Parallels Desktop Release Candidate 2 is here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ben @ Parallels, May 31, 2006.

  1. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team


    We are working on it. It will be available on Windows and Linux very soon after final Mac GA.
  2. macgebruiker

    macgebruiker Hunter

    I tried 4 downloads (Safari & Firefox) and none were usable. Error message: "not recognized".
  3. neile1

    neile1 Bit poster

    same here no luck downloading , it stops after 2-3 Mb and tries to mount with Error message: "not recognized"
  4. bioengineer

    bioengineer Bit poster

    Try using a download manager. I downloaded my copy with iGetter and it worked fine the first time.
  5. Quantise

    Quantise Junior Member

    A good way to do this is if the download stops or slows to a crawl in Safari, click Stop Downloading and then momentarily start it again. The download starts again. You can do this until the RC2 has downloaded.

  6. carlosv

    carlosv Bit poster

  7. hayes_philip

    hayes_philip Junior Member

  8. I installed RC2 earlier today. It represents a significant improvement over previous versions, and it works like a champ on my MBP. Not a glitch in networking or using the shared folder, no problems with sound, and everything runs snappier including an XP restart after installing VM Tools that took only 3 seconds!

    Very impressive. Kudos to the team.
  9. xray

    xray Junior Member

    Love you guys but it could be passion...

    if RC2 had Garmin GPS USB support (maybe that's the problem!).

    Download took a couple tries but I got it running on my MBP just fine.

    Now, all I need is Garmin GPS USB support. I know, I know, it's dicey. Consider it a challenge!

    BTW, I paid! Does that give me any extra leverage? ;)


  10. Fred Brinkman

    Fred Brinkman Bit poster


    Playing around with RC2 and I'm impressed (again). Logged some problems and as fa as I can see, all of them solved.

    You're doing a great job Guys!!

    And just don't bother with people complaining about 39 dollars being to expensive. Maybe you cannot please everybody, but you can sure please a lot of us.
  11. Djoh

    Djoh Member


    Hot-damn, it's fast. I am soooo glad I paid so many months ago!

    By the way, should I have stopped recieving all those "purchase now" emails/messages in PD?

    I love how how much you respond to user comments and the general Mac concept of simplicity and interface. I like this product very much, I hope a few more of the (my) suggestions get implemented later on!
  12. zyprexa

    zyprexa Junior Member

    [*]Integration with Virtue is now bug-free

    I'm still not able to switch desktops when I'm in fullscreen mode and trying to switch using Virtue
  13. david

    david Member

    You have to go to OS X preferences > universal access > and then make sure that "enable access for assistive devices" is disabled, not checked. Then it works.
  14. John the Geek

    John the Geek Member

    You think... that is.

    Have they released a beta version? Have you seen it?

    How can you guarantee they won't hose Mac users with a limited version?

    When will this VMWare product arrive? I need this now, not a year from now.

    You seem confident, let us know what you know. So far all we have from VMWare are promises too.
  15. n9yty

    n9yty Member

    That is simply not a solution--That must be enabled for other things on the system to work properly. Albeit they are add-ons that require it, not part of the core system, but regardless you can't quite expect peopel to not use a native feature of the OS in order for this product to function properly.
  16. John the Geek

    John the Geek Member

    Well, no. It's off by default. That's native.

    What you have is a feature conflict, and you simply have to choose what application feature is more important. Whether you need it checked, or not.

    If you need it checked, for a screen reader per say for blind or low-vision users, then maybe a neat screen effect isn't as important and can be overlooked.

    Besides, this isn't even a feature of Parallels we're discussing, it's the result of 3-4 different technologies interacting. You can hardly blame Parallels because an Apple feature in getting in the way of a screen effect of another app VirtueDesktops because you might need a screen reader for low vision.

    Besides (My wife is legally blind, BTW... ) if low vision is your problem the neat screen effect might be lost on you anyway. Go with what's more important to you.


    EDIT: Man my spelling sucks today.
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  17. netsyd

    netsyd Bit poster

    Nice ... thanks for making what is shaping up to be an excellent product!
  18. kaufman

    kaufman Member

    I agree its not perfect. Witch needs it, and I would never give that up. All it means for people like us is that we have to do an alt-ctrl to release the mouse cursor, and then you can do the virtue keys. Not perfect, but good enough.

  19. kaufman

    kaufman Member

    Except that releasing the cursor also leave full screen mode. Very annoying.

  20. davert

    davert Member

    Terrific job!

    I've noticed that they have a fully working, full-featured version with all the options 95% of people need and then some LONG before the first alpha versions of any other package, and that parallels is treating Mac custoemrs as equals of its long-standing Linux customers. That means something to me. I get tired of being tenth on the list.

    Sure, if VMWare ever moves, I'll look at them. But I pre-ordered Parallels a long time ago and never regretted it, and won't regret it even if VMWare comes out with the perfect virtualizer - because really, how much CAN it improve on Parallels? We're talking relatively fine distinctions at this point (other than being able to share a real partition, and frankly I don't think that matters to most people. I don't personally see myself using BootCamp now that Parallels is here.)

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