Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3106 Beta 3 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. moonzilla


    boot straight into coherence

    how does one boot parallels straight into coherence, without going into windowed mode first?
  2. moonzilla


    other bootup issues

    does anyone else have the problem where everytime they boot into windows using their bootcamp partition, they must go through the "Parallel Tolls Setup"?
  3. BillInSoBe


    Quit on Exit.

    Looks like I won't be able to complete this testing. Until the Parallels team fixes the Quit on Exit bug. I am unable to get Multi-Monitor working... perhaps there is a VM specific setting I need to enable. Until the Quit on Exit bug has been fixed I can't reconfigure my VM.
  4. EricN


    Vista not working with build 3106

    I just installed 3106. Vista will no longer boot normally. It starts to come up and then hangs. If I start it in safe mode with no networking it comes up OK. If I start it in safe mode with networking it hangs. :(

    My WinXP VM works fine.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  5. mavrinan


    Thanks, my BootCamp VM now works

    Thanks for the work on Beta 3, I can now open my BootCamp machine (which has a Fat32 partition) in Parallels.

    I had an anxious half hour though getting to it. When I started the VM, it started the installation of Parallels tools, and it rebooted. But after the reboot, the VM was not responding to the mouse, so I couldn't log in to Windows. (I have two user accounts so I was stuck at "Click your user name"). I tried to shut off the VM, and then Parallels asked for my password again, and I couldn't type it in because now OS X wasn't responding to the mouse or keyboard. So I shut off the computer by holding down the power button, and rebooted.

    This time, when I tried the VM again, the Parallels tool install finished, and Windows did respond to the mouse at the "Click your user name", and everything looks fine.

    I have a suggestion for the write up at
    WHere it says "Beta1 (build 3036) users must boot natively into Boot Camp and uninstall Parallels Tools for Boot Camp prior to running it in Beta3 (build 3106)", this is a bit unclear. It is clear you have to uninstall Parallels Tools after booting into Boot Camp. But I was expecting another stand alone version of Tools for Bootcamp that I had to install from within Windows after booting into Bootcamp, like Beta 1 had, so I was looking all over the rest of the page for the link to download the Parallels tools for Boot Camp.

    I'd suggest something like "Beta1 (build 3036) users must boot natively into Boot Camp and uninstall Parallels Tools for Boot Camp. Then reboot into OS X, and create your VM to use the Bootcamp partition, and Parallels will install the new Parallels Tools when the VM first starts."
  6. limec


    I cannot install the tools in WIndows 98. It just takes forever. So when I cancel the installation, it BSOD when I shutdown Windows 98.
  7. mpelzer



    thanks for the update - the new features are awesome!

    What I would really really love to see is support for Garmin GPS USB devices! Pleaaaaase guys - make this work. I read already in this msgboard that it is Garmins fault that their decives are not being recognized by their software (mapsource). However, it's unlikely that they will bring a patch for Parallels to make it work. So it would be really great if you guys could implement a work-around. I'm sure many paying users are waiting for this!

    Thanks, Marc
  8. kissNrockme


    xp sp2 nor vista will boot right now

    after i installed beta 2 and 3 my windows xp sp2 just boots up in a black i see other people have this problem too. also with vista my parallels tools keeps crashing/closing on me and i can't shut down my vista vm.. it just suspends. once i start up vista again it just locks on the loading screen. any suggestions?
  9. mavrinan


    Parallels tools always installing on BootCamp

    I've got the same thing some others are reporting, starting my BootCamp machine always brings up the "installing Parallels tools" display, and it always asks me for my OS X password. When I shut down the VM, it asks me for my OS X password again.

    Is this inevitable? I understand you have to do some configuration changing to set Windows to use the Parallels device drivers rather than the native BootCamp drivers, but it does feel awkward.
  10. mavrinan


    screen shot feature doesn't work

    I've tried out the screen shot feature, and I hear the clicking sound as though it worked, but I don't see any file "Parallels - Picture N.png" appearing on my desktop. (Either the OS X desktop, or the VM desktop).
  11. msjulie33


    problems with video and mouse

    All 3 of the new betas would not work for me due to mouse drifting and sometimes all black video. No amount of removing/reinstalling the tools or all of parallels from the mac itself would work. :( Mac in question is a 13" with 2gig for ram, 120gig hard disk. VM was an XP install, Sp2 that worked perfect under the released version of Parallels.

    What I finally did to get a working windows VM that can actually be used and seen was to import a win2k install via Transporter from a Windows-based Vmware player install. Likely a fresh new install would have worked; I didn't have the stamina to test it.. This VM goes in/out of coherence mode flawlessly and actually runs pretty quick.

    I was never able to figure out how to get any useful logging from the VM for the beta team to see - has anyone else?

    I've considered upgrading this Windows 2000 vm to XP (after cloning it to keep a working copy) but I can't seem to get anyone to help look for the mouse problems and if they return, then what?
  12. mavrinan


    Actually it is working now. Somehow my OS X was not displaying the new PNG files on the desktop. When I rebooted OS X, I could see the PNG files, and I tried a new screen shot, and this time I could see the new PNG file.
  13. iSight

    I'm unable to use iSight. is there any work around?

