Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3106 Beta 3 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. MikeSchneider


    CD burning


    so far this beta works as perfect as the others before. Question: Did anybody try CD burning yet? With the last beta, Nero always stopped burning after a few minutes just creating a coaster :D.

  2. lhaas


    Garmin GPS still does not work.

    I have been waiting since the first release for this to be fixed, but it still does not work. The cost of broken software lingers long after the money savings of pre-release pricing are gone.

    One work around for the Garmin USB problem is to run the VMware converter on your VM, and then run your VM machine in Fusion. I guess VMware overcame the "its Garmin's Fault thing".

    I would trade all the desktop hiding Coherence crap in the world for my MapSource to work in Parallels. Coherence looks cool, but the USB 2 problems are functionality, guess looks must sell more copies of Parallels than Functionality.
  3. tenders


    > The cost of broken software lingers long after the
    > money savings of pre-release pricing are gone.

    > guess looks must sell more copies of Parallels than Functionality.


    I particularly enjoyed the part where the Parallels team deliberately conned you into buying a Garmin GPS by promising imminent and full Mac support despite Garmin's nonstandard USB implementation.

    Look, you whiner, if you must have the Garmin GPS software, spend $100 on a used PC and you'll be in business.

    Otherwise vent your torpid spleen at Garmin. That's Lenexa, Kansas, I'm sure they'll be glad to hear from you.

    The current version of Parallels implements my (old) USB2 peripherals flawlessly.
  4. don montalvo

    don montalvo

    you're expecting a lot from a beta. :) why not wait a couple weeks until trainingcenter for mac is released to the public? i'm a garmin user as well (edge 305) and i would love to see my garmin work with parallels...but it doesn't and i don't expect it to...because this is a beta.

  5. Godrifle


    Coherence is working fine on my Core Duo iMac with a 23" Cinema display. Has worked fine across all these betas. However, it isn't working on my MacBook Pro.

  6. scotymac


    The problem may reside in your firewall. Put the IP address of your servers into the "trusted" area of the firewalll program.
  7. jp20r


    3106 doent work w/ W2k. last week upgraded from 1970 to 3106. W2k didnt work. uninstalled, reinstalled, and so on. then i tried w/ XP and it worked but i coulnd figure out how to retrieve my applications and documents from W2k. I used then Transporter, which within the XP screen opened the W2k screen (?) but w/ a very low screen resolution ( and no way to cgange resolution). everything worked until i tried to go on Internet ( IE and Firefox), and once again it froze... so im back to 1970 and everything works. I sent 3 messages to Parallels Team: no answer
  8. apple85


    Ok so I have Beta 3106 and everything seems to work fine EXCEPT that my auto resize when I stretch parallels is not working and neither is full screen!! I have a Mac Book Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz 2 Gigs ram and with the previous Beta everything was working fine...
  9. wangooroo


    Dude! Take a friggin chill pill. Its frickin BETA --- > B. E. T. A.

    Beta software is not intended for people like you that require everything to work out of the box. Its PRERELEASE CODE to stress test and validate what works and what does not.

    Chill the F out and relax! I'm sure they will figure this out and get things working better by the time it ships as RELEASED software.

    Christ with users like you its a wonder that any company even extends the offer of a public beta.
  10. jrothste


    New Problem with build 3106 beta 3

    For Parallels technical staff--I have been using ver 3106 on my mac book pro and my MacPro without difficulty. For my electronic dictation- I have been using Olympus DS4000 dictaphone with the Olympus DSS Pro (ver 4.85) without any probelms using the beta 2 verison (3106)- it nicely automatically recognizes the dictaphone when connected by USB-- however- after the upgrade to Beta 3- the ablity to automatically detect the dictaphone by USB connection no longer works. So I reinstalled Beta 2 and everything (USB detection) works again.
  11. dan

    dan Bit Poster

    Another data point: My Magellan eXplorist works just fine in both modes (usb data storage and NMEA). The explorist appears as a "modem" in the VM.
  12. rjgebis

    rjgebis Kilo Poster

    Can't send and connect with another party using MSN Messenger remote assistance. It used to work in prev beta 2
  13. ichavis

    ichavis Bit Poster

    I have the same problem. Any solution?
  14. ArmchairDeity


    Incorrect. I'm running Win2k just fine on 3106.

    My biggest issue was forgetting to shut a VM down before installing the new build, so I had to reinstall 3036, launch and do Shut Down... with my Win2k VM, then reinstall 3106 and I was golden.

    Incidentally, launching a paused VM from 3036 in 3106 caused my Mac to hang for a long time, force quit failed to help, and finally I got the gray screen of doom...

    But rebooting, reinstalling and then reinstalling (like I said above) and then relaunching W2k worked just fine. I also uninstalled the Tools while I was in there and installed the new ones clean after I relaunched.

  15. ArmchairDeity


    This beta rocks!!!

    Hey guys... I just created my account on the forums because I wanted to say:

    This. Is. The. Coolest.

    My Dad has a Dell and I was showing him my MBP 17" running Parallels build 3036, with IE running in a window on the desktop and a Windows Media Player video running in the browser window at full speed, outputting very clear and comfortable audio, etc. The only thing he said was "Sheesh... I want my OWN computer like yours!" He's also a Macophile, but it's been a while since he's had one. He's even got his Windows XP desktop and software skinned with the OSX skins.

    Anyway... I'm so impressed (and was so in need of something performant) that when I realized just how powerful and performant Parallels was, I wrote a brief review of my experiences. The URL to the blog post is (actually 2 blog postings):

    Just a desktop screenshot running Windows on my Mac

    A review focusing on getting Oracle 10g XE running for a project

    All I have to say is EXCELLENT work so far and I'm very impressed.

  16. gibarian


    Windows Updates

    Has anyone noticed that something funky goes on with the Windows updater.

    Nearly every time I've booted up the boot camp image in parallels, I get the yellow shield with new windows updates. I don't think Microsoft is putting them out this often, and I don't get them in the PC environment where I normally work.

    Also, I still get that "installing parallels tools" every time I open up the vm.
  17. rocketboy


    Hi, this beta is quite a bit slower (and seemingly CPU intensive, when dragging windows?) than the previous. Esp the graphics seem to have become so much slower, it's noticeable even in web browsing.

    I'm on a C2D MBP.

    Thanks, keep up.
  18. dkmj


    rougly the same problem description as you have. But I never managed to ever get started on using boot camp partition (ntfs) with parallells beta 2 or 3. I sucessfully ran beta 1 with it's own disk image, but then uninstalled, set up boot camp, prepared everything there according to instructions but ALWAYS get a blue screen of death after loading ../mtu trying to run my licened and registered XP boot camp install "through" parallells
  19. bob_nugget


    I had the grey screen of doom issue too before upgrading Parallels Tools (I'd remembered to shut my machine down first though) - I found that restarting in safe mode, removing the tools and then reinstalling the tools fixed this. I am getting constant Parallels crashes now though - W2k isn't usable here. XP seems to work fine though. Do you have Service Pack 4 + all updates installed, as I do?
  20. bob_nugget


    I'd also like to add, that yeah, this is a Beta, so I'm expecting bugs and don't mind them!

    Parallels Desktop is a brilliant product, Coherence mode is something I've been looking for in a VM for years - congratulations Parallels!

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