VTSkier

    VTSkier Junior Member

    I am presently running V2.2 with Vista RC1 in a VM

    Could you please tell me the procedure to install beta 3094/WinXP in Boot Camp.

    I have a MBP 2GB/2.16GHz,

    Thank you.
  17. wangooroo

    wangooroo Junior Member

    Vista No go running as VM off BootCamp partition

    I have a fresh BootCamp install of Vista which runs great when I boot into the bootcamp partition natively.

    I cannot boot Vista from the BC partition in Parallels.

    Running BC 1.1.2 and Vista Ultimate (MSDN Key) and have Parallels 3094 installed.

    I do not have the Parallels tools installed in the VMas I have not been able to boot.
  18. modan

    modan Bit poster

    Parallels boot blue screens


    I have a bootcamp partition that works fine and so I wanted to try it with the new parallels beta release. But all I get is a blue screen in the VM when it tries to start windows. This then falls back to the screen to boot into windows in safe mode or normally. Selecting anything simply does the same thing in an endless cycle of fun :)

    I read above that the bootcamp tools are not required - is this 100% confirmed? I was thinking of trying them just incase.

    This whole blue screen issue does not seem to affect my bootcamp partition as I can still boot natively into it no problems. But this new parallels just doesn't want to play nice for me.

    *note: I am running bootcamp 1.1.2 Beta*

    Any ideas?
  19. Member

    Second screen issues - Damn

    I have exactly the same issue since updating to 3094. Damn. This is a major issue for people with multiple displays.

    I'm using a Macbook Pro with a 30" inch secondary display (but using it as primary).

  20. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    Lets be careful here.

    Its NOT a major problem for ALL people with multiple displays.

    I Like to keep my VM limited to ONE screen not multiple, so the way it works is fine for me.

    Please lets make sure if it gets fixed for everyone else that people who work the way I do also still have a working solution.



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