Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3120 RC1 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. bcr914

    bcr914 Bit poster

    Tim -- I've sent feedbak on issues with 3120 (to ... and sent feedback to your normal support site. No response (and, hope you are not becoming bureacratic). Net, net ... I upgraded from Beta 3036 to 3120. Window reszising and Coherenc stopped working. I dropped back to 3036. Any idea why?? (I have MacBook Pro, dual 2 core, 2 g RAM) ... VM is WIndows XP Professional)

    But, I did like the fast suspend / unsuspend on 3120
  2. enicholas

    enicholas Bit poster

    Same exact thing here; I thought it was just me. I had a 25GB virtual machine, which should have been plenty for what I was doing, and yet I was perpetually running out of disk space. I scanned the hard drive using a couple different utilities and they all reported that I only had 12GB of files (which includes system files such as the pagefile). Windows saw the hard drive as 25GB with 25GB used, but 13GB of that supposedly-used space just didn't exist anywhere in the filesystem. I thought that perhaps my filesystem had become corrupt and some of the free space wasn't properly marked as free, but multiple runs of chkdsk failed to uncover anything. Parallels Compressor also failed to clean up any of the phantom space.

    It seemed to be getting progressively worse; at first I had little trouble keeping the disk from filling up, but it got to the point that I was unable to function within the VM because the disk was full even with the absolute minimum set of programs I needed. I was unable to figure out the cause, and ultimately just bit the bullet and resized the virtual hard disk.

    I figured this was somehow Windows' fault -- I can't imagine Parallels is mucking around with the filesystem itself -- until I saw someone else reporting the exact same symptoms. It might still be Windows' fault, but it's definitely suspicious...
  3. newf709

    newf709 Junior Member

    Windows Vista

    I was wondering if anyone is using Vista in Parallels and what version should you use? Does all the "eye candy" work in Parallels or should I use Boot Camp to be able to have access to all hardware resources? I have an iMac 20 inch intel with 2 gig ram.
  4. BillInSoBe

    BillInSoBe Member

    In my personal opinion I think Vista runs a little too slow under Parallels. I was running Windows Vista Ultimate and wasn't able to use the the cool new Aero Glass UI.

    Parallels emulates a really old graphics card, thus it's not possible to take advantage of any of the new Windows interface. This means no transparency, etc.

    If you want to run Vista in all it's glory I suggest using Boot Camp if it supports Vista.
  5. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    Or wait until Parallels 3.0.
  6. markintosh13

    markintosh13 Member

    No problems with that at all. My Parallels has been on for days and days at a time, going through six to ten sleep cycles per day.

    MBP 2.33 15" C2D, 32GB Fat Bootcamp partition.
  7. TenTenths

    TenTenths Bit poster

    I use Keyboard Maestro and it too can't switch when the xp window is active either. Does not matter if it's, a window, full screen or coherence, it does not work and command tab also does not work.

    In 1970 I was always able to switch even from full

    coherence worked a few times correct then it was not able to center the enclosed screen's window???

    this beta seems way fast though!!!

  8. VTSkier

    VTSkier Junior Member

    I am running Vista RC1 and V2.2.

    When I first installed Vista the Aero interface worked great. (MBP Core2Duo, 2GB RAM[1024 MB for VM])

    Then Aero stopped working. Why? I don't know.

    Anybody have any ideas?
  9. mini.boss

    mini.boss Bit poster

    On the Macbook then if you run Parallels then it tends to make the fan stay on all the time even with the windows side idle. Does anyone know if thats something that can be addressed in future Parallels versions or is that something I just have to live with.

    I'd love to leave windows on all the time but that fan makes me nuts so i suspend windows whenever i'm done with an app. Its a pain to always open and close parallels.
  10. markintosh13

    markintosh13 Member

    Fan activity could be because the cpu is being heavily utilized.

