Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3120 RC1 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. markintosh13

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    Try making a disk image iso of the CD and using that?
  2. mekanik

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    When can I expect Palm Desktop to work? I am still unable to synchronize my Clie. It's REALLY crucial for me as SONY will not support latest Clie models with MacOS version of the Palm Desktop and I cannot bac-up my data, transfer contacts etc. and my experience with The Missing Sync software is disappointing.
  3. koreth

    koreth Junior Member

    Palm syncing

    Try this message for a way to get Palm syncing working. It's a little finicky (I sometimes have to go through the process two or three times) but it works. I'm syncing my Treo 650 over USB as I type this.
  4. luomat

    luomat Hunter

    MacBook + Dual Screen + Coherence

    Yeah it's a problem with my MacBook too. I have to turn off dual monitor support if I want to get Coherence mode working.
  5. jp20r

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    good morning
    besides my problems w/ parallels ( i went back to 1970, and thats working OK), i see u're developping C++ and Visual Studio 2005.

    we're developping a whole line of software for travel operators and agencies ( in VB6 now rewriting in VS2005), our clients so far are in Europe, we'll present end of month our products in Madrid for sales in Latin and S. America.

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  6. Bit poster

    gfx support?

    just installed the rc1 release... its brilliant... coherence alone would have been enough for this release, but hey, the more features the better... :-D

    I had one question though. Gfx card support isnt mentioned in the list of features for the upcoming release. And I found that the release candidate 1 didnt configure or install my gfx card drivers for windows. I assumed that it configured or installed the drivers anyway, but that windows wasnt showing it somehow, however when i tried installing a game that required a gfx card, (NFSMW) it didnt work. Is there some procedure I need to go through to configure it myself? I don't think downloading the normal ati radeon driver package for winxp will work will it? (I have a MBP C2D 17")

    I havent bought a parallels liscence and am still just testing it with the 30 day trial. With this release I am seriously considering it though. Its awesome. However, games are really the only thing I miss windows for and I use the mac for everything else i did with winxp. So I found until now that I really didn't need parallels.

    If there is some way to configure the card and run games using parallels in the "almost native" speed that it runs the other apps in, that would critically change my decision on purchasing a liscence.

    Anyhow, even without gfx support its quite a brilliant release on its own and kudos to the parallels team.
  7. akac

    akac Hunter

    The next major release (3.0) is the one that Parallels has said will have hardware graphics support. None of the 2.x releases will.
  8. Djoh

    Djoh Member

    Entire Harddrive shared without consent!

    Oh, that's what it is!
    I just noticed that my ENTIRE macintosh root directory was mounted read and write and panicked slightly! I immediately disabled the windows network connection out of paranoia!

    I certainly do not like that being set without my knowledge. I'm much happier having Windows see only directories I choose to let it, and keeping sensitive directories to read-only, certainly not writable.

    The fact that the drag/drop feature will cause your entire harddrive, including all the unix files, to be viewable by the guest OS should certainly be mentioned very clearly when this feature is enabled (or auto-enabled by the upgrade!) It's a big deal when you have servers running!

    PS. Great upgrade though, nice features, USB 2.0 is nice!
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2007
  9. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    I installed Sol 10 in the GA release 1970 and preserved the installation into 3120 (RC1). It continues to work well but to be honest I really prefer Sol 10 and Linux in the VMWare Fusion beta and have opted to run them there. I expect that parallels will quickly catch up. To explain - the VMWare produce has the equivalent of Parallels Tools for Solaris which provides seamless mouse movement and more.

    I'm curious about your problem and will try to find time to reproduce it in Parallels.
  10. rhind

    rhind Member

    I completely agree with this. Although we can't complain yet as this is a beta/rc and shouldn't be run on critical equipment really.

    But when it becomes the final release it really should warn the users before doing anything such as this.


  11. hani

    hani Bit poster

    Possible bug?

    After installing 3120 on my iMAC. Once quitting my windows session which puts it into a suspended state. After firing parallels back up and restoring the session it always asks to remove parallels tools. I've duplicated this a few times just to make sure i'm not the one going insane...

    Just letting you guys know. Keep up the fantastic work.

  12. Bit poster


    Is there anyway to disable this feature? Or make it read and execute only access? Whats the procedure for doing this? Can it be done through terminal's chmod?

    I don't want all my mac files being exposed to the guest O/S either.

    - KK
  13. rhind

    rhind Member

    Look in the sharing options of the VM and disable global sharing.

  14. dkwehe

    dkwehe Member

    coherence and mouse jitter with multi monitors

    I run 3120 in 10.4.8 using both a 30" and 23" screen. Most everything works wonderfully, but as noted herein, coherence can become nonfunctional on the second monitor. Moving back to OS view fixes the problem.

    Also, running Dragon Naturally Speaking and VNC to dictate into Mac applications still works in 3120, There are some crazy cursor movements, but it is still functional.

    Great product and getting better. Thanks to Parallels and this audience.

  15. ortizeg

    ortizeg Bit poster

    I have a MacBook as well and have not been able to do this. I think this problem has to do with our video card, hence why it would work on a MBP which has a video card.
  16. matthewt

    matthewt Bit poster

    Not sure if this has been mentioned (haven't seen it), but I'm using RC1 with my Bootcamp partition, and I see that the little splash screen that talks about installing parallels tools loads everytime I start Windows, even though it's already installed and working.

    Also, when trying to start the VM, it errors once, and then on the second time loads. I'm putting my money on the thought that Parallels may not be waiting for the Windows partition to unload from OS X before trying to start it in the VM.
  17. morwen

    morwen Member

    Question about 1970 to 3120

    I was running 1970 and I am trying to test out beta 3120. I ran the installer, it says it installed fine. I double clicked Parallels, and it keeps trying to launch the initial installer to have me install a vm. Shouldn't it be seeing my vm's from 1970??
  18. morwen

    morwen Member

    Okay, weird. I went into the ~/Library/Parallels/winxp directory and clicked on winxp.pvs and THEN Parallels launched it instead of launching its "create a new vm" thing.
  19. jmpalomar

    jmpalomar Bit poster

    I installed Solaris using 1970 and then used 3120 to run it.
  20. Michael A. Lowry

    Michael A. Lowry Bit poster

    3120 RC1 still doesn't recognize my Boot Bamp volume.

    The subject sums it up. The latest build still fails to recognize my Boot Camp volume, the second volume on the second SATA drive in my Mac Pro. See my earlier posts for more details about the problem.

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