Parallels Desktop V11 renting the Pro Version :(

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by FlemmingD, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. FlemmingD

    FlemmingD Bit poster

    Hi All,
    I was just about to complete ordering an upgrade from my PD 10 to PD 11 Pro edition - when I suddently noticed that I will be converting my commitment to being not only a subscription for updates but also for the software itself!!!
    This meaning if i stop the subscription - I dont have the application any more... This pisses me off.
    Parallels Management team - please rethink this decision you have made here.
    You have taken a lot of features out of the Basic version (that was present in the the old version 10!!!)...
    Not good enough - I will stick with version 10 for now because I own the piece of software - not RENTING it!
    /// Flemming D. Jensen / / DK
  2. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    Like you, I and many others are not real happy with this move as well.
    What should have been done was create a base version and Pro version
    as standard licensing and maintained the subscription for either one for
    those who want it (seems businesses like a subscription model).

    At the very least, the memory allocation and some convenience features
    should have been left in the base version. Many of those features are useful
    to most while the included Access and other development and business
    integration features are useful for the so called Pros.
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  3. ghtop

    ghtop Member

    Out of curiosity, when did you actually notice that the subscription would involve a software rental rather than just an annual upgrade commitment? I ask because I didn't see any info about that on this site, had to go to Twitter to find out. Does the order page make it explicit? (I'm sticking on PD10 for now)
  4. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    The actual term that is used is "subscription" when in a sense you are actually renting. If you don't
    pay the subscription, the software will become inactive. It should be called like it is.

    If you "subscribe" to a magazine, the old issues don't suddenly vanish from your bookshelf!!
  5. MarieC

    MarieC Junior Member

    I cannot agree more, just told it to Parallels USA on the phone.

    Unfortunately, today more and more software companies force their customers to subscribe.

    Though losing software use in case of subscription ending is a huge problem, it is not the only one IMHO:
    - How much Pro Edition subscription will cost next year? After 50 $ limited time offer (for current customers) ending, probably 99,99 and for not being sure you'll get major upgrade.
    - I'm sick of giving my credit card information to companies that may keep it "for life" and you don't even find any info in this matter. We all know what happened to bigger firms (millions of accounts stolen) than Parallels and that were supposed to be fully secured! Encrypting confidential information parts is a good (elementary) practice of course but the best practice for not asking ourselves if some bad guys - that target more and more companies for getting user accounts information - didn't succeed in having our credit card number is: NOT GIVING IT when stored on company server if not really necessary.
    Being pushed to subscription drawbacks to get features we've got in previous versions and still need in PD 11 is a SHAME.
    - For a cost that may double next year compared to previous regular upgrade price, the Pro Edition still does not offer license policy for 2 computers (even this stingy Adobe allows 2 installations per license).

    Releasing so buggy versions of PD 10 (last build) and 11 is the second SHAME towards faithfull customers, especially those who need to work with stable VMs and didn't jump on Windows 10 like geeks on a brand new iPhone! ;)

    But it is probably more important to look "compatible with Windows 10" even before it is realeased than being Professional and efficient with old and out-of-dated Windows 7 and 8.1! :rolleyes:

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  6. ghtop

    ghtop Member

    Sure, I understand, and I've already made this point about this crappy rental deal before, but I'm curious to know where exactly in the process Parallels is explaining the terms of the subscription. I still can't find any info on the main website, and of course there's complete radio slience in this forum. All I've seen so far is their tweets explaining the deactivation:

    Parallels have really painted themselves in a corner with this one, IMHO. Not only is it a bad deal, but the lack of transparency is leaving a very bad taste.
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  7. Guzz_1984

    Guzz_1984 Bit poster

    I'm curious to see how's the upgrade rate this year vs prior's. Many are unhappy, but I'm not sure if it's enough to make them change their minds.

    If you're also unhappy with their decision, I'd recommend you to vote with your wallet and don't buy either the upgrade or the subscription.
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  8. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    I am evaluating VMWare Fusion 7 Base now and currently is looking quite tempting to make the switch.

    I really wish that Parallels will quickly re-evaluate their offerings. I may decide to switch or just
    stick with PD10 until it won't work any more then make the switch. I would really like to stick
    with keeping current with Parallels, but if the policy doesn't change, I may have no choice. This is
    from someone who has been a customer since PD2.
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  9. Henry-In-Florida

    Henry-In-Florida Member

    Did you notice the price for the 'standard' version, (non-subscription) is $10 more anyway?

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