Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate is ready for download!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ben @ Parallels, May 18, 2006.

  1. Ben @ Parallels

    Ben @ Parallels Member

    We've launched the Release Candidate (RC) for Parallels Desktop! This release is a direct result of the awesome support from the Mac thanks again to all of our 100,000+ beta testers.
    Before I discuss the changes you'll see in the RC, I wanted to address the product name change. As you probably know, "Workstation" is a very Windows-centric term, and we recieved a lot of comments from our users stating that since we've got a great Mac product, we should make it look and sound like a Mac product. We listened, and the result is "Parallels Desktop for Mac". We're really pleased with the new name, and we hope that you are, too.

    What's new in Parallels Desktop for Mac RC?
    * New look and feel
    * Improved performance and stability
    * Better and broader USB support
    * Improved Shared Folder functionality
    * Improved networking
    * Better sound support
    * Better fullscreen operation
    * Resolved Suspend/Resume issues
    * Uninstaller introduced
    * National keyboards mapping issues have been fixed
    * Red Power Off button now always acts like Power Off
    * Blue Pause button now always acts like Suspend
    * The Pause button was moved to the VM menu

    Known issues:
    * Some USB devices are still unstable
    * FreeBSD 5.4 installation sometimes hangs

    NOTE: If you are upgrading from beta4 or earlier, you will need to reboot after installing RC.

    NOTE: Be sure to reinstall Parallels Tools when you're done installing RC! To install tools, click the VM menu and select "Install Parallels Tools".

    We need your feedback & continued support!

    As we get close to the final release version of Parallels Desktop for Mac, your feedback is more important than ever. Don't forget to share your thoughts and any technical issues by using our online support form. If you'd prefer, you can email your comments to
  2. Copilot

    Copilot Member


    Thank you!

    Nice icon!
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  3. maverick808

    maverick808 Hunter

    I've already found a few bugs which I've posted in the other forum. However, great work with the release. Looking forward to RC2 or the final.
  4. BCW

    BCW Bit poster

    Image File of RC Appears to be Defective

    I just tried downloading the image file of RC and i get an error message which says "Parallels-Desktop-183 not recognized". I even tried Toast 7.0.2 and it couldn't mount the disk. I also downloaded the file 2 times and each time I got the same error message. It appearts the dmg file may be defective on Parallels site. Has anybody else experienced this? I am running a MBP 2 GHz.
  5. kaufman

    kaufman Member

    Full screen bug still exists

    I use this at my office on an external 1600x1200 display and at home on the MBP 144x900 display. The RC still has the bug where going to full screen mode display an error message saying that the resultion is not supported. If I manually change the resolution to 1440x900 and then switch to full screen mode it works.

    This fails because you first go into full screen mode and then change the resolution. You need to do it the other way around.

    I have been reporting this bug for as long as their has been a full screen mode. It should be fairly easy to fix, and it would certainly be nice to see it fixed before the release. Is anyone from Parallels reading this thread? It would be nice to know that you at least acknowlegde the problem.

  6. Sheppy

    Sheppy Hunter

    I've noticed that if you try to download Parallels too soon after they post it, you tend to wind up with partial image files -- I think they post the notice the new version is up before the file is done uploading.
  7. prethip

    prethip Bit poster

    tell me u r working fotr the isight support
  8. spasecookee

    spasecookee Bit poster

    Upgrading a paused machine

    There should be a warning before upgrading Parallels to a new version if any ot the known virtual machines are in a suspended state. After upgrading Parallels to RC1 from Beta6, RC1 had to restart windows XP as it couldn't be resumed. If the RC1 installation had detected the suspended machine, and warned me, I would have resumed and properly shut down windows with Beta6 before upgrading to RC1 (I had numerous programs open with possible unsaved changes).

    VMWare warns about this sort of thing when you try to convert a VM from VirtualPC to VMWare.
  9. jelockwood

    jelockwood Bit poster

    Name change???

    I am not sure about whether the name change is a good idea.

    I thought yourselves and VM Ware used the term "Workstation" to identify a product that could not only 'run' a Virtual machine, but could also 'create' a Virtual machine, with the term Desktop being used to identify a version that could only run existing Virtual machines but could not create them.

    Could you clarify this?

  10. ahlgren

    ahlgren Junior Member

    Still can't use the shared folder... it crashes.

    Still can't get VM to recognize my PDA through USB.

    Not sure if networking issues have been fixed yet.

    I don't think I'm going to spend the $40 on this if these issues can't be ironed out in 7 betas...
  11. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Did you upgraded Parallels Tools in RC?
  12. cawaker

    cawaker Bit poster

    great work, love the update its solid.

    My only annoyance is the change of the pause button, to suspend. to me the blue pause button should pause not suspend.

    But maybe thats just cause I used pause a lot. not a big deal, it was just nice to have it easily accessible.
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  14. ahlgren

    ahlgren Junior Member

    Still no internet on VM

    I get wireless on OS X, and I get a connection from XP Pro from home. But when I try to use other wireless networks, I get no connection from the XP side. I was hoping this newest release would fix that.

  15. EBorisch

    EBorisch Bit poster

    Application unexpectedly quit?

    This new version crashes every time I try to load it... Suggestions?


    Error report attached...

    Attached Files:

  16. charliektm400exc

    charliektm400exc Bit poster

    Activation not working

    I've downloaded and installed the RC, but when I try to use the new activation key that was sent to me today, I get the following error.

    The activation key seems to be invalid!

    Any suggestions?

  17. Flobidde

    Flobidde Bit poster

    Same problem with my new key from yesterday's mail...
  18. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Your are right - we apologize for inconvinience! We will fix it for our next announces.
  19. Jim Putnam

    Jim Putnam Bit poster

    Palm Treo 650 Hotsync via USB working!

    Congratulations on RC1! Delighted to find that hotsync via usb is working. :)
  20. itsanaddams

    itsanaddams Bit poster

    Ditto - Parallels is Great

    Like the above poster, I wanted to add my congrats for the speed of the RC1 candidate. I know it's beta, but I'm already using it on my production machine for getting some serious windows work done, that was painful under VPC.

    I'm really impressed and for one living in a sea of windws machines, you guys are lifesavers. Every program I've thrown at it has worked at near native speed and more importantly, hibernate and resume are fast.

    My only problem has been a bit of confusion at the many activations and a lock out of the CDRom and USB devices from the OS X side.

    Thanks for all of your hard work.

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