Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3106 Beta 3 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Just get a trial key for now.

    Your bought license will work again as soon as the next major release is out.

  2. Narin

    Narin Junior Member

    So Parallels is still crashing on me about once a day now since 3094 (used to be rock solid before). I can cope, but I was wondering if it generates any sort of useful stack trace or logs somewhere that I could send?
  3. mac_hh

    mac_hh Bit poster

    Sorry, but this version 3106 is so buggy, I can´t believe it. There are 16 pages of user statements and questions, but no single reply from the stuff! WTF IS THIS? :-((

    The killer point of Parallels will bei the use of Boot Camp Partition, because no one want´s to have 2 WinXP on one computer. But this main point doesn´t work properly until yet. Therefore, Parallels Team, don´t release such buggy software furthermore. And if you do so, please answer the questions and don´t let the users alone in the dark :-((
  4. Bit poster

    Macbook core duo2
    RAM 512
    I installed Parallels beta 3
    Now i can not start mac 10.4.8 . i get a message "restart the computer" fater several attempts, nada
    If starts on boot camp the message is 'windows error root 32"
    Before i installed beta3 mac os and windows were working fine
    Any recommendations
  5. CountZero

    CountZero Member

    The question is, out of the 16 pages of reported problems how many users out there do not have any problem? Since people without issue generally won't post they boring, everything working, experience, negative posts are all you will read. I for one have not encountered any problem since beta 2 and now beta 3. Granted I don't run Boot Camp partition, I don't see the point of having a Windows partition myself so I may be having an easier time than all the Boot Camp users.
  6. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    That statement is factually inaccurate, since I, for one, want (and have) two Windows installations, one Bootcamp and one Parallels, and I don't want to combine them.

    All generalizations are wrong :)
  7. Sheppy

    Sheppy Hunter

    I agree. I have no interest in having Boot Camp and Parallels share a Windows install. That works great for me, because it keeps my business stuff in Parallels, my gaming stuff in Boot Camp, and being separate makes various tasks easier and safer for me.

    Given that one feature I don't use, otherwise, beta 3 has been totally rock solid for me, easily the best build to date.
  8. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Coherence - 3106

    In 3094 the Coherence seemed to work pretty well. In 3106 it is working but regularly leaves behind the windows desktop under some windows.

    Kinda strange.

    On the use of bootcamp... I really LIKE having my complete Windows install in a single folder I can backup and move from machine to machine.

    To me the bootcamp partition doesn't make sense. Just before this recent trip I decided to install a new version of some Windows software. So I copied my VM folder to a backup drive, started Parallels, installed the new software and figured ok... It's working. Had it not, I could have easily restored my backup and been back in the previous environment.

    Restore points and other utilities in Windows offer this functionality but I've had them mess up. By copying my VM I'm 100% sure I have the environment in it's entirety just prior to new software install.

    Just my 0.02.
  9. halberstadt

    halberstadt Member

    Tools Installation at Every Launch

    Yup... Here, too. Anyone found out how to stop the constant Tools Installation (overlay warning) on every Parallels launch?

    17" MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, WinXP via Parallels using Boot Camp partition.
  10. rogermh

    rogermh Bit poster

    How does Windows activation work in this case? If you have one Windows installation in Parallels and one in Bootcamp, does that require two separate Windows licenses, or does the fact that both copies of Windows are installed on the same machine make it count as only one license?
  11. bobt

    bobt Bit poster

    Using two hard drives on a MacPro is common. When can we expect it?

    I have two hard drives. It says "more than one Windows partitions are found.
    Can't you just check for the Windows folder and roll?
    When will this have a workaround or be completed? That information would help me plan my windows strategy on MacPro.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great efforts.
  12. pcorchary

    pcorchary Junior Member

    Build 3106 Beta 3 - mixed luck

    Seems a bit of a step back from the last beta2.

    Coherence mode is leaving a lot of partial windows, etc floating and sometimes restoring a suspended VM in coherence mode won't work at all - no windows show of ay kind.

    Also, the network problem from the 19xx series seems to be back. I sometimes get in situation where the Windows networking simply will not work at all without rebooting the Mac and the VM.

  13. SFJAH

    SFJAH Bit poster

    Win 2000

    Tried to do clean install of Windows 2000 SP4 but very unstable. Imported from Virtual PC Mac image and worked great. Spoke to soon. Changed RAM from 256Mb to 512Mb and virtual machine crashed. Changed back to 256Mb and seems to work ok.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2007
  14. gnujon

    gnujon Junior Member


    I have a MacPro with two hard drives and I'm able to use my Boot Camp partition to start up a Windows XP VM without any problems.

    You must have more than one partition with a Windows file system right? Why does this cause a problem for you? Does Parallels Desktop not allow you to choose which partition you want to boot with?
  15. ManuCH

    ManuCH Bit poster

    I can confirm that I'm having the same problem. Everything else works just great, though, and coherence mode is absolutely brilliant!

    But still, it would be nice to have the SonyEricsson Update Service back working...

  16. Kaveman

    Kaveman Bit poster

    First, this version of the beta is more seemless than ever. Great product.

    I am having problems when I try to shutdown the VM (Windows XP SP2, legit copy). I have not installed Bootcamp. It seems that if I have launched any software that then appears in the lower right hand menu bar that the software won't shutdown completely, even if that software was exited before attempting the shutdown. Most noticeble examples are bittorrent and MSN live. While at the blue exit screen saying "Windows is shutting down" I have to stop the VM. Any suggestions?
  17. Narin

    Narin Junior Member

    Glad I'm not the only one with this issue! exact same problem for me since 3094.

    I find that this only occurrs when I kill a process (try killing notepad.exe) - if the window does not close "naturally", coherence leaves a window-sized hole in the "curtain".

    Again, I LOVE parallels and the new features! Just hoping to get it stable again ;)
  18. gracemolloy

    gracemolloy Member

    Any updates on the "Cannot find the necessary drivers" issue?

    Macbook Pro C2D 2.33 - Week 44

    Everything installs fine, but as soon as I try to run windows from Bootcamp partition I get the "Cannot find drivers" message.

    Love the program! <when it works>
  19. napua

    napua Bit poster

    Pardon my saying "me too" but I didn't find any solution to Chris' or my problem, which is identical, as is the configuration of my MacBook Pro. I can no longer use Windows on my Mac - either in this new Parallels install, and now no longer via BootCamp. My dad is going to KILL me! Help me please!
  20. 17MBPC2D

    17MBPC2D Bit poster

    Network Problem with Parallels Beta 3

    I'm encountering the same EXACT problem...can someone kindly assist me please....

    All is well with Parallels Beta 3, continue the great work....except for internet connection.

    I can't select Shared Networking as I did before sith Build 1970...Greyed Out


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