Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3170 RC3 is available for download.

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. STim

    STim Bit poster

    Hello everyone!

    Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3170 RC3 is now available for download.

    Additional details and download information is available on this page:

    PLEASE REMEMBER: this is Release Candidate software. While this build gives you the rough understanding of the final set of features to be available in Final Release later on, it is still a “Candidate†and thus is still not recommended for production use. Do backup your virtual machines before trying them with this build.

    This build provides several very important fixes to the problems found in previous Betas and Release Candidates:

    * Windows Vista Upgrade support added. If you’re planning to upgrade your Windows XP installation to Vista, shut down your guest OS and go to Actions->Prepare Windows Vista Upgrade… menu item. Parallels Desktop will tune your Virtual Machine and start it. All you need to do is to wait till Windows XP is loaded, insert Windows Vista CD and start the upgrade.

    * Global Sharing option is now disabled by default. We believe the feature has received enough testing already. From now on, you make the decision to enable real drag-and-drop or not. The new behavior is :
    * On your first drag and drop attempt you will be prompted to choose whether you’d like to enable Global/Local sharing or just copy the file to Windows.​
    * The difference between Global and Local sharing are:​
    **Global Sharing - shares the whole Mac filesystem. ​
    **Local Sharing - shares only your Home folder(a nice enhancement request we had received from beta testers.)​
    NOTE! Global sharing is forcibly disabled for all existing RC1 and RC2 installations upon RC3 upgrade.

    * USB fixes. Both stability fixes and new devices support. Feel free to check your favorite device with RC3 and report to us if it still doesn’t work (

    * Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard†experimental support. The best virtualization solution for Mac is now available for early Leopard adopters.

    * And many other fixes…

    Once again I would like to encourage you to send your bug reports to mailbox. Be it non-working USB device, a description of your Boot Camp installation that fails to boot inside Parallels Desktop box or the specific application that is not handled correctly by Coherence – we are interested in any feedback that lets us improve Parallels Desktop and deliver the best one to you!

    Best regards,
    Tim and the Parallels Team
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  2. ebernet

    ebernet Product Expert

    Thanks guys - talk about timing. I just logged in to see if there was an update, and here there is!
    Has the issue with the continuously nagging security update from 2 years ago been fixed?
  3. event

    event Bit poster

    I get this:

    More than one Windows partitions are found. This is not a standard Boot Camp configuration. Please refer to the Parallels Desktop for Mac User Guide, Using Boot Camp Windows XP Installation chapter for instructions on how to configure Parallels virtual machine in case of a non-standard Boot Camp configuration on your Macintosh computer.

    whenever I try launching a VM when I have my Silicon Image SI 3132 SATAlink RAID controller ExpressCard on. It works with it off, but I don't want to have to disable it each time I want to launch a VM...
  4. Radiohead

    Radiohead Bit poster

    Come on guys! What's up with Linux and BSD Parallels Tools? I want this feature very bad! I do not need all this Windows crap ;)
  5. psycoperl

    psycoperl Junior Member

    Migrations from Parallels to a Boot Camp Based Partition

    This is great and now that you have the iSight support built in I am PSYCHED!, However I want to know how can I move my installation, programs and files from my Parallels install (build 1970) to the new install of Parallels.
  6. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    thanks Parallels guys.. great work..

    As for Linux tools.. I seem to recall reading very recently that Parallels were looking at this for a future major release, not an RC ?
  7. ebernet

    ebernet Product Expert


    Nope, Looks like I am STILL prompted for the damn update after it installs the parallels tools...
    PLEASE fix this already....
  8. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    Before you update to RC3:

    Shut down (do not suspend) all your VM's. Copy your VM folder tree to CD or DVD. If you're using Bootcamp you're on your own to figure out how that's done. The new version will see and run your existing VM's, and if something goes wrong you'll have backups.
  9. psycoperl

    psycoperl Junior Member

    The question I posed is how to move the data into the Parallels partition?
  10. psycoperl

    psycoperl Junior Member

    Is there any change to the minimal virtural video of 8MB that is used in this new version... I have a 256MB Video Card and would like to enable Windows in Parallels to get more use out of it.
  11. greg1075

    greg1075 Member

    I'm not upgrading to anything until that unexpected shutdown issue has been fixed, period.
  12. dfbills

    dfbills Junior Member

    I've had the same problem with the last three releases. When attempting to boot using bootcamp partition (FAT32, WindowsXP Pro SP2 w/all current updates, installed fresh yesterday), I get this message:

    "Parallels Desktop cannot find necessary drivers to configure your Boot Camp partition. Please refer to Help> Parallels Desktop Help> Using Boot Camp Windows XP Installation for troubleshooting."

    My CD drive and floopy are both mapped the parallels tools images. As indicated in the manual, I've copied the and and find no files on my installation cd.
  13. macinfosys

    macinfosys Bit poster

    So am I the only one here that still has the same exact issue as I have had since the begining of the Coherence implentation? If I have Coherence active, my XP Task Bar continues to stay open even though I have auto hide active. The only time it auto hides is if I have ANY windows window open, like Explorer or any other application in the windows enviornment. Once I close the last window, the task bar comes back and stays there. I have figured out other MANUAL ways of hiding the task bar or even using the TaskBar removal function inside Parallels setting, BUT I need/want access to the task bar but need it to auto hide just like it does in a normal none Coherence mode or a native XP computer.
  14. fengzhou

    fengzhou Bit poster

    Cannot Start Boot Camp Windows in Parallels

    Dear Parallels,

    I get the same error message. I am using Macbook Pro, 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo. OSX 10.4.8. I updated from Parallels beta Built 31xx. (I forgot the last two digits, but xx<50). The Boot Camp Windows XP is on a FAT32 partition.

    I get the same error message when I tried to add Boot Camp partition as a hard drive to a non-bootcamp VM.

    Please help! Thanks.

  15. Dezro

    Dezro Bit poster

    You can change the amount of VRAM available to a VM under Memory in its configuration screen. However, Parallels takes this out of your Mac's RAM, not your video card's. In addition, Parallels doesn't do any 3D acceleration, so the only thing more virtual VRAM does is enable higher color depth and larger screen sizes.
  16. dailo

    dailo Member

    Seems like this build is a slower performance wise then 3150.
  17. MSUDVM

    MSUDVM Member

    Can't install the tools in this build, first time bug for me. Any ideas?
  18. babydoc

    babydoc Junior Member

    iSight Camera Driver

    Once again, how do I download the isight driver to my VM? I had it running on the last build and forget how to load the driver. Help please! Im not using bootcamp. Thanks
  19. dfbills

    dfbills Junior Member

    There are a number of workarounds in some of the older threads. Personally, I've never been able to get it work. (bootcamp)
  20. newf709

    newf709 Junior Member

    Motorola Q

    The Q WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did a great job to get this flakey smartphone to work! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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