Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3106 Beta 3 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. scotymac

    scotymac Junior Member

    That's why it's called beta..... reinstall 1970 for reliable palm hotsync.
  2. luomat

    luomat Hunter

    ah yes, the USB1.1 goodness

    Right, because really, the ability to use USB2 isn't all that important when syncing a Palm.

    I suppose I could also reinstall writing things out in longhand, or use carbon paper to duplicate my contact information and calendar.

    Coherence = Eye Candy

    USB2/Palm Sync = functionality

    We've gotten much more of 1 than 2
  3. Fredric

    Fredric Member

    FYI: Palm hotsync did not work for me in 1970, and still does not recognize the presence of my iQue 3600 in 3106.
  4. cwoffenden

    cwoffenden Bit poster

    I'd just like to say that the new beta works fine for me. I'm mostly running XP Pro in its own partition using Bootcamp (although I didn't use Bootcamp's utility to partition the drive, I used diskutil's resizeVolume command) on a Mac Mini (1.83GHz Core Duo, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD). After activating XP again under Parallels I've been able to boot without problems either natively or through a virtual machine.

    The software I run does so without issues (mostly CodeWarrior and Visual Studio) but I have noticed these niggles:
    1. I get quite a long delay until XP starts up (and I'm always asked for my password).
    2. The Parallels Tools setup runs every time I boot XP.
    3. I'm pretty sure I keep getting the same security update installing in XP.
    4. When resuming a Win2k VM that was previously full screen, I get black bands at the top and bottom - I need to go to windowed mode then back to fix this.
  5. hdhelin

    hdhelin Bit poster

    I had the same problem, I found out that I had to unplug NOT UNMOUNT ( it's not enough)a USB HD connected to my MBPro. After that my VM started and I was able to reconnect & remount the USB HD. This HD has 2 partitions, one HFS+ and one FAT32.
    So it is workaround, even if it not nice it's working.
    The good thing of using my BootCamp partition is that it solved the keyboard mapping I had (French keyboards). I got back all the keys where they should be.

    The only new issue I have is that now Parallels sees only One Core and not Two...any Idea?
    When I start with bootcam I can see 2 cores and with this new build using the bootcamp partition, Parallels doesn't anymore the second core..
  6. JesseRPI

    JesseRPI Bit poster

    Crashes when connecting w/ RDC

    I have noticed that this build of Parallels often crashes when I am trying to connect to another Windows machine using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC.) RDC starts up fine, but when I click the connect button I get a crash. This does not happen every time, but I have noticed a pattern that Parellals only crashes when this happens. I use RDC many times during the day, and this happens at least once a day.
  7. JesseRPI

    JesseRPI Bit poster

    In case it's related, it seems to happen when I am using Coherence mode, which is what I primarily use throughout the day. I will try to see if the same thing happens when Coherence is disabled.
  8. merz

    merz Bit poster

    Tried a different version of Ubuntu and I still am experiencing the crash. I can reproduce it 100% of the time, so I can provide crash information if that would help.

  9. Doobla

    Doobla Member

    Here are a couple of other things that I have noticed in this release:

    1. When you set a password for the administrator user in a Windows XP VM, the next time that you boot the VM it sits there on the "Starting Windows" screen and you think it is frozen. If you let it sit there until the screen saver kicks in and then move the mouse you'll now see the welcome screen and an error message saying that you couldn't be auto logged in.

    2. Parallels just quits without error or warning after random amounts of inactivity.

    3. When a suspended VM comes back online and automatic coherence mode is turned on, the mouse tracking is off. The mouse appears about 1-1.5 X the mouse-height below where the actual click is received by the window. Switching to OS Window and back again restores normal functionality.
  10. a.maverick

    a.maverick Bit poster


    Drval, thanks a lot for your response and your inputs regarding my questions in my earlier post. I really appreciate that! Since you mentioned and as I have noticed in the forum, there are a lot of issues about integrating Build 3106 with Boot Camp, is it advisable to try that out? Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on that? I do know that usually all the problems and negative feedback get posted in the forums and the positive success stories get neglected. So any input would be appreciated!

  11. davewike

    davewike Bit poster


    yep. twice actually. because the first time the tools would crash every time it opened on startup. It's been running smooth since reinstalling... that is, except for the the clipboard sync... wouldn't be whining but I've realized how much I use the copy/paste now that I can't use it cross-platform.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2007
  12. ayrton

    ayrton Bit poster

    Rounded window edges in Coherence mode aren't working for me. I have Windows Media Center installed, and so all windows have rounded edges. I just opened up Visual Studio.NET 2005 and its edges are still squared off with bits of the Windows desktop showing up behind them. This is a trivial issue, sure, but I thought you'd like to know.
  13. Souken C.Ingram

    Souken C.Ingram Member

    A few searches didn't return this, so if this has already been reported, please disregard.

    If I start a Win2k VM that is set to automatically switch to coherence display, edges of my windows are clipped, and Windows thinks my pointer is about an inch above where it should be when I open the start menu using the Windows (Mapped Apple/Command) key. If I go into OS Window display and then back to coherence, everything is fine.
  14. Doobla

    Doobla Member

    Something else worth noting. When you remote desktop connect to an XP VM, the copy and paste will stop working properly inside of Remote Desktop but closing Remote Desktop and logging back in via the Parallels window restores copy/paste functionality. It would be extremely helpful to get this looked at since performance seems to be better when Remote Desktop connecting to the VM directly instead of using VNC with the mac and using the Parallels window.

    Still, I love the product! Just reporting what I find so that you have a more solid product upon launch.
  15. drval

    drval Pro

    I just saw this. I haven't used the integration with Boot Camp so I really can't speak to that. For me, Boot Camp isn't an addition, it was an alternative. My needs and uses don't justify the extra effort of Boot Camp, if Parallels can provide all of the functionality that I need. And it appears at this point that 3106 beta does provide all of the functionality that I need.

    I believe that I have seen some posts of users who have been able to successfully use Boot Camp AND beta 3106 but I would strongly suggest that you search the forums to find such notes to verity that for yourself.
  16. jeff100117

    jeff100117 Bit poster

    I think the software is great!!! Have you considered seeding a torrent of the download so that the site wont be overloaded when you release new files? It would save you a few bucks on bandwidth charges from your ISP as well. :)
  17. ArmchairDeity

    ArmchairDeity Bit poster

    I can verify this one... and it happens with the IE icon in my Dock, too.

    If I launch my Win2k VM (which goes straight to Coherence) and go directly to the IE icon in my Dock, it's all screwy until I hit OS Window and then back to Coherence again. Then it's all fine.

    Any other app that was running when I put the VM to sleep does the same thing...

  18. mefoster

    mefoster Bit poster

    It seems to be working perfectly for me too with the caveat that I am seeing exactly the same 3 problems as above. Other than that it is good enough that I have bought it.

    Looking forward to these niggles being fixed in the next release :)
  19. Rickard Andersson

    Rickard Andersson Bit poster

    Parallels keeps adding the number 1 on to the end of the name of my VM. I can't really say when it adds it, but the name keeps getting longer and longer. I started out calling my VM "Windows XP" and now it's called "Windows XP 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1".

    Not sure this has been reported earlier (I tried searching for it).
  20. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

    let's be realistic. coherence may be viewed as eye candy by some, but for many people it increases usability and efficiency by allowing you to jump between windows and mac documents without having to hide/unhide windows. it comes down to one person's values and needs vs another's.


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