Parallels Desktop is unable to access the virtual hard disk image file

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  1. I have Parallels Desktop installed on my iMac it has been running, I saw a message to install service pack 3. I did so, half way through it stopped installing and locked up. I had to manually shut down machine. When I restarted unexpected failure please uninstall files, I agreed, and files were uninstalled. I used machine and everything was working just fine. I closed out of Parallels Desktop, when I restarted Parallels Desktop I get a black screen: We apologize but Windows did not start successfully.

    When I try to access virtual machine I get:

    Virtual Machine cannot be started because of the following problem:
    Parallels Desktop is unable to access the virtual hard disk image file/users/.../winxp.hhd The file is used by other application.

    Is their any support for Parallels?
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    Same problem

    I have the same problem and can't get into my Windows desktop because the VM won't mount because it says it's being used by another application (impossible) or corrupt (why?). Can't find my original Parallels disk but I have my S/N which I pasted on the book that came with it. Download and reinstall possible? Expert moderator, please respond.
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    If you want Parallels support, you can create ticket in support queue

    as for problem, try this

    Backup VM first as described in Parallels Desktop for Mac user guide from on page 243.

    When you try to install SP3, always make sure that antivirus is disabled, otherwise you can corrupt even real PC, making it non bootable and lose data.

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