parallels desktop v11 license to new MAC

Discussion in 'Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Summitview, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. Summitview

    Summitview Bit Poster

    my old compute has some problem ,I logout parallels account from old computer ,and login the new computer ,but after I input the license key to new computer , it shows license have reached the maximum number of activations, I can't use parallels desktop now , please help , thanks .

  2. Hi Summitview. Please check and reply to our private message with the necessary details.
  3. SalL

    SalL Bit Poster

    I have this same problem after my old laptop screen died and I moved my hard drive to a different computer, please help!
  4. Hi SalL. We have made the necessary changes. Please try activating now.
  5. SalL

    SalL Bit Poster

    Hi, thank you very much -- this works perfectly now.
  6. You are welcome. Nice to know that it works now. Please get back to us for any further queries.
  7. Antonioc15

    Antonioc15 Bit Poster

    Hi. I have a parallels desktop version 8. Is it possible to migrate this version from old Mac to another? I can't found where to log out my account in this version. In the new Mac is it possible upgrade? Or upgrade must be old Mac before migrate? Please, help!

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