Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3150 RC2 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. flummi

    flummi Junior Member

    How to Upgrad from 3120 to 3150?

    I was just about to ask the same question: can I just install the new 3150 over 3120 or do I need to uninstall anything bevore this? I have Parallels 3120 with a BootCamp Partition - working all right until now.
  2. PeterH

    PeterH Junior Member

    Recovering from attempt to run non-standard Boot Camp WXP2

    Seeing there was no answer explaining a way out of my predicament, I restarted the virtual machine, but the result was the same: no keyboard and no mouse control.

    I then booted into Windows (Boot Camp) by itself. In one second, the Parallels configuration booted up and, lo and behold, no keyboard and no mouse! Hard reset. I press the down arrow key repeatedly to select the Microsoft Windows XP Professional configuration. Boots up fine. I open C:\boot.ini and see how it was edited by Parallels. Apart from a timeout of 1 second, /kernel=ntkopvs_.exe /hal=halopvs_.dll had been added to the Microsoft Windows XP Professional configuration. The Parallels configuration consisted of the line

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Parallels configuration" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptOut

    I tried editing boot.ini differently so that Parallels would finish installing Parallel Tools, but to no avail. Finally, I restored boot.ini from a backup and am very happy with Boot Camp for now, until someone can explain what is to be done in Parallels.

    Just thought someone might benefit from this experience.

  3. chreriksen

    chreriksen Bit poster

    In the 3120 build the Boot Camp option wasn't working for me at all. With this new 3150 I finally could choose my Boot Camp partition, but it was ment to go bad. After doing the necessary choices, I chose to start the virtual machine and got this [​IMG]

    why?=( Of course I have windows xp installed!
  4. robert.guerra

    robert.guerra Bit poster

    Success - Garmin Etrex Vista C

    A short note to let everyone know that the latest 3150RC2 build has made me very happy. After a long wait, the Garmin Etrex Vista C GPS is now recognized.

    In the coming days i'll do more through testing , specifically to see if mapsource finally works.

    thanks Parallels for the fine progress!


  5. BlueTrance

    BlueTrance Junior Member


    I am trying it while choosing to hide the toolbar (i.e. unchecking 'Show') but I'm having no luck.
    I just wanted to try the feature, it isn't something important for me, but I like to mess up a little bit with every new beta. :)
  6. The Duelist

    The Duelist Member

    Just DL & Run Installer

    I Just DL'd & Ran The 3150 RC2 Installer.
    It Recognises My Existing XP VM (BootCamp), & Everything Seems OK.
  7. wowok1234

    wowok1234 Bit poster

    Are there any plans to improve on the dock icons feature?

    I don't like the way that parallels does the dock icons now because the option for the dock icons is global. You can either switch it on or off for all the VMs. What I would like to see is for the dock icon feature to be VM-sepcific. This would mean that you can turn off and on dock icons for specific VMs through the VM config window.

    For example, I could have 2 Windows sessions running. When the dock icon feature is VM-specific, I could turn off dock icons for VM1 and turn it on for VM2, and vice versa. This makes a lot more sense than what is currently done.

    otherwise, parallels is excellent.
  8. flummi

    flummi Junior Member

    Works ok so far for me..

    I just deinstalled Parallels Tools from the last 3120 Build installed on my MBP. Then I installed the new 3150, started WinXP (BootCamp Partition) and reinstalled the Parallels Tools. Works so far - thanks to Parallels for the great Produkt.

    One further question: since I am in Germany I neede to get a temporary key for Parallels to be able to try the 3150 Beta. But I already bought a german version of Parallels: can I just enter this key to activate it? Or do I need to wait for a retail version?
  9. sconover

    sconover Bit poster

    3150: Console-only Ubuntu server still sucks 25% of my Core 2 processor

    I guess we're all waiting around for the perf optimization we are at RC2, and if Parallels goes GA with these perf problems - Fusion here I come!
  10. Liong612

    Liong612 Junior Member

    Sony HD5 and sonicstage works perfectly !!!!!

    and FAST !