    Could be due to something in windows, like spyware or anti-virus software hogging the cpu.
  11. terryhatmaker

    terryhatmaker Bit poster

    Slow down of system

    I see the same thing on a Core Duo MacBook.

  12. BotFodder

    BotFodder Bit poster

    Remounting Windows Partition

    Okay - first off, I am just flabbergasted that you guys have gotten PDfM working the way you have. The whole Boot Camp, Parallels, and Convergence thing is just phenomenal, IMHO.

    However, just one minor nitpick so far ... When I'm running my Boot Camp partition in Parallels and then "Shut it down", it doesn't automagically remount my Windows XP partition (it is a FAT32 partition).

    I haven't tried remounting it using the Disk Utility (which I'm almost certain would work) and I know a reboot would do it, too. So in the grand scheme of things, I agree it's a minor thing, and I'm almost certain someone else has mentioned it, but, ya know ...

    Hey, so far that's the worst thing I can say about it.

    On a completely different note, since there are rumors of Apple charging for Boot Camp when it comes out of Beta, are you considering including Boot Camp with Parallels when this current version comes out of Beta/RC?
  13. Moondougie

    Moondougie Member

    how come I can't download the beta? when I try (on 4 different browsers) I get a message like this (or similar, depending on the browser in the attempt)

    Safari cant open the page Desktop 3120 Mac en.dmg because it cant find the server

    Since the Intel Airport update was installed I can no longer connect to the domain at my place of employment and I need to get it working again - but alas, I can't download the current build to reinstall/update

    any ideas?
  14. mini.boss

    mini.boss Bit poster

    Are you saying you don't have any fan activity when you run parallels on your macbook?

    I get the same activity running Linux, XP or Vista. My XP is a fresh copy with only 2 apps installed so I doubt its that. And resources in use are at a minimum so I'm thinking its something the parallels guys maybe can address.
  15. markintosh13

    markintosh13 Member

    I do not have fan activity when runing Parallels. I've had my Parallels running now for over a week - it's surviving sleep / wake cycles, and is cool enough to use on my lap.

    If I were to activate my antivirus and have it scan my C drive, etc, then it is possible the additional cpu activity, combined with things I'd be doing in OS X, might generate enough cpu heat to have the fans kick in.

    As I type this, my MBP has been sitting with Parallels running for the last 8+ hours, and the fans are not running.

    Is yours doing updates in the background or virus scanning or something?
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  16. non-troppo

    non-troppo Member

    +1 for this fix
  17. Swift2001

    Swift2001 Member

    Turns out everything's fine

    I wrote earlier that I had installed XP in Bootcamp, and then authenticated or whatever you call it in Parallels, and then I noticed, booted up in Bootcamp, that it was still asking to be authenticated. I was afraid, after two phone calls to Microsoft to get a big, long number, that it would screw up. Well, it turns out my fear was unjustified. This morning, in Bootcamp, I got a warning that I had one day to go, and that I had to authenticate. I clicked, and in about two seconds, I clicked and I was done. So it turns out you do have to verify your installation in Parallels and in BootCamp, but it really is one authentication now.
  18. rhind

    rhind Member

    Thansk for the post Swift2001, I've been waiting to re-install via bootcamp until I knew about the activation issues and whether activation in both BootCamp and Parallels were required or just in Parallels.

    I hope with the final release, documentation is provided about the correct order to do this, even if its only for new installations.


  19. EricNolan

    EricNolan Junior Member

    Same issue - is this because we have set our disk to be "expanding" and not fixed? If so, can this be changed without reloading. I believe it might be but don't have the guts to do until I have time to reload my 30GB backed up image if it fails:)
  20. Swift2001

    Swift2001 Member

    Well, in fairness, I did read somewhere to activate in Parallels. When I saw the little notification blinking at me, I was too filled with dread to click on it, thinking that it would be one more trip around the mulberry bush. But it's not. They could warn you that's going to happen, and not to be worried about it.

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