  14. spblat


    Coherence feedback

    Ditto the "Parallels rocks" comments.

    My Coherence experiences with beta3 are nearly the same as with beta2. Multi-monitor mode isn't working.

    View -> Customize -> Coherence, Working area, Use multiple displays, Exclude dock both checked. Windows Task bar is set to show and relocate automatically. Under these settings, entering coherence mode makes the whole app vanish entirely until I use the menu bar to leave coherence mode. Single monitor mode is working fine when invoked in either of my two monitors, which is an improvement over beta2.

    Keep up the insanely great work.

    EDIT: My two monitors are at different resolutions. Is this a factor?
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  15. elan


    Bugs in Beta 3

    • There appears to be a serious memory leak. I leave an XP SP2 machine running idle all night and now the "real memory" has gone up from about 200MB at boot to 1.2GB. I didn't see this in Beta 2.
    • There is a graphical glitch, when scrolling with the mouse wheel (I've seen it in IE and Visual Studio). Scrolling quickly up and down with the mouse wheel results in a "vertically split window" where some portion of the window that's scrolling is at the wrong offset. (I've attached an image to show you what I mean.) I DID see this in Beta 2.
    • I've had a few times where starting a virtual machine crashed Parallels right away. If I try a few times, it finally works. I didn't see this in Beta 2.

    Other than that, I love the new rounded windows in Coherence!

    EDIT: Note that the scrolling bug only appears when I'm scrolling. Once I stop, the display is correct.

    EDIT2: The real memory just went up to 1.2GB after only being booted for about 10 minutes. I have the reserved memory set to 512MB manually and the VM's memory set to about 400MB.

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  16. aarroneous


    The Parallels installation creates two new virtual ethernet devices on the Macintosh. Sometimes these new virtual devices aren't recognized by parallels wizard until after a reboot. Simplest method is to remove any virtual machines you have, and create a new one with the wizard after a reboot.
  17. aarroneous


    >> I really need to be able to establish a VPN connection to my work network. Colleagues tell me they can do it from their XP machines at home, and I've duplicated their settings in the Windows VPN connection item. But Windows won't let me do it. Is there a reason this might not be working due to me using Parallels?

    I imagine that if you are using the option for "shared networking" in your parallels configuration, it may cause issues for you. I have found success connecting to remote networks when using "bridged networking" mode in parallels. If nothing else, it leaves you one less device in the chain to troubleshoot your VPN connection.

    >> I'm on a DSL connection going through a wireless router/modem and have suspected the problem might lie there. But I've spent hours on the phone with my ISP and they've reset the modem to its factory state, as well as forced a static IP address on my machine (in ipconfig). Perhaps this is a result of using Airport to get to that modem though?

    The Airport should allow the passing of your VPN client's traffic to the outside. It really should not be an issue - if you really want to test to see if the Airport is causing the problem, try connecting your machine directly to your ISP's DSL modem.

    Try to verify that you are actually able to connect to your company's VPN server/device/gateway before trying it out in Parallels. The Macintosh natively supports many different VPN protocols (PPTP, L2TP), while Cisco and various vendors offer Macintosh native clients as well.
  18. Experiences with old VM under this beta build

    Hi folks,

    My system:
    MacBook Pro
    OS X 10.4.8
    2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    2GB RAM (factory installed)

    I'm using a VM created under the last stable build. This behaves much better than my Bootcamp based VM. Coherence works, the icons look nice, but application switching performance in coherence is slooooooow between OS's.

    CMD shell now appears correctly in Coherence mode.

    That's all I've got for now - great work folks! I can't wait until the bootcamp mode is as smooth as the "pure" VM mode.


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  19. Zenara25


    My experience with upgrading to beta 3106

    Kubuntu doesn't shut down properly. No mouse/trackpad for a few minutes even after alt/enter. I have to stop the virtual machine once I get mouse back.

    Windows XP parallels bootcamp still get the same error sometimes when I try to start it. 'Unable to find bootcamp image." This happened the 1st time I tried to start after upgrading to beta 3106.
    I fresh booted the Macbook. Started Parallels Windows XP Bootcamp. Typed in my mac password 1 time. Worked. Started installing parallels tools. Wrong screen resolution(everthing was blown up in size). Had to press alt/enter. Then the screen corrected itself. Restarted computer. Wrong resolution. Pressed alt/enter screen fixed itself.
    After shutting down Windows xp typed in mac password. I had the same problem as before. My bootcamp partition not mounted. Had to go into Disk Utility and mount the bootcamp partition manually.
    The 2nd time I successfully booted parallels bootcamp. The resolution problem was gone. After shutdown and after entering the mac password the bootcamp partition was automatically mounted properly.

    Vista parallel tools after installing them recommended a reboot but Vista never rebooted I had to force a reset. Everything seems ok.
  20. Stephen Chappell

    Stephen Chappell

    Yikes. This really slows my system down to the point where it's unusable. The first (released) version of Parallels ran fast and was trouble-free; it booted up in less than 20 seconds. This beta version takes several minutes to boot up, freezing my entire Mac OS and apps in the meantime. I love the enhancements, but hate the performance. This seems to be a step backwards ... at least for me.

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