    Thank you Parallels Team :)
  11. Robertito

    Robertito Junior Member

    That work fine here, but I still have the always Window at close who say WindowXp need an updated, At close the update is done and I have to do it agin at the next closing of the VM.
  12. greg1075

    greg1075 Member

    My VM has disappeared and I get the OS installation assistant promt at start up. Please please PLEASE don't tell I lost everything.
  13. gholland04

    gholland04 Bit poster

    Is there anyone here who can answer a question for those who are "not" using bootcamp?? I've never had an issue with RC1, other than a memory leak.

    After installing RC2 is XP will not complete boot. I get to the point of bringing up the network and it hangs.

    Any ideas?

  14. organik

    organik Member

    Install Parallels Tools = CRASH!

    Bad Pool Header error, and xp crashes hard.

  15. sconover

    sconover Bit poster

    Scratch that - 40-50% of my Core 2, and this is a bare-bones, idle, console-only Dapper install. Now, off to douse my hands in icewater.
  16. jbcaro

    jbcaro Member

    Ok, I'm installed finally. Works great but can't seem to get Coherence to work. I click on the button and nothing. I select it from the menu and nothing. What am I doing wrong here.

    Also, the first time XP booted up there were a couple of 'found new hardware' windows that came up. I canceled both of them but don't know if I should have let them do their thing.

    thanks, john
  17. ipstacks

    ipstacks Junior Member

    Linux tools

    WOW I am so impressed with how parallels is making OS X and Windows like one integrated OS. Parallels has made buying a MacBook worth it in many regards. I used the transporter tool to move a copy of XP off of an older laptop. I was so impressed when I opened the VM and there was XP, just like it was on the laptop AND it had all the drivers it needed as well. It really is very cool. I don't normally comment or login to forums, but this technology has been pretty exciting to me.

    I hope you can do something this cool with Linux tools. I don't know how popular it is, but I know it is important to me now. The only reasons I use XP or OS X is because of some website or software requires them. The 2.6.20 kernel is suppose to have more video support, I hope that means a good selection of web cams will work with it.

    PLEASE:: L I N U X T O O L S


    The transporter agent thing was a bit confusing, I ended up copying the XP hard drive image into a Parallels VM with a xp.hdd file inside of it. I guess the agent on the XP laptop made the .hdd file, then I somehow did it again when I got transporter from the MacBook to see the agent on the XP laptop.
  18. Macster2

    Macster2 Junior Member

    RC2 works great, speed increase, better graphics, but one problem.....I tried installing drivers for iSight and no matter how I try, drag and drop drivers or burn cd and install I get an error window saying "This software is not compatible with your hardware. I have a MacBook Pro, 2.0 Gig, 2 Gig RAM, !00 gig HD, Not running a Bootcamp Drive. Pleas help, need driver for iSight to use Comcast video mail.
  19. joemx

    joemx Junior Member

    install was smooth

    Just upgraded over version 3120... (or whatever the release just prior to RC1 was)
    Just ran the installer chose upgrade.. After which I rebooted mac osX (just for precautions), then restarted the VM (which is using my bootcamp partition windows xp sp2) and allowed it to upgrade parallel tools.. Everything seems working fine..

    Tried the isight for giggles and it worked..

  20. joemx

    joemx Junior Member

    The message appears to appear after installtion of
    "Security Update for Windows XP (KB890859) "

    I don't think it's supposed to show up every time. I wish they'd address it or at least mention it. It goes away for 1 boot after you install parallel tools, but then windows always wants to reinstall that security update, after which the message comes back at boot up.. I had auto updates turned off and it went a way for a while, but then I did a manual update and now it windows xp is auto updating that update again.. (WTF microsoft) Which I guess it will unless I manual remove that specific update... If someone wants to try I'd bet it works.. not really sure what that update does...

    Anyhow I've just ignored it, but I suspect it wil disappear in the when the next version of parallels is finally released..


    Originally Posted by dailo
    Anyone else still have the Parallels Tools overlaying the message? Not a big deal, but it does everytime even though I have latest parallels tools installed.

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