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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Junyor

    Junyor Junior Member

    @timd: I have the mouse-to-bottom-right-corner problem, too, but if I just move the mouse around until the cursor reaches the bottom corner, I'm able to start using it. So, no reboot is required.
  2. mrmkirsch

    mrmkirsch Bit poster

    In the world of software development, there is no such thing of bug-free products. Bugs are classified by their severity, and every release candidate, as well as actual releases, is sent into the world with bugs. It is show-stopping, severe, dangerous bugs that must be extinguished before releasing a product. If a product had to be totally bug free before release, there would never be any releases!
  3. n9yty

    n9yty Member

    I totally agree...

    KILL THE .mem FILE!

    1.5GB of wasted space, I'd rather take slightly reduced performance and faster startup times. I never suspend, I just need to launch, do some work, and get out, and I don't need to loose YET ANOTHER 1.5GB of drive space just to do it.
  4. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    I've seen this problem with every build following an installation of Parallels. I've suspected it has to do with loading order of VPN and Parallels. It was cured every time by shutting down and restarting VPN. This was necessary with 3120, too. I'm using the Mac VPN client, not the Windows version.
  5. n9yty

    n9yty Member

    I always see the .mem file at 1.46GB regardless of memory allocated.

    I allocated 280MB to the VM, I get a 1.46GB .mem file.

    I allocated 768MB to the VM, I get a 1.46GB .mem file.

    It sucks. Using a newly created VM booting off my XP SP2 bootcamp partition.
  6. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    If this is true then it is an incredibly evil feature. I haven't checked yet to verify but it would be the very first thing to disable if it's a default.
  7. alnyden

    alnyden Bit poster

    Is everyone having to reactivate? This really concerns me. Last time I had to reactivate in Parallels, Windows would not let me do it, so I had to call Microsoft and convince them to give me another activation code. Will I have to do this with EVERY new update from Parallels? If so, it won't take long before they won't give me another code and then I won't be able to use Parallels at all any more.
  8. kurtinatlanta

    kurtinatlanta Bit poster


    I have upgraded Parallels several times without having to reactivate Windows. Maybe I'm just lucky?
  9. bdwilso2

    bdwilso2 Junior Member

    I agree with this. When I realized that my whole Mac drive was mounted as \\.psf\.Mac for Global Drag-n-Drop, I quickly disabled this feature. I could see leaving this enabled if there was a read-only option (similar to the regular shared folders). I can just see a Parallels-aware virus wiping out \\.psf\.Mac ....
  10. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

    Maybe you're using a Volume License instead of a single license?
  11. BillInSoBe

    BillInSoBe Member

    The only time you get the VM Catalog is if you have more then 1 VM, correct? If that's the case then your only VM would start before you had a chance to do this.

    It would be much easier if we could select EDIT / Virtual Machine any time to make changes which would be applied next restart.

    Having to COMMAND Click, etc. isn't very user friendly.

    Since I currently have multiple VMs I do see the Catalog when I start so I can modify settings now, however I generally only run with 1 VM.
  12. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    Same here. My whole purpose for running XP in a vm is to keep it sandboxed and away from my host system. When I read the release notes I caught the drag and drop part and wondered what the risk was. Opening the .mac folder told me all I needed to know.
  13. hagen

    hagen Junior Member

    Back to being able to start the Boot Camp but also...

    copied and to my windows install

    back to my original error:

    error loading operating system

    Except this time I get a nice "don't attempt anything" alert to help cause me panic ;-)


    Boot Camp on drive bay #4, NTFS 325 Gb partition.

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  14. Narin

    Narin Junior Member

    Is it just me, or hasn't it always been this way? The "\\.psf" share has been around for ages, it's just with this new build that drag+drop has really pointed it out. You've always been able to disable it if it bothers you.

    Now, if we could only get seamless drag+drop working in the other direction (i.e. auto-share the XP drive) then I wouln't have to reconnect to my XP network drive every day!
  15. darreln

    darreln Member

    I wanted to point out the team that there is an artifact on-screen when running Vista (ultimate) and Office 2007. I attached a screenshot that shows the artifact (the yellow box, lower left). it seems that this is in the area of the vista start button, but I am not sure. This artifact does not go away as long as I run in coherence mode.

    Not a big deal, but wanted to point this out, since Vista is relatively new and so os Office 07.

    Let me know if I can help.


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  16. alain

    alain Bit poster

    Parallels - vista - bootcamp

    Why parallels Team does not answer to all questions about booting from vista bootcamp ?

    We would like to know if the final release will support booting from vista bootcamp harddisk !

    Thanks to answer.

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2007
  17. Hagbard

    Hagbard Member

    After using 3120 for an extended period of time and leaving it on overnight, I can report improved memory usage over the betas, but there is still a problem of endlessly growing resources. My lightweight linux VM is now consuming almost 3.5 gigabytes of virtual memory! That's more virtual memory than would be required to cache the entire hdd file and everything in the machines RAM. However, the overall memory behavior seems to 'follow the rules' better than the betas did, and I haven't experienced any crashes after extended use. It seems that old resources just need to get flushed and released somehow.
  18. koreth

    koreth Junior Member

    Treo sync still broken

    Phooey, I was hoping this USB-fix-heavy release would do the trick, but no luck. When I hit the hotsync button on the Treo connector, XP sees the device (I hear the "new device" sound effect) but the hotsync manager doesn't fire up. Works fine in build 1970. This is on a C2D MBP with 3GB RAM.

    That's the only bug I have to report, though. Looking great otherwise.
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  19. rufosx

    rufosx Member

    Ok, I sent to to reports@ last week, but I'll post here and copy to beta@.

    Continual increase in real and virtual memory

    Here's an example : I've had open one of my VMs for the last 5 hours. Its a Windows XP VM, no coherency, running in a window. It has 396 MB of memory allocated to it. After 5 hours, it now consumes 654.11 MB of real memory and 2.64 GB of virtual memory.

    I just right clicked my Parallels icon and told it to Open... so I could select another VM to start up. My machine ground to a crawl and around one min later, I get the New Virtual Machine dialog (instead of the Select a VM dialog that I should have gotten, and Quit and the close window red circle are both not available). Without starting a new VM, but watching the real memory usage, both the running VM and the setup a New VM process are increasing memory usage at the same rate, about 150-200 KB per 5 sec refresh.

    My details : Mac Pro 2.66 with 3 GB of memory.

    My VMs are all the same : no coherence, around 400 MB of memory, bridged ethernet, sound, USB, CDROM.

    Parallels is set to Manually adjust reserved memory with a setting of 1352 MB. This should be enough for the 3 400MB VMs I usually run. All checkboxes in Appearance are unchecked. All animations disabled.

    If you need more details on my setup, let me know.
  20. Junior Member

    Coherence Has Disapeared

    I don't know if anyone else is experiancing thus issue or not, but Coherence is a selectable option in the view menu, but when I select it the Parallels window disapears and the desktop is blank. None of the applications that were on my windows desktop are visable. It as if Parallels in completely hidden. Anyone else having this problem?
    - -

    PS Yes I installed the new version of Parallels Tolls in Windows

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