Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3094 Beta 2 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Swift2001


    I mean, Coherence doesn't work yet with Vista.
  2. jonrobs


    Coherence working good in Vista Ultimate

    I have been using Visa (VTx off) with Coherence running.
  3. jonrobs


    General issues with Vista in Parallels build 3094

    I have tried both Vista Business and Vista Ultimate and both have the same issues:-

    1. Stability
    After a new install Vista is set to goto sleep (standby mode) after 20mins. On clicking start in the Parallels menu Vista starts running again. But it does not always come out of standby.
    Of course there is no need to have standby mode enabled in the VM but i am sure when Vista enters standby they will think the VM has locked up.

    2. Time syncronization does not always seem to work.
    I am running Vista in Coherence mode and will just shut the lid on my MacBook Pro. On opening the lid the mac comes back alive but Vista's clock is still working from the time that i closed the lid on the MacBook Pro. Every morning i have to go into Visa and resynch the time with the windows timeserver.
    Paralells tools are installed and the time synchronization option is enable.

    3. In Coherence mode Parallels get confused!
    Sometimes Parallels thinks a window is open in a certian location but it is not really there so i end up seeing a square of the windows desktop being shown.
  4. paco.blasco


    Spanish (Spain) keyboard is not right mapped.

    Hi all:

    Thanks by that great program. I'm using it six months now (from the firsts betas).
    But this beta has not a right keyboard mapping. It is impossible to work with it (I know it is a beta).
    Any solution?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    paco.blasco, please, describe your problem in some more details so we can provide a solution.
  6. PeterH


    As for what paco.blasco reports, I find it odd. I happen to use a Spanish keyboard on both my XP Boot Camp installation and my Parallels Vista Ultimate 30-day trial and both work flawlessly on Mac Pro. In any case, I don't think the Parallels team are responsible for any shortcomings in keyboard definitions; those are attributable to Microsoft and Apple. In any case, perhaps paco.blasco uses a MacBook or MacBook Pro. If that is the case, I also happen to know that the keys for <> and ºª\ are swapped. If you want a fix, you have to create a keyboard definition for your own use (there's a Microsoft utility for such things), or, if an email address is provided, or I am suggested an alternative procedure, I can send you the keyboard definition I created.

    All the best.
  7. Swift2001


    I mean, I'm an idiot and I hadn't understood that Vista now has fully capable Parallels Tools. Duh.
  8. Swift2001


    Can't use boot camp

    And now, with the 3106(?) build, it's smart enough to know that I have the earlier Parallels Tools for BootCamp installed, and it refuses to run.

    But I'm faced with the fact that I can't boot into BootCamp anymore. It freezes up around mup.sys. I tried the "repair" function -- the second one, not the Recovery kind -- and now it opens in Windows, and gets stuck about halfway. I can't use Safe Mode, because I've repaired the system, and it wants to run those files and configure them first. I think I'm totally, uh, screwed. I can find the folder, "Parallels Tools for Boot Camp on my Windows partition, but it's read only. I can't just trash it.

    Any help would be delightful. My limited Windows expertise is at an end.
  9. Ole


    Beta3 3106 Bootcamp option available, but not supported yet...;-(

    Beta3_3106.jpg is now officially an unsupported setup ;-(...I was hoping that this would be solved in a different way...but there is hope, because they say the current (beta? 3106) version is not supporting which version will support this environment? Until then using Windows with bootcamp in the Apple way on startup...
    ...or is it possible to do something thru setup?
    Anyway keep on the good work...and best regards...
  10. tjacka


    any results?

    Could you or anyone provide an update on this issue? I have precisely the same problem and it's debilitating. I would appreciate a full response from the Parallels team, but so far nothing forthcoming. :mad:

    Any reply would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Tim

  11. kosh



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