Parallels Desktop Release Candidate 2 is here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ben @ Parallels, May 31, 2006.

  1. Ben @ Parallels

    Ben @ Parallels Member

    Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate 2, the final test version of the product before we go "live", is ready for download! Get RC2 Now!

    You'll notice several changes in RC2, including:
    • Significantly improved performance
    • Improved USB performance and broader device support
    • Improved Host-guest networking
    • Automatic network adapters now switch on-the-fly
    • Guest OS no longer steals host IP address in some DHCP servers
    • Full-screen mode is now customizable
    • Integration with Virtue is now bug-free
    • Customizable Ctrl + Click mapping
    • Guest 32-bit color is supported when Parallels Tools is installed
    • Improved Shared folders performance
    • Resolved shared folders/MS Office incompatibility issues
    • Windows 98 no longer consumes 99% host CPU even when idle (in VT-x mode)
    There is another important change in RC2 that I'd like to discuss in more detail. Many users have told us how much they rely on Parallels Compressor, our disk management tool that can compress the size of a Windows virtual machine (VM) by 50% or more, to conserve hard drive space, get VMs to a "burnable" size, and increase VM speed. They have also commented, however, that since Desktop is a Mac product - and Mac products are above all else, easy – that it would be simpler than going through two complete downloads, installs and setups if we could integrate both products, so they got everything they needed in one shot.

    We listened. Parallels Desktop RC2 includes Parallels Compressor Server technology (which is compatible with any version of Windows 2000, 2003 or XP)! From within a VM, users can just click "run compressor" under the "VM" tab in the menu bar and without shutting down, decrease their virtual hard disk size by 50% or more. Quick, easy, simple....exactly the way a Mac product should be.

    When the final product is available, the all inclusive version of Parallels Desktop will cost only $79.99, a savings of $150 versus buying Parallels Destkop for $49.99 and Parallels Compressor Server for $179.99!

    A few important notes on pricing:
    • The $39.99 pre-order price is still in effect, and will be until the close of the beta program.
    • Customers who already pre-ordered will receive the new, upgraded version including Compressor at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
    • As a special extended offer, we'll be offering the new, all inclusive version for $49.99 for 30 days following the general release.
    Get Parallels Desktop RC2 now!

    Pre-Order Parallels Destkop for $39.99!
  2. metaphor

    metaphor Bit poster

    You guys rock.
  3. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey Hunter

    Good show. I need to play dead now so I can get out of this meeting and go try out RC2.

    Thanks for the break on the compressor for those who preordered as well. Good stuff. :)
  4. reddfoxx

    reddfoxx Bit poster

    I am unable to mount the posted RC2 diskimage. I get a "not recognized" error from the Mounting Utility.
  5. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Try to dowload it again please. Probably our web server experiencing multiple downloads after RC2 announcement and it is accidental glitch.
  6. monoclast

    monoclast Member

    Yes I got that too - but only with Safari. Try downloading it with Firefox. ;)
  7. agengler

    agengler Bit poster

    cool, you guys ROCK!!
  8. scamp

    scamp Junior Member

    I downloaded the release five times and still am unable to mount the image...and yes, I am using Firefox....

    I guess I'll need to wait a bit! :(
  9. omero

    omero Member

    You guys rock. Best 39$ ever spent.

    An happy parallels customer :D

    P.s. any news on the 'Use real partition' option? That's the only gripe I currently have with parallels ^_^
  10. jmclark

    jmclark Bit poster

    screaming fast!

    I've used parallels since the first day it was out and the RC2 is so fast you can't even tell. I did have a slight issue with full screen as I was greeted with a totally black screen once it flipped. Stopped and restarted the guest OS and the next time it worked fine.
    As a Mac user since 1983, it is a little strage seeing the XP desktop on my MBP. Thanks guys for making it easy to dance with the devil when we have to!
  11. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey Hunter

    Same problem here.
  12. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey Hunter

    Well, I re-downloaded one more time and it does work now. Strange.
  13. dweeks

    dweeks Bit poster

    Yup, can't download RC 2

    No good with Safari, Camino, or Firefox. I end up with a partially downloaded .DMG that won't mount.
  14. CPFarhood

    CPFarhood Junior Member

    $10 cheaper then VMWare Workstation.... I've been a pretty avid supporter of Parallels, but at that price point I wont be recomending it to anyone without an immediate need before seeing what VMWare brings to the table.
  15. Edd

    Edd Member

    I second that emotion.. so happy i preordered... and I wish you the best of luck

    ( downloading now which is pretty slow for obvious reasons...)

  16. mike3k

    mike3k Member

    This always happens after every release. I usually have to retry several times before I can download it successfully. Thankfully resume download in Safari works. How about adding a few mirrors? This is way too much load for one server to handle.
  17. n9yty

    n9yty Member

    Pretty unbelievable, from my point of view anyway.... To quibble over $10 on a product that you've been able to test for over a month, and surely it will only get better. And the reward of including the compressor for those who have already pre-ordered was above and beyond, IMNSHO. Yes, you have to buy a license of XP, but that is a given for any solution. What you get here for the money is an incredible value. Eat a home a few meals instead of eathing out and you'll pay for the whole package. :)
  18. CPFarhood

    CPFarhood Junior Member

    The point being that an OS X version of VMWare Workstation will undoubtedly debut with the more of the useful features (real partition support for example) Parallels is only promising for future versions. I guess the point I was really trying to make is if you want to charge what VMWare does you better be able to compete. At this point if VMWare were to publish it with all the features in the linux version Parallels would be left in the dust.
  19. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team


    I didn't get how $79 could be $10 less than $179... Anyway you are able to pre-order it until GA for just $39 and you will be able to buy it for $49 during month after GA. And don't forget our value added tool - Compressor.
  20. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    When will these things be available in the Linux version?

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