Parallels Desktop for Mac computers with Apple M2 chips

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  1. MarioT5

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    Hello Everybody!
    I am currently running parallels on a m1 16gb macbook air and as I am using a lot of huge and calculation-heavy Excel spreadsheets in Windows 11 I am thinking about buying the new M2 with 24gb RAM.
    Does anybody here has experience if the performance will improve noticeable when using M2/24gb instead of M1/16gb?
    As I am using the recommended settings (= 6gb RAM for parallels) I am also wondering how much RAM is parallels recommending for the 24gb RAM M2 machine?
    (before using the recommended 6gb I used 8gb and I had strongly felt that the 6gb run much smoothier than the 8gb - any thoughts on this?)
    Every comment is highly appreciated!
  2. AliH7


    Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have a MacBook M1 8gb of Ram. I download the free trial to see whether it is worth it and it definitely is expect for one issue. I need Autodesk inventor for schooL. I downloaded Inventor but it runs delayed or choppy once the design gets more complicated. I assumed that it might be cause of the ram. I was wondering whether that if I bought the pro version, would that helps with the issue. I heard I can configure the pro version for CAD software which is nice. If so, is there a student discount for the pro version and just incase it doesn't help can I have a refund just in case.
  3. Kaden1


    Hi, I am running parallels 18 on a brand new MacBook Air 2022 M2 and I was able to download Minecraft on my M1 MacBook Air (2022) but am unable to download it on my M2. I get the error "this product is not compatible with your pc's processor" just wondering if there is anything I can do to fix that. So far its literally my ONLY problem with parallels 18.

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