Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3106 Beta 3 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. cyberphilia

    cyberphilia Bit poster

    Blackout after XP boots

    I also have the same sympotom as this. With 1970, XP w/SP2 successfully boots past the XP splash screen, but with 3106, the screen blacks out after the splash.
    I did not check the error message, but uninstalling 3106 and getting back to 1970 will make my XP VM boot without any problem. I tried reinstalling 3106 a couple of times, but the result was the same.
    I suspect this has something to do with Parallels Tools, especially the version mismatch might be causing this blackout, but I am not sure.
    Does anybody have this symptom too?
  2. grouch

    grouch Bit poster

    "cache policy" option no longer available?

    "cache policy" option came in handy in build 1970. now it seems no longer available. or am i missing something??? :confused:
    anyway, build 3106 slows everything down to a crawl (on the win side as well as in mac apps) on a mac mini 2gb ram.
    could anybody suggest ideal setting for this machine? manx tx!
  3. hartmood

    hartmood Junior Member

    Softwin Bitdefender 8 Professional Plus - reinstall crashes PD

    Hi all,

    Bitdefender 8 prof. plus did not update signature file with beta 3. A reinstall of the software causes PDfM to crash.

    I hope that with a stable version and Bitdefender 10 this prob will be gone...

    Nevertheless the new coherence features are quite cool!

  4. shadowreader

    shadowreader Junior Member

    Also, Philips Speechmike Pro USB 6274 doesn't work. Can use as mic but controls don't function.
  5. flummi

    flummi Junior Member

    Activation Key for Parallels SW


    i just bought Parallels from my local dealer. Now I downloaded the Build 3106 Beta 3, installed it and tried to activate it with the key from the Parallels SW from my local dealer. But it said, that the key is for another version of Parallels. Am I not allowed to use the key for the latest version? Or do I have to install the local dealer version and then upgrade to the 3106?

  6. BillInSoBe

    BillInSoBe Member


    Flummi -- Are you outside of the US? I've read another thread somewhere that stated license codes for products bought outside of the US don't work with early release builds such as Beta 3.

    If you want to use the beta 3, you'll probably need to goto and select "Get a trail key". I would think once a GA release of this product is available your retail license should work.
  7. flummi

    flummi Junior Member

    Activation Key from outside the US for Parallels Beta 3

    Yes, I am in Germany and have a German Parallels Version - well this seems to be the reason. So I can't enjoy the latest Beta 3 but have to wait for a stable version? I would love to use Paralles for my Boot-Camp Windows that I just installed. Well, this was actually the reason I bought Parallels, because I dont want two Windows Installations on my MBP.

    Thanx for your help.
  8. Doobla

    Doobla Member

    Another side effect that I am not sure has been mentioned is that when you swap the cmd/ctrl keys then the menu item in the VM's dock icon that shows the start menu stops working.

    Maybe a nice toggleable feature would be to make the "start menu" menu item a submenu with all of the start menu "stuff" in it.

    Oh, one other thing I noticed is that the Make Screen Shot function either produces old screenshots or completely black images.
  9. newf709

    newf709 Junior Member

    Motorola Q

    I am hoping that the Parallels team is working on getting the Motorola Q to work. If anyone has got it to work please msg me.....
  10. MattD

    MattD Bit poster

    Would that be due to following note:
    NOTE! Current Build 3106 doesn’t support isochronous devices such as web cameras, microphones, etc.
  11. skopcho

    skopcho Bit poster

    My bugs

    First of all, thanks for this amazing program! Now on to the bugs I've come across.

    Bug #1 - I had a clean install of XP that I had purposely not activated until this Beta 3 because of the Boot Camp activation issues. I activated for the first time in Parallels, but then on first boot into Boot Camp, it asked to reactivate, which I didn't do. On the next startup of Parallels, it said that I couldn't log in until I activated Windows - as if it had never been activated. As long as I don't boot into Boot Camp, there are no activation/reactivation issues.

    Bug #2 - The Parallels Tools installation warning overlay comes on every single time I start up Windows in Parallels now.

    Any temporary solutions to these?
  12. nezermundy

    nezermundy Junior Member

    Join the crowd....
  13. photo

    photo Bit poster

    More Bluescreen Here

    Ditto. I have a 32GB Fat32 Bootcamp partitiion.
    I get a bluescreen when booting Parallels from this partition, and have done in every beta so far.
    If I do a Repair Install of Windows in Parallels, I can boot from the partition using Parallels, but then I get the Bluescreen if I try and boot using Bootcamp.

    Consistent behaviour in all three Betas.

    Looking at the posts, this seems to be quitee a common problem. Does anyone have a soluttion yet?
  14. hookedonitunes

    hookedonitunes Junior Member

    Win98SE Help?

    I had Windows 98 SE installed on the 1970 build of Parallels and it worked fine (for Windows 98:D ) but when I upgraded to this build and upgraded the Parallels tools, I keep getting a BSOD error upon starting up Windows 98.... tried booting up in Safe Mode, uninstalling the tools then re-installing them, still have the BSOD.... can anyone offer any suggestions on how else to get my Windows 98 to work? Thanks!
  15. ArmchairDeity

    ArmchairDeity Bit poster

    Yep... I installed SP4+Updates when I went to install Oracle 10g under Parallels. I opted for Win2k since I had it immediately available and didn't have a copy of XP around at the time. So I went for Win2k and added SP4 to the updates I'd alread installed.

    After adding SP4 to Win2k, I installed Oracle and it went great. I've gone from the production build to 3036 and then to 3106. Like I said, I grayscreened when I tried to launch a VM, so I dropped back to 3036, launched the VM, removed the tools and then powered it down. Maybe that was a key. Then I rolled forward again to 3106 and launched my VM and installed the Tools.

    Something that I just remembered, however... also, after I launched 3106 and started installing the Tools package, Parallels seemed like it would hang up again (chewing up logs of memory and going very slow). So I force quit Parallels and restarted my laptop, and restarted the VM again. From then on it went perfectly.

    You might want to try dropping back to 3036, uninstalling Tools and then rolling forward again to 3106 to reinstall the tools once more.

    Anything in the logs?

  16. FamousPete

    FamousPete Junior Member

    Gettin' your activation on


    I'm facing the same exact issues.

    1.83 GHz MacBook Pro, OS X 10.4.8, Windows XP SP2
  17. robertouy

    robertouy Bit poster

    its working fine to me...

    Hi, just wanted to share my experience.
    I've downloaded the 3106 beta, uninstalled the previus one ussing the dmg uninstall (keeping my winxp parallels folder), i did a reboot, then installed the new version, booted on xp in failsafe mode, uninstalled the prefvious parallels tools, rebooted windows, installed the new parallels tools, and voila, everything is working just fine, out of the box!



  18. vilmoskörte

    vilmoskörte Member

    Ecomstation does not boot in 3106

    Ecomstation 1.2R does crash during boot in build 3106: Exception in module LOCKCDR, see screendump in attachment. Needless to say that it worked in previous version (build 1970).

    If I disable the CDROM it will boot.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2007
  19. hwestiii

    hwestiii Bit poster

    GA date?

    Is there an estimated date for when the 3106 Beta code will be GA?
  20. BillInSoBe

    BillInSoBe Member

    Estimated GA Date.

    NO estimate for a GA date should be posted until some of these issues have been resolved. We've gone from a product that was fairly solid to something with a ton of outstanding issues.

    We're in the middle of beta testing a fairly complex product. If Parallels is serious about delivering a quality product that is going to meet the needs of the people using it we'll have a couple more cycles before GA.

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